Weekly Update 11/22

Hey, it’s Friday! Happy Friday!

We’ve gotten a lot of satisfying work done this week! Some simple tweaks, some not-so-simple tweaks, and some additions were made as we get the game ready (I feel like Ned Stark at this point but OH MAN IT’S COMIN’ HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS. We do have a few more problems to solve, though). I’ll list the more prominent changes in bullet-point form:

  • Changed some recipes to make for a hopefully more balanced early game experience!
  • The scariest monsters only come out at night now. >:D
  • As you might’ve noticed, we’ve finished changing up the player ships. Gotta say, Floran is my favorite. :’)
  • Some leveling bugs were fixed, especially on weapons and monsters.
  • Meat is earned through the use of hunting bows. It’s a pretty good food source, so start practicing your archery.
  • More bosses have been configured. :’)
  • More monsters have been configured, too!
  • You can’t interact with doors when they’re wired. Gotta unlock ’em! Some networking bugs with wired objects were also fixed.
  • Object health was configured, making it just a bit harder to accidentally break things when you go around haphazardly swinging your pickaxe (you shouldn’t do that anyway, you’ll put an eye out).
  • A lot more awesome weapon types have been configured, two of which I’ll show you now…

boneaxe starcleaver

  • The party UI is in! But still needs a biiiit of time before it’s ready.
  • A good handful more random encounters were added, which I’ll show you below from the point of view of Big Banana the Randomly Generated Apex (best not to ask how he got his name)

sentrybotsBig Banana was wandering around with his trusty flamethrower and a strong desire to set things aflame when, in the very near distance, he spied a big stone tower with a treasure chest guarded by some rather rude-looking Sentrybots. He downed a whole bowl of Ape Grapes for luck and set off to find out how well Sentrybots held up against 1000°C.

Luckily, they didn’t hold up very well. Big Banana claimed his treasure!

bigbananatreasureWith pockets full of money and explosives and heavy metal bars, Big Banana walked away from the tower confident that he could take on just about anything!


He wasn’t paying much attention, though, and fell down a cliff into a valley full of monsters and died. Oops.

RIP Big Banana.