Building Demonstration

Hi guys,

So we’ve been a little quiet lately because we’ve been working away on the game like mad. It’s coming along really nicely, we’re working on a whole bunch of stuff like quests, unique npc behaviours and generated towns.

The building mechanics are becoming close to complete, so we thought we’d show off some of the basic systems (there will be lots of tools to find!).


Each player is equipped with a gun that can levitate, place and remove blocks and items. It’s capable of placing single blocks or blocks in groups of 4. So you can very quickly fill the space you need to fill whilst having the option to tweak smaller details. Every object that looks as if you can stand on it or place another object on top of it functions as you’d expect. Removing blocks with the block tool is quite slow (it’s not intended to replace mining tools), but it has the benefit of long range.

Any block can be placed in the foreground or the background, left click places/removes blocks from the foreground whilst right click places/removes blocks from the background. Allowing you to quickly alternate between the two.

We’ve tried to create a very visual means of building so the experience plays out beautifully in multiplayer, where you can see exactly what your friends are doing and build in a cooperative way.

There’s also some very basic usage of the wiring system in the video, watch out for that. Needless to say the wiring system is capable of much, much more.