1.0.1 – Changelog

Hey everyone!

With our concurrent players peaking at 62,000 on Steam over the weekend, I think it’s safe to say Starbound’s launch out of Early Access was a success! There are always going to be a few kinks to work out after a big update, though, so since Friday night we’ve been scanning the forums/subreddit/social media to figure out what issues people have been having and how we might fix them.

We’re still looking into some issues and will continue to push fixes as we fix things, but for now we’ve fixed these things:

  • Devalue material items to fix exploits crafting materials from other materials
  • Fix a couple of mislabeled key bindings
  • Make Erchius Ghosts immune to lava
  • Replace ropes in intro mission with healing items
  • Fix a bug which caused certain parts of the Glitch mission to reset in multiplayer
  • Fix a bug in server /ban command
  • Fix a case of undefined server behavior in transferring players between worlds
  • Fix several bugs with quest manager stagehands
  • Fix mossy packed dirt block recipe unlock
  • Fix a couple of item categories and descriptions
  • Fix physics effect abilities being able to move story NPCs, Erchius Ghosts, and certain bosses
  • Update window title
  • Add more Lua API documentation

If you’re still finding yourself unable to launch the game at all, please check this thread. So far, we’ve found that those solutions seem to work for most people!

If you’re still unable to play Starbound, please send an email to [email protected] with information about your computer’s specs, an error log, and what is happening when you try to launch.


‘Til next time!