Music in Starbound.

Greetings from your resident code monkey.

Recently, there has been some unofficial leaks and some official announcements regarding music in Starbound. And I thought I’d give a summation surrounding those happenings here for easy digestion.

First, it seems some internet sleuths have managed to locate one of our musician’s soundcloud that contained some of the music that has been written thus far. It’s true, this is Starbound music. However, not all of these tracks are completely finished and produced, and may not represent finished work. I think that the music still sounds excellent and that Curtis did an awesome job on it. You can find the music at his Soundcloud if you want some mild spoilers.

Next, I’m proud to announce that we have a few more talented musicians joining our team. Both Radiation and Solatrus have generously agreed to help us with music for Starbound. You may know them from the Homestuck Music Team. If you don’t, I highly recommend checking out their bandcamp. Awesome music awaits you there.

As far as other news, keep an eye on our IRC as well as the forums and Tiy’s twitter. Things usually hit there before someone gets around to making a write up for the website. Exciting times up in here.

Peace out,