The Starbound Chronicle | March 2013 Issue
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Gliding, AKA falling gracefully.

Armor Modifications!

Welcome to the very first edition of the Starbound Chronicle, our chance to give you a heads up on some of the things we've spent our time on in the month just gone.

For a good portion of this month, we've been working on armor mods.

We haven't said too much about the mechanics of the modification system up until now, so we felt now was a good time to talk about them.

Armor mods are found on armor of uncommon, rare and legendary status-- (those names will probably change). Each status has a pool of mods to choose from.

The effect of armor mods varies hugely. From armor that glows in the dark, to armor with a built in defib that activates if your energy bar is full when you die, shocking you back to life.



Armor with mods attached can also be crafted. At the start of the game, each race will be capable of crafting unique armor with mods no other race has access to. The Avian glide ability pictured above is one example of a race-specific mod.

Later in the game, players will have the ability to learn the secrets of alien tech, but early on, armor mods give each race a unique play style and ensure the importance of teamwork.

Yay, armor mods!

We'll be talking more about mods soon, including weapon mods that completely change the way each weapon is used.

- the Starbound Chronicle Team




Hint hint. ;)

History, Lore and Music!

Another area of the game we've been focusing on recently is fleshing out the history of each race in Starbound and building a deep and compelling lore.

Starbounds lore is presented to the player through books, logs, papers and other materials found in the game world, as well as conversations with NPCs who will change what they say based on your race.

Players keep a log of all the materials they find in their log book, allowing the curious to piece together a rich timeline of events that have come to define each race and their place in the universe.

To give you an idea of the depth here we've decided to share with you an excerpt of the internal Avian history document we're working from.

You can download a PDF filled with Avian history by clicking the button below!

Click here to download AvianLore.PDF!



This month we also decided to start revealing more of the Starbound soundtrack. We've made available a large selection of the tracks that play during exploration.

Go and have a listen at :

Also to readers of the Chronicle we've decided to put out an exclusive ("Oh my!" -Tiy) track download. Eridanus Supervoid by the wonderful Curtis Schweitzer.

Click here to download Eridanus Supervoid!

-the Starbound Chronicle Team









Reader Letters

Letter of the Month!

Dear Starbound team, I'm very much looking forward to the release of your game. However, something concerns me. I'm currently in the throes of an existential crisis, and I notice that Starbound will allow me to choose a character to play as. I'm worried that I'll spend so long trying to decide which species to go for that I'll miss all the important events in my life, such as my dog's birthday. I'm looking for some advice; which character type do you recommend? I want my avatar to represent the fact I am a maverick.

Thanks Randy P

 - Randy P, the internet

Well Randy, I'm sorry to say we don't yet have a John McCain race in Starbound. That said, regardless of which race you choose, your story will begin with your character being forced to flee their homeworld *alone*. On top of that, you'll be able to customize the personality of your player character. Poses like this really lend themselves to your maverick persona:

          Maverickiest maverick of them all!

I guess that didn't help with your crisis at all, did it? Give your dog my best wishes.

 -the Starbound Chronicle Team


Tasty Florans

Do Florans taste like celery? Would they be good dipped in ranch dressing

- Paul, the internet

Hey Paul! There doesn't seem to be any record of anyone ever eating a Floran besides another Floran. I'd ask one for you, but approaching a Floran holding ranch dressing sounds as if it could be detrimental to my health.

-the Starbound Chronicle Team


The Bard

Hi, I saw you talking to Malukah on Twitter. Is she going to sing a song for you? I love her voice!

- Sarah G, internets

Hi Sarah! We are indeed talking to Malukah about recording a song. We think she has a lovely voice too. We recommend that everyone check out her Youtube covers if they haven't already!


-the Starbound Chronicle Team




The Chronicle by Endling

By the way...Happy Birthday, Starbound Community!
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