Hello! GeorgeV here.

Today we’re showing you two things. The first is the Fluffalo!

Fluffalo are livestock that can be raised to produce various materials that can be used to craft useful items. They start out as eggs, which hatch into Baby Fluffalos. If you give your Baby Fluffalo specific foods, they’ll grow into one of these five variants of Fluffalo!

fluffalo poisonfluffalo icefluffalo firefluffalo electricfluffalo

The second is a pair of detectors. The Cave Detector and the Ore Detector. These are both craftable fairly late in the game and will help with exploration and mining. The benefits are pretty self explanatory. :)

cavedetectorblogThe Cave detector will help you find cave formations!

oredetectorblogAnd the ore detector will help you find those pesky ores. There’s more around you than you realize!

That’s it for today. Until next time…


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