March 2nd – Developing the economy.

March 2, 2015 in Dev Blog

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been looking at the structure of Starbound’s economy as a whole, trying to devise a pricing structure that makes sense for both the 3D printer, and in preparation for when our selling interface is added in down the line. This ultimately entails repricing about 2000 objects and items which, as I’m sure you can imagine, is not exactly a trivial task.

The intent is that, once implemented, merchants will typically buy any items off you for half their value, so you could earn a steady profit looting dungeons of their most precious objects, or by carefully managing your resources as a farmer.

I began by tackling the pricing on our crops, as they are one of the few things that have a tiered structure in place with clearly established values, making them an ideal place to start. Typically buying a seed for a crop will cost about a quarter of the value of the crop itself, or about half of what you’d earn from selling said crop. This means if you grew four wheat crops and sold them, you could then spend those earnings to get eight more wheat seeds, and exponentially expand your farming operation, or alternatively, spend that money investing in higher value seeds. As you progress through the tiers you gain access to higher value crops from increasingly hostile worlds, which in turn will net you greater rewards.

This led to me repricing all of the prepared foods that the player can make or purchase, which are now priced in accordance with the component ingredients and tier of the food. At this time the current food buff system is still not quite where we want it, so this aspect will receive further attention down the line. In a similar vein (heh) all the ore values have been tweaked to suit, and almost all of them can be refined now if you have no use for them.

The real challenge was figuring out how to evaluate the value of the sheer multitude of objects. I didn’t want to just go through and slap random numbers on them, but rather I wanted the value to be directly tied to the traits of the object in question. These traits include:
– Tier (where in the progression the object may be acquired)
– Utility (bed, chairs, containers, light sources, switch functionality, crafting, etc).
– Material Value (if it’s something the player crafts).
– Rarity
– Size

After much experimentation, I finally felt like I had some solid formulae in place and thus I’ve been working my way through all our objects and assessing their values. Printing things is still going to be fairly costly in the early game, but by the late tiers things should be feeling quite affordable, so if you’re one to build large elaborately decorated structures, you’ll likely notice prices overall have come down a bit.

As an aside, I got some reprieve from all the object pricing today to make some minor updates to the outpost. There is now a crafting room on the outpost that has all the basic crafting stations, for those situations where you happen to already have the ingredients you need to complete a quest. Perhaps of greater significance is the addition of a teleporter inside the outpost, which you’ll be able to link directly to your own teleporters as part of our new placeable teleporter implementation. These changes should hopefully alleviate the tedium of traveling to and from the outpost.

starbound 2015-03-02 17-11-27-34

Have a good night everybody!

27th of February: Oink oink!

February 27, 2015 in Dev Blog


Here is a pet. Oink oink!

February 24th – A busy week of dev time!

February 24, 2015 in Dev Blog, News

Hello! this last week we’ve been busy working on a number of things, including (but not limited to):

  • Better NPC Pathfinding!

Tccoxon has been busy working on making NPCs smarter, including improving their pathfinding. Here’s a shot of the testing room! The test chimps are tasked with working their way towards the banana statues.


  • Planet Bookmarks!

Yes, you’ve been requesting it since the dawn of time – and now it’s nearly here! put those notebooks away, because you’ll soon be able to keep track of all those planets you discover right inside the game!


  • Remote Teleporters

Little bit of a work in progress at the moment, but we’ll have remote teleporters in an upcoming update! As they are work in progress, right now they have basic functionality – But  when you get your hands on them you’ll be able to travel from one teleporter to another, even if they’re on different planets!

  • More improvements to combat!

Your melee swings will now be near-instantaneous (0.05 seconds). There’s also better visuals for hitting an enemy, including blood effects!

  • Pets!

We’re putting some more time into pets. The idea is you’ll begin with a pet on your ship whenever you start a new game. They actually have some interesting AI behind them!


Pets will investigate, get hungry, sleepy, playful etc. In these examples you can see the pet investigating food that the player has left for it. The pet decides that it really likes fish! and begs the player for more.

  • Also!…

Armagon has been working on the economy side of things. As a precursor to implementing trading, merchants etc, he’s been busy with balancing the pixel costs of items – and adding a bit of sense to them

Kyren has been looking further into the server side some more!


That’s all for now, until next time!



February 17 – Server Configuration Changes

February 17, 2015 in Dev Blog, Patch Notes

As many of you have already noticed, the changes from our February 12 unstable update have now been pushed to stable. We made a couple of changes to the way that servers configure user accounts, and since several users have asked about it, here’s a brief explanation.

Your server’s starbound.config file should now have an empty serverUsers entry. This is where you will add player and administrator accounts. Here’s an example configuration:

  "serverUsers" : {
    "fred" : {
      "admin" : true,
      "password" : "hunter2"
    "george" : {
      "admin" : false,
      "password" : "swordfish"
  "allowAnonymousConnections" : false,
  "allowAdminCommands" : true,
  "allowAdminCommandsFromAnyone" : false,
  "bannedIPs" : [  ],
  "bannedUuids" : [  ],

Note that both admin and non-admin user accounts are configured here, and all of these accounts require a user name (entered on the join server dialog in game). Multiple users can log into the same account, so if you want a simple server password, you can create an account named e.g. ‘guest’ with the shared non-admin password.

In order to enforce login for all users, you’ll also need to set allowAnonymousConnections to false in your server’s starbound.config. If allowAnonymousConnections is true (as it is by default) then any user can connect to the server without providing a user name or password. Admins will, of course, still need to log in if those privileges are restricted by the allowAdminCommandsFromAnyone setting.

We’ve also fixed the banlist functionality, so users can be banned by UUID or by IP. If you want to unban a user who has been permanently banned, you’ll need to manually remove them from the listing in the file and restart the server (for now).

Hope this clears up some confusion about the new system!

ATTN Londoners: Win tickets to EGX Rezzed 2015!

February 17, 2015 in Featured, News

egxrezzedbannerWe’re excited to officially announce that we’re going to EGX Rezzed 2015 in March! We’ll be there to demo Starbound and other Chucklefish-partnered games, and we’ll have shirts to sell, as well as some exclusive stickers and badges. Hope to see a bunch of you there!

If you’re in the area and you’ve missed out on buying a ticket, you may be in luck– we’re giving away five tickets for Saturday, the 14th of March! You’ve gotta work for them, of course… so we’re holding a competition! Enter in one or more of the categories below for a chance at winning. Here are the details:

  • Must be 13 or older to enter
  • Must be able to arrange/pay for your own travel to EGX Rezzed in London, UK
  • Tweet your submissions to @StarboundGame with the hashtags #EGX and #upbeatgiraffe
  • All entries must be submitted by 28th February 2015. Winners will be chosen on 2nd March!
  • Entries must have been created specifically for this competition– don’t just link us to something you’ve already made!
  • No limit on how many entries you can submit


london_iconPick your favorite London icon and recreate it in the Starbound universe! Try your hand at building Big Ben or Tower Bridge, or even an enormous block sculpture of Boris Johnson and his ridiculous hair. The possibilities are endless!


music_videoGet the band together (or go solo, if that’s your thing), pick your favorite song, construct a perfect stage and create an amazing music video! Upload your submissions to Youtube and tweet the link to @StarboundGame.


story_videoUse Starbound footage to tell a story! Horror, romance, adventure– the choice is yours. Just make it a good one. :) Upload your submissions to Youtube and tweet the link to @StarboundGame.


Contest staaaaarts…now! I’m looking forward to seeing lots of entries! <3

February 12 – Update Notes

February 12, 2015 in News, Patch Notes

UPDATE: These changes have now been pushed to the stable branch, along with a few other small fixes. Enjoy!

It’s been a busy week and a half since our last bugfix update. While the artists have been forging ahead on content for the next major patch, we programmers have been going through lots of user feedback, stomping out bugs, and cleaning up a few annoying problems that have been on the To Do list for too long.

  • Crafting and inventory windows can be closed by pressing the key or activating the object that opened them
  • Crafting (and other interfaces) close when you are no longer near the object
  • Interacting with objects now requires the player have line of sight to them. This means that you cannot sit in chairs, flip switches, or use crafting stations through walls.
  • Add race-specific craftable storage lockers, accessible from the Robotic Crafting Table.
  • Fix bug with Erchius Horror causing beams to deal damage in areas different from the visual beam positions
  • Fix bugs with Targeted Blink which allowed blinking through walls and could result in players being thrown outside of the world. Any characters previously broken by this bug should be usable again.
  • Fix bugs with server banlist functionality
  • Fix ‘Not allowed to discard stack when locked’ crash when moving items to/from containers
  • Fix bug causing servers not to display error messages for some crashes
  • Support user specific username/password login for servers
  • Bow tooltips now display damage and energy cost
  • Container tooltips now display storage capacity
  • Penguin Bay will now tell players to come back later if no quests are available
  • Most beds allow players to sleep more comfortably, without armor
  • More changes to human armor designs, some old designs now available as cosmetic items
  • Capes now craftable on spinning wheel
  • Foods that poison/burn you won’t do so for as long
  • Fix appearance of tents while in use
  • Fix hand positions of a few items
  • Make Red Dye craftable to facilitate quest
  • NPCs spawned on the ship from spawner objects will have clothes again
  • Human Prison dungeons shouldn’t spawn without shield generators
  • Add less obtrusive graphics for wire nodes
  • Fix a few bugs with the custom signs including frame numbers for wired signs and light colors
  • Added some music tracks and ambience to biomes that were missing them
  • Added /whereis and /whereami commands to display players’ celestial coordinates
  • Make Steel Platforms craftable
  • Make Alien Wood placeable
  • Various improvements to cat AI
  • Fix a bug where sounds would build up while invisible, then play all at once
  • Restore suffocation warning sound
  • Better loot in microdungeons
  • Fewer lights in microdungeons
  • Back items are no longer stackable (for consistency with other armor types
  • Fix invisible sun
  • Fix consumable/weapon items ‘queueing’ when switching slots during windup
  • Add biome parallaxes to some mission dungeons
  • Lots of tiny changes to descriptions, graphics, object orientations, etc.

What’s that on your shirt?

February 10, 2015 in News


Got some super exciting news for you this week! We’re proud to announce that we’ve been working with the friendly folks at The Yetee on a line of Starbound merchandise. Loads of you have been requesting merchandise for quite some time, so at long last… here are some pretty things with which to adorn your torsos and walls.

Starbound Store @ The Yetee

Screenshot 2015-02-10 10.42.07T-shirts and posters go for $17 a piece, or you can grab two shirts and an exclusive penguin sticker for $30. We’re totally in love with the designs the artists at The Yetee came up with, and think you will be too. :)

As always, let us know what you think! If you end up buying a shirt and you’re comfortable doing so, tweet a picture of you wearing it to @StarboundGame!


February 4th – Another day of progress!

February 4, 2015 in Dev Blog

Hey guys, it’s been a while!

January ended up being a bit of a crazy month for me, with the sheer multitude of changes and additions in the lead-up to our big stable update, so I apologize for not having made any updates during that time! This past weekend following the release of our stable update, I sat myself down and just played Starbound, the way I normally would any other game. Bugs and little issues did creep up along the way, so I made sure to take notes, and so I’ve been powering through my laundry list of changes and fixes to make things overall just that little bit better!

Here’s some of the latest changes from the team:

- Human prison dungeon appearing without it’s shield generator should now be fixed. I tested this pretty thoroughly, but be sure to let us know if it crops up again!
– Expanding on the food rarity changes Metadept mentioned previously, the rarities have been adjusted on all the currently available prepared foods based on the potency of its effects. Anything rated rare or legendary is going to provide pretty powerful or especially long-lasting buffs. This should make it easier to get to the really good stuff on your cooking table.
– You can now craft basic capes on the spinning wheel!
– Poison and burning debuffs from food items have had their durations drastically reduced.
– Wandering merchants should be less insanely durable.
– A slew of sound changes and additions across the board.
– The last sets of human armor graphics have been replaced.
– Wire node graphics have been scaled down for a cleaner look.
– Stomped out numerous bugs.

There’s some other pretty neat stuff being worked on at the moment that I’m not sure we’re quite ready to talk about yet, but suffice to say good things are lined up for the coming weeks. As for me, it’s looking like I’ll be tackling the game’s economy soon, so that’s going to pose some interesting challenges I’m sure!

That’s it from me. See you next time!

February 2 – More Bugfixes

February 3, 2015 in Dev Blog, Patch Notes

Another day, another small update. Here’s what we’re addressing in this patch:

  • Change Erchius Horror phase 3 to not cross the beams
  • More sign fixes
  • More changes to container sizes
  • Fix cooked fish hand position
  • Fix more issues with keybinding international keyboard layouts
  • Fix bug where NPCs were killed by breaking beds
  • Updated more human armor graphics
  • 3D printer shouldn’t show prices for items that can’t be scanned
  • Fix monsters being hit while dying
  • Fix wired objects being wired to themselves
  • Fix a graphical glitch in aurora parallax
  • Fix bugs with spawn adjustment and don’t allow spawning in liquids
  • Fix a graphical bug where some monsters’ animation parts displayed the wrong image
  • Fix universe server world corruption due to double world loading
  • Adjust rarity of food items
  • Fix hue shifting some stone types which prevented cobblestone from stacking properly
  • Fix effects for player damage and energy depletion / regeneration

Winter Update – Bugfixes

February 2, 2015 in Dev Blog, Patch Notes

As many of you have noticed, we’ve released several small updates to the Stable branch since last week’s big patch. These have mostly been bug fixes, but since a lot of people have asked for a changelog, here it is!

  • Fix a crash when trying to keybind unrecognized keys
  • Fix masking on headband for avian beaks
  • Fix a button position overlap in sign store GUI
  • Fix border detection on adjacent signs
  • Fix some bugs with cat AI
  • Fix exploit with Dreadwing not properly aggroing player at long range
  • Change default ‘hide interface’ binding to avoid overlapping with Steam screenshot key; now uses Alt + Z
  • Update a few more human armor designs
  • Alien biomes now properly apply radiation status
  • Fix scrollable list widgets starting at bottom
  • Fix reversed alphabetical sorting in songbook
  • Fix a crash due to inconsistent animation sorting in networked animator
  • Change a number of container sizes to better match their object sizes
  • Fix a 32 – 64 bit compatibility issue
  • Fix bug with servers not properly clearing temporary files
  • Fix a few other miscellaneous server and client crashes


We’ve also just released another small patch, including:

  • New fireableItem Lua API
  • Fix erroneous hotkeys listed in paint tool / wire tool descriptions
  • Restore Nanostove to portable pixel printer unlocks
  • Fix asset loading errors on several Windows versions including XP, pre-SP2 Vista, 10 preview
  • Change Windows file locking to allow multiple simultaneous client instances
  • Fix a bug sending excessive inactive client disconnect requests