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Happy Friday!

We’ll have our regularly scheduled Starbound updates tonight as well, but the Wanderlust and Witchmarsh teams are doing exciting things so I thought I’d let you in on those.



YetiTrunk has unleashed their wonderful Wanderlust Adventures debut trailer upon the world! Check out all that 4-player co-opy, character customize-y, action adventure RPG goodness!

Meanwhile, Wanderlust: Rebirth has been featured in YoYoGame’s GameMaker showcase, which is worth checking out as well!



Witchmarsh has just over two days left on its Kickstarter! It’s getting really close to its £90k stretch goal, which will unlock The Alchemist as a playable character, as well as 10 more player abilities. Let’s give it that last big push! I’d personally love it if we could unlock the next stretch goal– Freelancer mode. :D

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