Hello guys! Starbound is a project I started with the goal in mind of producing my dream game. I grew up with a C64 and really got into gaming with my Genesis and SNES. Though games have continued to advance in a multitude of ways since the 16bit era, I feel the charm present  in some of the old classics is still unmatched. Starbound is my attempt to capture that charm and combine it with the depth of a modern title. I hope to put a smile on your face once you get your hands on the game. I’m truly thankful to all of those that have supported me.



I love platformers and games with exploration and music and atmosphere.  Starbound is basically everything I love all rolled into one, and it’s been my dream to work on a project like this.  I hope that together we can make something that everyone will really enjoy.



Program?  He does not simply program.  He invokes the mystical compiler demons using the conjured tears of 1,000 war weary nymphs whose blasphemous tongues summon greater spirits of the deep.  His codescape is vast and unignorable.  You try and fail to grasp his true form.  He… uh… programs.



Hi I will be your code simian for today, our specials are procedural generation and bugs. If you have any questions about underground architecture water physics related injuries, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the OTHER code simians. Thank you.



I’m Rhopunzel. With my mighty axe guitar I produce the best pixels you’ve ever seen. I still say waz a lot.



The fifth George in a long line of Georges. He is a graphic artist by trade.



Avantgarde sultan warrior, master of the fine arts and a handsome bloke – bound forever to draw pixel trees and lots of other stuff for Starbound.
Hobbies include: icefishing and Conan the Barbarian.




I’m the resident noisemaker and a game aficionado! Raised on a healthy diet of PC RPGs and shooters, it is a privilege to be working on a team making a game that features the most enticing elements of both these genres! In the end, I’m the one most likely to be screaming himself hoarse to give you guys the best audio experience, so fingers crossed you like it!




Manager of communities, tweeter of tweets and almighty implementer of in-game objects. I heard a rumor that Mollygos has a suit of armor forged from the bones of those who have been banned from the Starbound forums. Her only weakness? Carbohydrates.



Ashton Raze

Hello. I write the words in Starbound. I develop the plot, craft the lore, spin the tales, and come up with numerous descriptions of dirt blocks. When I’m not working on Starbound I write books and short stories and other games. You can find me on Twitter at @ashtonraze. I am a fan of the Florans.



Hey there, everyone, I’m metadept! I’ve been looking forward to Starbound since it was first announced and modding since the beta release, creating mods such as Sparkz and Starfoundry and helping new modders to learn about the game’s inner workings. Now, I’m very excited to be joining the Chucklefish team, where I can put my experience to use making Starbound better for everyone!




I signed up to write some music, but once we discovered my other hidden talents, I ended up doing a little bit of everything! Except art. I can’t draw for the life of me.


Curtis Schweitzer

Amazing soundtrack composer extraordinaire!




A spriter with a thing for monsters and making everyone ill.


“Gets things done, eventually!” is his personal motto. An animation student from the UK, does sprite art! Born with quite a tragic inability to properly spell the word “samurai”.



Programmer, puzzle aficionado, and owner of more hats than the average Team Fortress 2 account.


Glorious web-designer and fixer of things. Inexplicably a Christmas elf.


Illustrator extraordinaire hailing from Oregon, USA. Manages wallpapers and sometimes draws things.



I write stuff and get angry at things!



Forged in the deepest, darkest online art galleries of the pre-war Internet, Affero exists for only one purpose: to sprite. Also some other things.



Now enriched with 10% more Pewter! This young man pledges to give all he’s got for the cause of space, sci-fi and gaming! Oh, and he also sprites! Hear that, ladies? Limited in stock.