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Crashing E3 Edition
Starter Ships
Starter Ships

Hey Chronicle Readers! This month we thought we'd give you a look at each race's starter ships.

Each of our races are pretty distinct from one another, and of course their ships should reflect that! From the wildly overgrown design of Floran ships to the cold ultramodern vessels of the Apex, the unique design of each starter ship may give players reason to reconsider their character choice!


Made your mind up about playing a Hylotl, but you're totally in love with the Glitch ship? Never fear! Find a Glitch buddy and hang out on their ship instead!

Click the links below to view full-sized screenshots of each ship!

Human | Avian | Apex

Floran | Hylotl | Glitch

Indies Crash E3!

Last week, we were told we'd been nominated for Indies Crash E3, a contest being run by the developers of Ensemble Online!

The grand prize winners receive tickets and accomodations for their trip to E3, to be split with the person who nominated them. We've been running neck and neck against another wonderful studio called Saibot, so we really need all of your help and support to win! If we do pull it off and make it to E3, we'll be making a video of our adventures throughout the expo, as well as bringing along a laptop to allow people to play a little Starbound in its current state!


We'd really love to make this happen, and we really want to come out and meet as many of you as we can! If you'd like to help us, click here or click the image below to vote for us. Thank you!

Indies Crash E3

Reader Letters

Hey guys, the names Israel! I've been into independently developed games since 3 years ago, when I played Cave Story, and it's a career I'm going to (try and fail) to pursue when I get out of high school. I'm aware, of course, that most of you didn't work on Terraria, but I feel I should note I loved that game, and honestly a lot of that loved has been transferred to Starbound, whether you like it or not.

Although I haven't been very involved with the community, I've followed production as closely as I can, and hope to log hours upon hours of play time. I'm really looking forward to seeing how you guys will beef up player progression. If this game doesn't turn out how I hope, I will track down ALL OF YOU and recite very angry haikus. Then I might cry.

Hey Israel! We hope you don't fail in pursuing a career as a games developer. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, MAN. <3
PS- If the game turns out exactly as you hope, will you still write us angry haikus? We like angry haikus. They're our second favorite, after existentially horrific sonnets.
- Starbound Chronicle Team


Hey, a friend recommended I should send some of my drawings to you guys. Also heard some fan art might even get on the next chronicle?
I hope you enjoy them!

Hey EmRa! We liked your fan art very much-ly, so we're linking some here for our readers to enjoy. Thanks for writing in!
- Starbound Chronicle Team

New Music
New Music

Our amazing composers, Curtis Schweitzer and Solatrus, have come out with some new Starbound-related tunes! You'll get these tracks with your pre-order if you've done that already. If not, feel free to hop on over to their respective websites and show their newly-released albums some love! You can also listen to the new tracks directly on their sites.

Check out Curtis' album here and Solatrus' here!

Thank You!
One million!
He looks friendly!
 PS- We'll totally release a trailer ASAP!
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