22nd and 23rd progress

Hi guys,

I’m writing this from my phone so I need to keep it brief but missing a day was filling me with guilt.

Yesterday we spent the day setting up our exhibition space. A bunch of us were awake until 6am setting up all the hardware and making sure things work. We had a great time though and preparing definitely helped us today.

We ran the exhibition over 8pcs, one of which was hooked up to two 50 inch monitors which looked glorious. It was wonderful to meet so many of you face to face and hear your thoughts on our work and your ideas.

We spent the rest of the evening preparing for tomorrow’s demonstration. (We discovered a last minute crash bug that appears on the exact hardware configuration used at the venue) we attempted to fix it but please forgive us if there are any crashes tomorrow, we’re all very nervous.

Tomorrow I’ll make sure I post some photos of the team and the booth for you. But for now I’m desperate for sleep. I hope I meet some more of you tomorrow!