Starbound 1.3.1 Changelog

Hey everyone!

We’ve just released a Starbound update with some minor changes and bug fixes. If you’re on Steam you should see this update right away, if you’re on GOG or Humble it may take a bit for the direct download versions of the game to update. Check below for patch notes!

Minor Changes / Bug Fixes

  • Added and improved sound effects for a variety of monsters, weapons and mech components
  • Fixed lots of typos
  • Fix ‘Parts and Labour’ quest description not matching its requirements
  • Fix bookmarks not being sorted alphabetically
  • Fix players ‘swimming’ off rail stops using rail hooks
  • Fix world.spawnLiquid not functioning on tiles with rails/platforms
  • Fix a bug allowing placement of blocks on some outside walls of player stations
  • Fix Triplod not registering in monster collection when captured
  • Fix final ore type not being listed in navigation interface for some planets
  • Fix placement of a boulder trap in a challenge room
  • Fix rustick being affected by physics forces/collisions
  • Make airless space areas actually airless and require breath protection
  • Fix tier 4 mech bodies not protecting against radiation
  • Fix penguin weapon shop not unlocking when repeating weapon testing mission
  • Fix passive monsters becoming aggressive when player engages hostile monsters
  • Fix some systems not zooming out far enough in nav and planets going out of view
  • Fix a bug causing a navigation crash when selecting gas giants
  • Fix objects with minimum / maximum liquid levels not being broken
  • Fix item drops being stuck in force regions at top / bottom of world
  • Fix quest indicators being affected by world lighting
  • Fix bug preventing some background tiles from being painted
  • Disable ‘go to quest’ button in nav when that system isn’t explored (e.g. in another universe)
  • Fix some bugs when dual wielding rail hooks
  • Prevent activating techs during mech deployment
  • Don’t show the ‘E’ hint in dialog sequences that are not skippable
  • Fix a bug where navigation could be canceled after consuming fuel but before starting flight
  • Rework behavior of hoverbikes in zero gravity
  • Boats no longer sail out of water
  • Add an icon to Tonauac’s safe fall blessing
  • Add a few more mech horns
  • Prevent rail trams from driving off the ends of active stops

Modding API Changes

  • Add world.setDungeonId binding