7th August Progress

Here’s some info on what was completed today, list style

– A bunch of new behaviour on the first boss

– Trees were given a proper animation when they’re in the process of being chopped at

– Work was undertaken on shift+clicking items to move them between a chest and the inventory

– A bug was fixed that broke the ability to hold backspace to erase multiple characters

– Visual armor slots were implemented

– A small fix to the interactable area on usable objects

– E is now the use key instead of right click to prevent accidentally using an item when using your secondary fire

– A bunch of additions to terrain generation were added to ensure interesting land features appear

– All objects were made two handed by default

– Failing to load a missing image no longer crashes the game

– Fixed building in OSX that broke the other day

– New minibiome art

– New objects to collect

– A large number of deep bug fixes


Here are a number of large screenshots I took today, they don’t show off anything in particular

large2 large3

large4 largeimage