There’s a new unstable patch out!  This will hopefully be the last patch before we release a new stable, if everything goes well.  For a list of everything new that will be in the next stable, see this post.

Here is a list of just what has been changed in the most recent unstable update:

  • Fixed a bug causing players to get stuck in barbed wire
  • Fixed a bug causing colonists sometimes getting stuck in the ceiling
  • More hover bike and boat vehicle tweaks, both visually and in behavior.  The hover bike now feels much better and can climb steeper slopes
  • Changes for how vehicles are sold and repaired
  • Much better vehicle spawning from the vehicle controller
  • Fixed some more bugs involving lounging, removed the ability of two players to sit in the same seat if they timed it right
  • Added knockback for shields
  • Changes for how status and movement modifiers are applied to be more clear and more capable
  • Armor dyes!
  • Fixes for terrain generation at the bottom of oceans
  • Fixes for the floran boss damaging too much, also make the ixoling smarter.
  • Fixed chat bubbles rendering behind certain interface elements
  • Versioning fixes importing characters from previous versions
  • Assorted networking fixes, mostly revolving around items
  • Fixes for displaying quest rewards
  • Several fixes for projectiles so that they don’t miss when a small target is near their point of impact
  • Fix endlessly repeating sounds
  • Fixes for the turret object
  • Fixes for the trictus monster
  • Fixed monsters sometimes ending up invulnerable near death
  • Fixed monsters not aggroing PvP players
  • Fixes for capture pods
  • Include some things in our distribution for using the Tiled map editor
  • A bunch of other miscellaneous fixes too boring to accurately describe!

We’re currently working on a modder’s guide for using Tiled, which should include everything you need to create dungeons and missions using it.  There should be a post later today or tomorrow with more details.

Edit: We are making another small update to unstable tonight, to include some fixes that definitely need testing before stable.  The changes for that update are:

  • Change some color options on some armors
  • Change where the trictus spawns
  • Change how radial force regions work slightly
  • Fix depleted status pods showing the wrong graphics
  • Fix elevator state on load
  • Made a world format change for storing unique entities, so in certain rare cases entities can be stored in sectors that don’t match their position, rather than having to be removed.  Should fix NPCs occasionally disappearing with errors like ‘Error: Entity has changed position outside of sector during store, cannot store entity!’

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20th of July – Itty Bitty Critters!

Hi there! George here.

We’re hard at work on Starbound and one of the newer things we’ve been adding is more critters. Tiny, little, nonthreatening creatures that inhabit worlds for your entertainment! There are already dozens and will be many, many more.

Here’s a small sample directly from the Starbound Zoo:

Blip  Crab Slug TritrotsBreakerJelly
We’ll show more of them as time goes on. Until then, see ya!


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