2nd August Progress

Hi guys,

So a very dull update today. We took a little break from progress to bug fix and performance enhance.

It’s been a really good day for debugging, we’ve increased the framerate, massively reduced the bandwidth requirements when hosting a server, decreased the minimum required specs. All really important stuff, but sadly nothing that translates into a good screenshot. (It even gives me the wrong fps if I try to take a screenshot with the fps counter enabled! :@!)

Of course our artists have been plugging away at more biomes and content.



Here’s an image I posted earlier today from a playtest + balance session. We’re polishing and fine tuning the core gameplay now. I think one day soon I’m going to stream some tier 1 gameplay. Tier 1 takes you through the tutorial quests, teaches you to build a camp and survive whilst improving your equipment. It ends of course with an awesome boss fight.