9th August Progress

I had to sort out an altercation between a duck and a moose today. It delayed the daily update :(

The main menu and it’s sub menus were redesigned today, here’s a preview:


The backdrop will change each time and is a ‘real’ world. So fully animated and so on.

Some changes were made to rendering to ensure the game is very smooth.

We made sure plant drops are drawn behind the player.

Lava was given a new texture and light properties.

A lot of work is going into the new hot bar functionality to ensure the player has two equipment slots that they can switch back to quickly after using any other item.

The Z layer ordering on particles was modified.

New crafting recipes/blocks were added.

A bunch of new sounds were added.

Shift click now moves items between a chest and inventory.

A fix was made to the ‘hawk eye’ special ability that certain items apply.

A bug was fixed with the way vines are chopped down.

Character play time is now tracked to find out the age of a character.

A small delay on warping to a planet was fixed.

A ton of other very technical bug fixes and changes.


Oh god the moose is back, the duck appears to be sitting on it’s back. This can’t be good.