23rd January – Mobile Suit Fun-Time

Hey everyone!

Our first two posts of the year were a bit brief – we were catching up after the holidays, and we had a hotfix to release and patch notes to post! We’ve comfortably settled back into our routines and projects now, and we’ve got a brand new Starbound update in the works. Seems like a good time to take a minute to catch up.

2016 was really huge for us! In July, we finally released Starbound 1.0 after five years of development. Over the Christmas break, we hit another milestone – we’ve sold over 2.5 million copies of Starbound! I’m trying to visualize a crowd of two and a half million people, but I’m struggling. We’ll just go with… that’s a lot of people? That’s a lot of copies! That’s a lot of alpaca suits and Matter Manipulators and dead Poptops.

So thank you for sticking with us over the years, for buying and playing our game and recommending it to your friends and having faith in our ability to pull this whole thing off. We couldn’t have done it without you. :)

Every patch we see loads of comments from the community about what they love about the game and what they want to see more of. This patch, we’re working on fleshing out a part of the game that’s exciting to a lot of us in the office, as well as a lot of you out there: space! We’ve got lots of big plans for this update, but here’s a little preview showing some of what we’ve got in the works.