Wires, Nodes and Ships!

July 1, 2014 in Dev Blog

Howdy folks! I’ve been up to a number of things the past few days, addressing a number of small problems that have been present for some time now.

As Metadept has continued to flesh out the wire system, bringing it ever closer to our original vision, it’s highlighted the need for some TLC with many of the objects. One such problem is that to this date, wire node positions would often end up sitting just off the object. This was fine in theory, up until you started putting a lot of wired objects together in a shared space. Having multiple nodes overlapping in one space caused a number of problems, and so I spent a bit of time addressing it. Now, all node positions are overlapping the object they are tied to.

All proximity sensor objects have also received a bit of attention and should now function more accurately. Some of you may have already noticed the addition of the new “scanner” type that shows up in the outpost. These are the first proximity sensors you can place up on a wall. They detect any players and NPCs in a small two block radius around them, making them ideal for automated doors. These will be craftable at the wire station once our progression changes are done.


Today, as part of our progression changes, I’ve made the starting ships even more broken than they already were. The teleporter, locker and door to your own bridge will be entirely uncooperative until you use your tech station and get your AI to reboot itself and the ships systems. Doing so will restore your ship’s basic amenities. For now on nightly, only newly minted characters will see this change.


I’m hoping to spend a bit of time on the weekend going through all our light objects and making them wirable, as it’s something I’ve wanted for the longest time. We’ll see how I go! See you next time!

Jun 30

June 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Short one, what I’ve been up to lately:

Made AI actually perform events and gave it a proper action cost system, includes things like spawning items into the ship locker and upgrading ships.  Involved pretty significant re-work of ship upgrades tracking.

With metadept, made more changes to the way biomes and spawn profiles are paired, and more info can go into the spawn profile on the biome, going to be used for things like tying specific color palettes to monsters within a biome.

Fixed interface bugs with the cockpit and E key and input priority handling

Fixed bug with current versioning upgrade scripts (still broken for stable -> nightly, lots more work to do)

Fixed fuel, after I (purposefully) broke it making the ship upgrades work with the AI.

STARTED work on a new system for essential items like the beamaxe.  Rather than having the beamaxe be an item that can’t be thrown away, there will be several essential slots below the L and R slots that hold the beamaxe, paint tool, and wire tool.  They will act like slots in the action bar, but are less like items and more like permanent player upgrades.  Also, we’ve gotten rid of the system that applied status effects for items sitting in the inventory.

Also lots more boring stuff with the spawner and fixing other internal issues and bugs (or so my git log tells me).

27th of June, 2014: GV-Blog Boss Blog

June 27, 2014 in Dev Blog

GeorgeV here yet again and posting from the office.
Today I worked on finishing up another boss that you should eventually see in Starbound. It’s currently nameless but is an enemy that digs through the dirt and attacks you from it. Better dig it out so you can attack effectively!


June 26 – Re: Spawning

June 26, 2014 in Dev Blog

Kyren and I have been working on debugging and configuring the new monster spawning system, and I’m happy to say that it’s starting to behave quite nicely. The biggest change from the previous system is that the set of monster ‘families’ that will spawn in an area are now specific to each biome. This gives the biomes a much more unique feel and is important groundwork for some planned features such as making monster palettes match their biome, and giving them immunity to poison or lava when they’re spawned in a biome containing those liquids.

The other major change is that the target density of each monster family can now be individually adjusted, so we have much better control of which monsters are common and which are rare. This is particularly important for monsters like birds that can be annoying if they appear too frequently. There are a few other changes we’re considering, but the basic implementation is now configured, so naturally occurring monsters are back in the nightly. Which is nice, because I was starting to feel a bit lonely out there in space.

Hey there, little bird. It’s good to see you.


June 25 – Changing JSON Merging

June 25, 2014 in Dev Blog

Per some suggestions from our Starbound Modding channel. I’ve been exploring options to make how we do JSON merging better. And I would like comments from current modders on this.

As you’re no doubt aware, currently, the system in place has a big limitation, in that it doesn’t have the ability to address any point conceptually below a list. This has been discussed a bunch, and one interesting result of that discussion has been a JSON patching RFC being brought to my attention. I’ve spoken with the modding channel on freenode and they were more or less welcoming of this change, even though it would invalidate all files which use “__merge”.

I really don’t want two different JSON patching systems running at the same time for reasons of complexity and weirdness. So I’d like to take a vote. If you are currently a modder, and you’re currently using our __merge system, would you rather have __merge eliminated and use the new system, or would you rather I go back to the drawing board and figure out a way to fix the __merge system, which may or may not actually be possible?

June 25th – More Outpost Progress!

June 25, 2014 in Dev Blog

I’ve spent the last couple of days pumping the outpost full of different rooms of different types for a fairly diverse range. While I will likely revisit this and add even more at a later date, it should be enough for the timebeing. Check it out!

Full of rooms now!

I’ll be moving on producing more outpost layouts soon, but I may need to divert for a little while to implement George’s racial variations of the new stores. We’ll see how I go!

Combat testing 24th June

June 24, 2014 in Dev Blog

Hey guys,

I did a bunch of testing and tweaking on weapons today. I streamed some of the results earlier, you can find an archived stream link here:


Take a look!

24th of June, 2014: More Terramart Stuff.

June 24, 2014 in Dev Blog

Why hello there! It’s GeorgeV talking. Here’s a bit more from the Terramart, a “gardening” chain store in Starbound. Mattering on who is manning the store you could see some differences in the store’s stock.







Have a nice day. :)

Other bits and pieces from today 23rd June

June 23, 2014 in Dev Blog

So aside from Armagon’s brilliant work on the outposts. We managed to get lots of other bits and pieces done today too.

Forests parallax was improved, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while:



A little hard to see here, but there are new mountains, new grass and the parallax is at a better height to always be on screen.

The AI window was expanded and given more features:


Work has begun on the UI for selling to merchants. And a great deal more UI elements were fixed and cleaned up.

A bunch of things went on in regards to combat and swords too, but I’ll let Omni post about those.


June 23rd – Making sure you feel welcome!

June 23, 2014 in Dev Blog

Hi guys! I continued work on the Outpost today. I’m afraid I don’t have a huge amount to announce, as I’m continuing at my usual pace (including my tendency to obsess over small details). As I’m currently focusing on creating a large number of rooms for the outpost to draw on, I dedicated today to loading the dungeon with numerous lobbies for the game to choose (while carefully incorporating rules to prevent very specific combinations from being used). Since these are going to be the first rooms players pass through in most outposts, I felt it important that they give off a welcoming vibe.

Outpost Lobbies

Tomorrow I’ll be continuing in this fashion. I’ve still got security, storage, dorms, and dining areas to tackle. After all the small rooms are done, then it’ll be on to the layouts, which should result in some much greater variety than you’re currently seeing in the nightly builds.

Until next time!