Stretch Goal 3 – Starter Pets



A mockup of what some in-game pets may look like.

In addition to the alien creatures you can capture and have fight alongside you as you travel through space, each player has the option of starting out with their very own customize-able pet! Each race has a choice of pets originating from their home planet that they’ll be able to customize through the character create screen.

They’re not quite strong enough to fight horrifying space monsters like their randomly-generated monster counterparts, but they make for lovable  and useful companions all the same!

1,125 thoughts on “Stretch Goal 3 – Starter Pets

  1. Maiq Liar says:

    M’aiq wants a cat!

  2. flamedance58 says:

    What do Novas get? Lil stars that follow you and demand that you listen to them?

  3. Alenônimo says:

    Can we have lots of pets? Or we’ll have just the one we start with?

    • Vitor Costa says:

      Would be fun if your starter pets could ALWAYS be with you even if you had another different pet as well :3

      And maybe with the option of leaving them on the ship or something if you didn’t want to take them along

  4. Pyro says:

    They won’t get 1 million…

  5. Omega V says:

    I demand a penguin pet. D00d. :)

  6. Iggyflare says:

    AH! they dont fight.. now I can agree with the idea.

  7. ToastyGod says:

    So awesome! but im not sure that you will make it to 1$ untill the beta will be released… unless you will release it on the 19/12/13 and if you DO! ILL kick you in the nut sack :3

  8. Levirax says:

    I’ve never seen, outside of my relatives(not the most technologically advanced), the acronym for i love you as ilu, always ily. I<3u sure, but not ilu. Just nit-picking

    Love the idea of pets, unless its been added since i last checked i havent seen a price for it. Saw that there wasnt a guarantee it being the 1 mil mark, guessing less than that. Love the idea of just having them hop around and follow you, not doing a whole lot of anything.

    Best of luck with pushin through. Looking forward to playing, whenever you get it to your satisfaction.

  9. Shot846 says:


  10. :( says:


    • ionbeam3 says:

      patient is a virtue so if you wait then you get even more stuff so just try to be patient ^^

    • Zephyr says:

      If you paid attention, these extra features are not delaying the progress of the game. They are features that they planned to add into the game, but were not put for the 1.0 release due to time and effort constraints compared to the other features they wanted to implement. Tiy mentioned that they would be hiring another artist to do the Novakid so adding them is not slowing down the beta progress at all. I would assume the same is true for fossils and the pets. They will likely hire another artist or programmer even temporarily to work on these side things.
      We’re lucky to get any extra features at all.

    • Blizzra says:

      These won’t effect the time it takes at all! The point of these is that they’re using the extra money to have extra people do stuff without effecting overall development.

    • FinnTheBird says:

      Because a faster release of an unfinished game is better than a nicer, more complete and polished game, Right?

  11. Does it matter? says:

    This is so insanely useless it’ baffling. This is the best you can come up with for 1 flipping million dollars? Really? This is a two day ‘pet project’ at best.

    • KAHEBLEH says:

      They’re STARTER PETS. They’re meant to help you out in the beginning of the game and make things easier. They’re not meant to fight giant, hulking monsters that can kill both you and your pet in one hit.

      • Does it matter? says:

        They do nothing. They’re pointless cosmetic junk. They hit 1 million. This is not worth anywhere near this. Maybe $1000 at best. It’s a terrible prize, and I don’t think I’m even going to bother preordering. Anything to show how little I want this.

        • Mr.Notyou says:

          Im not saying they’re useful, but they’re somthing when starbound is obliged to add nothing to the game for getting a set # of pre-orders. I don’t like the idea of mini-pets either, but hey I’ll probably end up getting one. Point is Starbound didn’t have to add This or the fossils or the nova kids. Even if they got 2 million pre orders they would be obliged to finish and distribute the game or refund the money, nothing more nothing less. Tl;DR I think you are self entitled and whining too much.

          • Does it matter? says:

            At first no, but then they started adding stretch goals. Things like a brand new race and a new item type/mechanic. Then they add worthless pets. Pets I want nowhere near me. Pets that do absolutely nothing at all. And this kind of lazy garbage is why I wont bother giving them my money.

          • warfaced says:

            They’re giving you the world for $15, dude. Who cares if that one insignificant stretch goal (which they didn’t even need to do in the first place) is a tad underwhelming? Put your tampon back in – your period isn’t over.

          • Does it matter? says:

            A tad underwhelming? I’ve seen people cough out a more robust pet system in a month with their spare time. And the game already had this feature with actual useful monsters! This is redundant and less than pointless! It’s a waste of space that could’ve gone to an actual useful or interesting feature.

          • Affero says:

            Then I guess I won’t see you in beta then! Cheers, I don’t need butthurters anyhow.

          • Mr.Notyou says:

            “This lazy garbage” So you mean because they added something minor to the game you refuse to play it? I guess I understand where you’re coming from I mean when I saw penguins were going to be in the game I started crying because I have a personal vendetta against the demonic fat birds and as such didn’t preorder… Alright that sarcasm was really rude. But it helps get my point across. If you don’t want the game don’t get it, but it seems so trivial that THIS would put you over the edge. Any ways to each their own.

          • Admiral says:

            Well, they could alter the entire mechanics system to allow for every block to experience the slight fluctuations of gravity caused by the position around the sun for elliptical obit paths and nearby galaxies and such, along with a planet moving mechanic. Then Maybe we would have the full game by the second quarter of 2014. OR (and this is a crazy idea so bear with me) They offer preorders for the game (at a reduced price for the fans who have been following development and keeping them motivated) They could offer the game, the beta (that means you get it even earlier) and maaybe something insignifigant extra like the soundtrack (predominantly orchestral, sounds EPIC). Thats it, thats all you need. You have the option of paying more, with some tiers to send a thanks to the real devoted guys who are prepared to part in excess of 1000 dollars and so on, while still making everyone the same game. THEN (and try and stay with me, because i think this is what you struggle with) they put up stretch goals. They could make these just an option to change the colour of your UI or something of that nature, or, if they were feeling really nice; they could add a new race, or a new mining mechanic or something. Although the downside to being so nice is that they then run out of ideas, and they really want to get the game out in 2013, because they missed a promised date before, and it really annoyed them. SO they hold a poll, with each option presumably easy to develop. SO they arent even at fault, the fans are. hell, they might even make it optional, so if you would prefer they hadnt included the stretch goal at all, then you can play your game as though they hadnt. ANd you can spend your measely 15 dollars on the game, and the beta, and the soundtrack. OR you wait and extra 3 months after beta release and pay 20 dollars for the game. Of course, odds are the pets are still there, so if anything you are paying the developrs even more for the exact same product…..
            So theres 3 options: 1.) Stop being a whiny ***** and get the game which you clearly want
            2.) Dont preorder, end up buying the exact same game later at a higher price (only the devs will have added more stuff on thier own whim
            3.) Dont buy the game, never experience a sense of wonder again and slowly forget what having fun feels like

          • warfaced says:

            Welcome to the world of the 2010s internet, my friend :/. All get, no give.

          • Dean Walls says:

            Every goal that’s been listed was going to make it into the game regardless of if a goal was met. This is just a way of deciding when. In the case of these starter pets, I’d prefer “when” be “never.”

          • Mr.Notyou says:

            You are entitled to that opinion, I too find these pets a little pointless, but the thing is they are hiring other individuals into the group, so adding these features hardly slows down the game making process. So whats with the hate? They’ll exist no matter what is said, and their so minor they’re hardly worth raising a fuss over.

          • Blizzra says:

            Enough that spending money on the game is somehow a terrible sin because of one stretch goal. Completely ignoring the rest of the game. It’s completely bewieldering.

          • Rage says:

            The point is that they are redundant, because there already was a system in place to tame monsters. They could have easily added something more enticing to get more people to preorder. I’m sure as hell not giving money for starter pets.

          • anonny says:

            It was chosen via the public vote on their forums.

          • Mr.Notyou says:

            Do you want a Beta? Then I assume you’ll pay for it. I’m not crazy about the starter pets, but hell the game was enough to spend my money on, its not even a big feature in the game any ways, as in could be easily ignored. Pretend they don’t exist, because they really don’t have to. I feel it’s wrong to blatantly attack chuckle fish because they decided to add something so minor that it really shouldn’t be a deciding feature either way. I mean what did you want? “We reach 1 million dollars and the game gets released tommorow!” Alright we’d all like that. I just don’t see why its worth complaining about.

          • Mr.Notyou says:

            You’re not giving them money for starter pets you are giving them money for Starbound.

          • Does it matter? says:

            They would be using my money to fund this, and I don’t want that. It’s a waste of money and a terrible prize and I wont support it.

          • Mr.Notyou says:

            Alright you got me there. However in that logic I wouldn’t buy a golf club because it came with a sock cover I didn’t like, and instead of just not using the sock, I refuse to purchase the very nice golf clubs. Now don’t get me wrong, you are entitled to spend your hard earned money any way you please. However I find your reasoning a bit off, just because these pets and the concept of them existing is so trivial. Lets agree to disagree, if it really is a deal breaker for you, I’m sorry to hear you won’t be joining starbound as the more the merrier, other wise I think we’ve both spent enough time debating this point.

          • No, because the preorder is cheaper than the full game. You get early access plus all these wonderful things. Who knows how long it will take you to get taming tech? It could be late game. These pets are just a boost. A fun little companion to be adorable.

          • c2h5oc2h5 says:

            And you are not giving your money for early beta access (granted during preorder), discount price (game is most likely to be more expensive post-release) and ignore the fact they’ve already added two major stretch goal? It’s your thing, but come on… When I look at people like you I start thinking they should have make no stretch goals – it is supposed to be fun, and it seems it pisses off lots of people (despite two cool features are already founded!). Plus what guarantees do you have that four stretch goal won’t be something bigger? :P

          • Does it matter? says:

            There will be no fourth stretch goal, and if there is it’s likely to be even worse garbage based on the precedent of this goal.

          • ImThatGuy says:

            Yeah it’s pretty childish to actually get upset about an extra feature, and beyond stupid to boycott because you don’t like said extra feature. Stretch goals are bonuses beyond the base game (which is all you’re entitled to) to help encourage preorders. It’s not the first bonus they’ve added, do you hate all of the others too? Don’t want a pet? Then don’t get one. I don’t like the idea of txt speech myself but I’m not going to condemn the game because of it, if pets are annoying enough I’ll just avoid them.

        • dawgenstien says:

          Whoa, chill, Chucklefish is adding content to the game at no extra cost to you, and you’re unsatisfied with it? Then you follow it up by saying you haven’t put a cent toward the game? wtf? Why are you acting so entitled when you’ve contributed nothing?

          • Does it matter? says:

            This isn’t content, at least not something worth this much money. It’s a bunch of worthless confetti. The equivalent of a stupid party hat. And I have to sort some junk out with my credit card company, so I hadn’t been able to preorder it yet, and now I’m glad that this was the case.

          • Haze says:

            You realize that they don’t have to do stretch goals, right? The money they’re getting also goes to, you know, feeding the fucking developers, making the game roll out faster, and all that sort of shit. Stop acting like an entitled little fucking cunt and maybe consider that they’re giving you extra content for free and you’re MAD about that.

          • Does it matter? says:

            They didn’t, but then they did them anyway. Two that were actually useful and interesting and not this throw-away trash. And it’s ‘extra content’ in the same way the water they inject into your steaks at the super market is. It’s worthless and something I never wanted.

          • Xaenen says:

            You do realise if you Pre-Order, it helps the developers make more content, FREE content after you buy the game, and you wont buy the game because of one con’s which is “Cute, Adorable Pets!”
            I think you’re a tad retarded.

          • Ackerboy11 says:

            If you dont like it do not get one at the beginning I will though because I think this looks cool. Also if you do not get this game cause of the strech goal you are an idiot

          • Mr.Notyou says:

            Dude they didn’t have to put it in. You would just preorder it and get the game. Do you think they are spending one million dollars on this? No, they’re spending that money to make starbound complete. Hell I pre ordered the game because oddly enough I wanted starbound when it came out, this extra stuff is just icing that didn’t have to be put in, and we should be grateful they even thought about handing out prizes. You know every single goal this preorder thing had was going to be put in the game post release? By funding the company you allow them to release an even more polished product. TL;DR They didn’t have to give you a party hat, but it makes the party more enjoyable for some.

          • Does it matter? says:

            But it is an insult to me. It’s like putting pineapples on my cake and telling me that they’re a present when I do not like them and could have gotten something better instead.

          • Mr.Notyou says:

            Ehh it’s actually more like a birthday party that gives out gift bags. You go there for the party (starbound the game) and you plan to enjoy it. You get a gift bag that contains a festive pencil topper, you then proceed to complain that the whole party is ruined because you were given a pencil topper rather than say a pair of chinese handcuffs, and storm out swearing.

          • Does it matter? says:

            More like a gift bag full of napkins at a party you had to pay for when they could’ve given you something of value.

          • Logic Bestower says:

            You did not pay for any of this. They are not using the money gained from the preorders on the stretch goals, they are probably using their free time to make them.

          • Does it matter? says:

            My money would fund this. My money would go toward this goal. I don’t want that.

          • Mr.Notyou says:

            ^ My point, you paid for the great party, complain about the gift bags.

          • Deimos says:

            Except it isn’t. The “Option” of having a pet strongly implies it is “Optional”.

            So it’s like offering to put pineapples on your cake as a gift and you throwing a hissy fit.

          • Does it matter? says:

            Yet there are no other options except for these pineapples.

          • Logic Bestower says:

            Yeah, but let’s say I like pineapples, and we were in line to get cake. You know I like pineapples, even on a cake, and he gives you the option for pineapples. But he also gives you the power to remove the option for pineapples. You can choose the normal cake without pineapples, or you can express the total dick you are and remove the option for me.

          • Does it matter? says:

            And you demand that my money fund your pineapples and then whine when I refuse.

          • Logic Bestower says:

            Actually the truth is, all of your money goes to help the cake baker eat, not for the pineapples or the cake.

          • Logic Bestower says:

            Oh I almost forgot, using the same example, the baker had planned to add the pineapple option to the cake permanently at a later date but decided to wait because some of the features of the cake were more important than the pineapple option. But people started buying the cake so much that he decided to include them now. So you are paying for starter pets whether you like it or not, it’s just a matter of now or later. Get it? So I guess you shouldn’t buy starbound AT ALL.

          • Does it matter? says:

            And I wont.

          • Tacomanx says:

            But, the thing is, They said it was optional, so You are paying for the cake, and they offer you pineapple for free.

          • Admiral says:

            Its OPTIONAL. Your loving grandmother is baking you a cake for driving her home for christmas: do you refuse to drive her as soon as you hear that she is thinking of putting pineapples on it? Youre already on the road, she has nothing other than pinapples, most of the cake is baked and you can just pick them off anyway.

          • Jordan Teska says:

            “They didn’t have to give you a party hat, but it makes the party more enjoyable for some.” I like that, nice way of putting it =D

          • Kyrie Mikomi says:

            You have no ability to pre-order, and yet you bitch and whine about it anyways? A troll if I ever saw one.

        • Sekh says:

          Don’t let the door hit you.

        • Blizzra says:

          So you were going to preorder until one single stretch goal wasn’t to your liking? That makes literally no sense to me.

        • Yes! says:

          I understand his(?) anger on this. The two other stretch goals were innovative and unique concepts, while this new one seems to be a mostly useless cosmetic item that you would only use at the very start of the game. As stated in another comment in this debate, there was already another system in the game designed for pets, so it’s not like it would have taken them quite a bit of time to implement a new system for pets.

          Compared to the other two stretch goals, which appear to be worth the cost that the preorder total has paid for, starter pets are relatively minor. A more wholesome and useful concept would do much more for the cash influx that Chucklefish is receiving from the copies that they are selling. A better concept would result in more sales, and that means more stretch goals being accomplished in a quicker time. That may not be the case with starter pets, as many people might not find them fulfilling enough to put money towards.

          But then again I could be completely wrong and this could be the most popular thing ever. Good day.

          • thetacriterion says:

            Yeah, they’re cosmetic items. And what’s wrong with cosmetic items?

            Honestly, most of the really meaty stuff is already locked in. Anything more substantial would delay the release at this point. So cosmetic stuff makes perfect sense for stretch goals now. (And let’s not forget, the fossils are ALSO only cosmetic– used for decoration or for obtaining pets.)

          • HaT TraDing PloX? says:

            The funny thing is, if they were hats nobody would be complaining. :V

            (These comments should be restricted to registered users only, or one troll could comment all he wants under 5 names and we think it’s a ton of arrogant people, let’s recommend that to TIY or something. :/ )

          • thetacriterion says:

            I don’t know why, but it wouldn’t let me comment without registering. Maybe I was doing it wrong.

    • Mr.Notyou says:

      It’s not costing them 1 million dollars, it’s just a prize for funding them this much. The money actually goes to allowing the faster completion of the game, as ya know Chuckle fish needs to eat. This allows them to hire other people as well to speed up the process. They don’t have to give anything for the pre-order as far as Im aware. The fact that they are actually adding anything more than what was promised is baffling. You seem to think that star bound is siphoning money from us and giving out cheap prizes, they are not, as stated they don’t have to add anything.

    • warfaced says:

      I think you’re being a little bit rude about it, but I understand where you’re coming from. Starter pets – especially when a pet system is already in the game from what I hear – just seems kind of “meh” as a major stretch goal. I was really hoping they’d do splicing or DNA cloning of animals as a stretch goal. But who knows? Maybe that’ll be the next stretch goal if they have one. Or they already have it in the game ;D

    • Pinkie Pie says:

      You realize that the smaller the project the better, right? They’re already going to be working extra to add in the new race and the fossil stuff. If they were to continue with bigger stretch goals it would take that much longer for the game to be done.

      • Mr.Notyou says:

        They hired extra workers to actually speed up the process… so the extended completion time is negligible. Not like we knew when it would be released anyways.

        • BlueDragon66 says:

          The more money they get the faster they can release this game. These bonuses are just stretch goals to add as a bonus and thanks for the support.

          • BlueDragon66 says:

            These stretch goals will probably be developed at the very end of the beta. That’s why these features won’t be available until the final version.

      • Hello :) says:

        mmm no these are being added to the full game, not beta

    • Mog says:

      That’s the idea. Remember how people complain about how “long” it’s taking them to complete the game? They can’t implement anything AMAZING or it would delay development. They have stressed the fact that these bonuses for pre-ordering need to be relatively easy to add to the game.

      • ArcticZero says:

        They already added fossils and a NEW RACE. Don’t tell me that that is a 2 day project too?

        • c2h5oc2h5 says:

          It is indeed, code-wise. For race they actually need graphics and some fluff (time required to develop complex feature is pretty non-deterministic + possible bugs generate some testing/bugfixing cycles; I believe time required to make graphics can be estimated well and gfx itself leads to no problems). Fossils are probably also minor feature when it comes to coding, provided their engine is elastic, and they claim it is. Most likely fossils are just matter of adding some new objects basing on already coded objects (placables are already in place (:P), I believe they have already coded in some gems or something like that for level generation, so fossils are mostly about extending graphical assets…).

        • Cooper Leabo says:

          The part that would take the longest is graphics, which they hired another guy to work on, so it won’t delay progress.

    • Vitor Costa says:

      Have you ever programmed in your life?

      Sure it might be an easy project… depending on what you want to do that is, not taking into account trouble-shootings and unexpected errors in the code, as well as making all that match the sprites and their actions.

  12. Hodrat says:

    They should be able to pick up loot that enemies drop :)

  13. Sephel says:


  14. Earl Asplund says:

    I’d like my pet Cat-Ladybug hybrid to be able to travel to other dimensions at will, please.

  15. BrakSampson says:

    I hope that they stay on the ship instead of following us around everywhere. I am not so excited about this stretch goal…

  16. Wait… “useful companions”? They are going to do something… I wonder what.

  17. Taylor Sorensen says:

    Pikachu I CHOOSE YOU!

  18. screw off furfags says:

    Seriously fuck you all that voted yes. Combat pets that did the same shit were already in the game but you’re all too fucking stupid to know that.

    • Derp Much? says:

      You’re ‘too fucking stupid’ to know we don’t care about your opinion, as you can choose to have a pet or not. Therefore everyone is happy you crazy turd…

      • Gulliver says:

        I’m not happy about this, I thought the new stretch goal would be something fabulous and wondrous but nope.

        • NotThatGuy says:

          You know, if they wanted, they wouldn’t even make a single stretch goal. You should be happy that they are making them.

          • Reason says:

            By your logic, if someone shits on a plate of food I’ve paid for, I should be happy that they took the time to defecate all over the things I already liked, instead of being incredibly upset.

          • ACTUAL Reason says:

            No, that’s like saying PETS THAT WERE GOING TO BE FUCKING ADDED ANYWAY into the game turns it into shit. This is like getting FREE FUCKING GIFTS before your birthday or christmas. Stop making ‘pet stretch goal’ sound like it’s going to turn Starbound into a bad game. Your name is ‘Reason’, yet you don’t have a single bit of it.

          • ???? says:

            Except these non-combat, vanity pets were not going to be added. We’re still GETTING combat-enabled, tameable pets. These are something extra.

            Also, the shit in this case is their poor choice of stretch goal.

          • ACTUAL Reason says:

            No, actually, if you read the last sentence of other two stretch goals, it says “will be playable UPON RELEASE”, which means they are going to be available when it is released, rather than having to wait for it on an update. Find better excuses for thinking that Chucklefish is suddenly turning Starbound into a pile of shit because of a small fucking stretch goal. BTW, that 250k is also being used so that Chucklefish staff won’t have to work two jobs and finish Starbound quicker, not just the pets. Keep that in mind.

    • Jordan Teska says:

      I don’t see why anyone needs to be upset. The people who voted for pets get to have something extra, but it’s not taking anything away from the people who didn’t want pets. You can choose not to use them in your game. The people who wanted pets probably knew there were already the tamable monsters (they had the be reg. in the forums to vote), but they felt like the mundane starter pets would bring a fun, if small, element into the game.

  19. MachoBandit says:

    Devs, please make sure Hylotls get a kappa as their starter pet, it would make perfect sense with their theme. (Water and Japan)

  20. Gulliver says:

    What the fuck are you all doing
    Generic pets? What the fuck.

    • TheRealShaunsred says:

      How many times are you going to bitch about a free gift?

    • Vitor Costa says:

      For what I saw up there, the only generic pet is the dog and the cat.
      The dog is assigned to the human race, which is, in my opinion, normal. You didn’t expect the human planet to have all kinds of weird alien creatures did you?

      And the cat isn’t with any of the characters, so it might be human as well.

  21. ImThatGuy says:

    “but they make for lovable and useful companions all the same!”. Useful how? We can already tame crazy space monsters to fight for us, what point is there to a cat that follows you around and vomits txt speak at you? They’re cute and all, but they sound like a distraction more than anything. Do they have some sort of effect? Do they pick up loot?

    • TheRealShaunsred says:

      Less QQ, more pew pew.

      • Catlin Ashenfelter says:

        I doubt they’re going to include the ability to shoot your pet. That would be bad.

        • Pixy Misa says:

          What about a pet cannon that lets you launch your pet at monsters? Ahh, surprise catbug to the face!

        • Catlin Ashenfelter says:

          I’m guessing the people who voted me down agreed with me that it would be bad if you could shoot your pet, but they were confused on whether the downvote button was to dislike the idea of shooting pets or to dislike my post. I refuse to believe that anyone seriously wants the option to shoot their own pet, no matter how much they dislike the idea of pets.

    • Tolma says:

      I don’t know, I figure it’ll be nice to have a permanent fixture as a companion rather than a disposable fighting minion. I rather like the idea of having a companion to follow me around when I’m playing offline and alone.

  22. Need a penguin pet, mainly because they are just too awesome to leave out :)

  23. Dean Walls says:

    If for some reason this does make it into the game I hope that they don’t act as invincible buffs, that’s just lame. “no pls.”

  24. Rekansen says:

    Ah man, was looking forward to seeing what kind of crazy pets the Glitch or Novas would have. Guess I’ll just have to hope you make it to a million. :P

  25. Bloodslatters says:

    rottweiler dog plz !

  26. Max Steel says:

    Can we choose to have no pets? Because they seem like they’d be a pain.

    • Derp Much? says:

      Yes you can each player has the option of starting out with their very own customize-able pet!

    • Logic Bestower says:

      I don’t think you read the blog post…
      “each player has the option of starting out with their very own customize-able pet?”

  27. ionbeam3 says:

    why is everybody using the name stillman?

  28. hiro00 says:

    i though you said it would not be 1million for the next streach goal…..

  29. PrinceAlden says:

    I am REALLY against this idea. I love the idea of lone rangering around the galaxy, so this seems absolutely pointless. For the first time, I am completely disappointed with Chucklefish’s implementation of new material.

  30. QQuixotic says:

    I don’t know how comfortable I am with this idea. We’re already going to have three ‘pets’ following us around, and now a fourth one that does nothing?
    I can’t even think of a game that has purely cosmetic pets, besides MMO’s. In Torchlight 2 they were VERY useful. Hell, even in Maplestory they were buff slaves or had some magnet use.

    • Admiral says:

      Well it was said that you had them “starting out” so they could just be monsters that you have from the get go, which you would replace later. Plus they have some functionality, just worse functionality then the monsters you tame, so maybe they will be magnets, or buff slaves

  31. Nosagi says:

    FKN GREAT!!1111 :0

  32. hiro00 says:

    i really think that 500k for the first strech goal was way to much, by this point i think we deserve those 3 rewards, like the nova kids was a 250k mark, 500k for the fossiles, and 750k for these pets. still 1million???? you said it wouldnt be 1million guys!

  33. Seifer665 says:

    I’m disappointed in this new content …

  34. PixieBabe says:


  35. email says:

    This isn’t kickstarter where you throw money at them for prizes rewards and the ability to put out the game they want. This is preordering a game that’s coming out, almost finished by the looks of it, and they want to give a few little bonuses to everyone, not just the preorders, for helping them get this game in our hands faster. Preorder the game if you’re interested in the game itself, don’t come here whining that a bonus that they don’t even have to do isn’t good enough for you.

  36. RAWR says:


  37. Vasian says:

    Must have!

  38. Giddi says:

    Sadly, for me this is a useless feature because I don’t care about those things and only will make the time longer till the (beta) release. I really hope this game will be a success but I would prefer if this goal wouldn’t be reached before beta release. :(

    • Anon says:

      It should not delay development. They are using some of the money that they received from the preorders to hire new people to get these things done before the game is ready to go.

    • criminology says:

      I doubt this would take any time to implement. They already have the mechanisms in place for taming wild animals. I doubt it would be hard to create the sprites for tiny pets that are with you at first spawn. I don’t care about this stretch goal either, but I’m not worried about it affecting the release date.

    • Jordan Teska says:

      I was under the impression they choose something so small (these pets) so that it wouldn’t be big and have an impact on the release dates.

    • Arkus says:

      Thats exactly what i said xD, more time till beta… but o well…. when playing alone… spend time with a pet… would surely make the time a little more… relaxing xDD and both running from wird monsters would be epic xD. but ya… more time till beta now…

  39. lol says:

    haha you mad mods? If proper spelling is so insulting to you then go ahead and ban me. This place obviously has pretty low standards.

  40. Rekombo says:

    Those who want to help the game and earn rewards can buy me a copy rekombo.x @

  41. Doomed says:

    Even if the majority of people think this is bad I think it’s awesome!

  42. phyrex says:

    crap, they putted the mark at 1million. i doubt we can make that

  43. Hedoro says:

    Seriously, whats with all the self-entitled pricks here? If you have not preordered, you have no right to complain, these goals were picked on the forums, it was OUR choice when to get each stretch goal.

    • the majority of people who voted for this stretch goal, self included, voted so with the idea that some further clarification or use for the pets would be provided and/or that this would not be another 250,000$ stretch goal.

      • Kinitix says:

        The point of the preorder was to donate money to the devs, not get us new features.

        • indeed it was. I never said that this stretch goal ruins anything. I’m happy to have preordered and supported the devs. however, if the devs are going to implement stretch goals, they’re meant as extra incentives to either get people who already have preordered to donate even more, or to encourage those who have not yet preordered to do so and help reach the goal of implementing this new goal. the first two stretch goals were great game advancing ideas that included an entirely new community member created race and the inclusion of a new system and function for mining. this however, as we have little to no information about it, is the inclusion of a pet that from what we know right now, will follow you around. that’s it. that’s all we know about this right now. that’s disappointing. The team had the opportunity to really strive and set another game advancing stretch goal for the 1,000,000$ mark. heck, they could have even had this pet stretch goal at 800,000$ or 850,000$ and then done another stretch goal for 1,000,000$ that would be a step down from a new race but still something game advancing, yet they decided on starter pets. Unless these pets are somehow very useful and game advancing, that’s just disappointing. People may say we have no right to complain, but we’re the ones funding this. We have a right to not like a stretch goal if we feel it was poorly planned.

          • Xnez says:

            …Ahem, you do realise that they dont have to add ANYTHING, right? and i don’t also understand how you can have such little faith in the devs about this, even though they haven’t said much about what the pets do yet, you really think they are only going to follow you? of-course not. they may well have some amazing evolutionary system as they get more powerful along side you, they may be trade-able who knows, it could be far better. also, don’t you think the devs are working on the game while this is going on aswell? im not saying you are not allowed to like this stretch goal, but honestly cut them some slack, they cant throw out some amazing game changing idea or concept whenever they feel like it.

          • Junker says:

            From what you said above though, you gambled on a chance and that back-fired. You, personally, have no right to complain about it, because you’re one of the ones who voted for this goal, in hopes that you would find out more about the pets.

          • We are the ones funding this, but, if they never made it, you wouldn’t get to play it. Your logic is backwards. They’re making it so we can play it. We don’t play it so they can make it.

          • S.J Thomas says:

            ..yeah,.. i used to have a degree of respect for you, but that has COMPLETLY vanished now. you apeard to be a real team member but you broke your shallow veil by your selfishness. what i am trying to say is, you are a Dick.

  44. Kiory says:

    For 1m? Borring!!

  45. ReviloO says:

    The 1,000,000 strech goal is this? Really? I hope they can at least carry items for you or so. >.>

  46. heffner says:

    Wow, it’s fucking nothing.

    GG money well spent

  47. Krytikal says:

    hmm doggy or kitty cat…

  48. Croyd says:

    Looks good to me, they didn’t want to add in something that would slow them down working on the actual project. Just small and neat. They didn’t have to put a new goal in, I think everyone would have been content with what they had.

  49. Left2Die says:

    How much do you expect them to add? They’ve added a whole new race and a whole new set of mechanics already. If they add another huge feature the game will take even longer than it has. Stop crying, you’re getting free bonuses for something that should cost way more than 15$.

    At least you’re not paying 30$ past the base price just for ‘Premium’ so you have access to the content you were promised.

    • GreenStuff says:

      Yeah, in the forum some of use really tried to push some big features onto pets. It was probably a naive hope. It is ok to fantasise, right? But it is really bitter to see so many people acting like total ducks. It is actually quite good that they set it to $1mil as another streatch goal discussion could be quite sad.

  50. Melchya says:

    Good stuff! And i cannot help but laugh at the people going “i’m not paying for this feature”. its absolutely raging funny to see how mind numb some people are, especially since its optional, and that it even states that they are useful. Anyway, good stuff chucklefish!

    • FinnTheBird says:

      “Wow this feature sucks, I would’ve bought the game if this wasn’t in it! How stupid” I’ve read everything, today. Everything possible. And they haven’t, apparently.

      • Vitor Costa says:

        What’s hilarious about it is that the game was available way before people even knew about this new starter pet feature… if they would buy the game without this, why didn’t they just do it and simply waited for this to be an excuse not to?

  51. Beldaar says:

    Epic :D

  52. Mewbone says:

    Wait what… pets…. really? PETS!! OMFG THANK YOU! Yes, yes I am happy.

  53. Youcouldhavestoppedthis says:

    “Doesn’t mean it’ll be $1mil” She said. Grats. You’ve pissed off more people than is actually funny. what a god damn waste holy crap.

    • GreenStuff says:

      These stretch goals are a ”Thank you!” for our support. Not ”Give us more money and we will add more gameplay!”. It is quite rude to just spit on their gift.

  54. Dadrick says:

    I’ve arrived at the conclusion that the Starbound fan base is composed almost entirely of Sith Lord wannabes. In other news, congrats Chucklefish on passing the 750,000 mark. I for one am very much looking forward to this game.

  55. Zerokyuuni says:

    There should be a bat-pet named “Fwap-a-durp” available at the start. They should also make little squeaks

  56. Tokiw says:


    Silly, silly entitled people. I’m just glad there’s a pre-order. You people are all foolish.

    • Eric Hogan says:

      This has been my sentiments on this topic since the moment the next stretch goal was leaked.

    • Lelouch says:

      Maybe if you stop commenting so much and read the text that says “each player has the OPTION” You would be so mad =P So if you don’t want a pet, don’t get one. I for one would love to have a pet. It’d be nice to have a little something from my homeworld IMO

  57. Stevo Smith says:

    If Catbug doesn’t somehow make it into the mix, I’m going to be a very sad panda.

    • …I’m going to name my pet Catbug now ‘-‘

    • Vitor Costa says:

      Who lives in the east ‘neath the willow tree?
      Sexual Harassment Panda!
      Who explains sexual harassment to you and me?
      Sexual Harassment Panda!
      “Don’t say that, don’t touch there,
      “Don’t be nasty,” says the silly bear,
      He’s come to tell you what’s right and wrong,
      Sexual Harassment Panda!

      Great comment btw xD

  58. IceKing says:

    Are you kidding me! This is the freaking 1 million dollar stretchgoal! What is this!

    • FinnTheBird says:

      This ain’t something you’re PAYING for, son. These are little gifts Chuckefish are making us upon release of the game. Would you say ”THAT’S STUPID, I WANT SOMETHING ELSE” to a gift from your grandmother? I wouldn’t.

  59. MuffiN says:

    I want a pony pet! Yay!.. OKay, that was a joke… =(

  60. Two Shot Joe says:

    I love this idea and well done with getting this far in a week

  61. WMoose says:

    Hello there, WMoose here.

    If you have not pre-ordered the game, you have no right to complain about what is in or not in the game.

    • WMoose says:

      Woops. Accidentally clicked the wrong thing.

      Anyhow, idly being upset about what is in a game or not when you’ve done nothing to contribute to it is both pointless and low class at the same time. This game is a major improvement over previous titles that it mirrors, and the additional content they are infusing it with pre-release is intended to be a BONUS, not an incentive. It’s completely cool to not like the entire game based on a single feeling you have about a very small part of it that has absolutely no effect on what you do, but please do not put the game down as a whole in public because “omg pets so stupid u guis suck.”

  62. MrT says:

    The audacity of some people…please. I mean come on. This game is already toppled with features that will most likely be beyond the scope of ‘most’ (I say most but what I really mean is the majority) games today. The fact they even considered to add these subtle yet very interested features was completely of their own whim. ‘Pre-orders’ does not necessarily mean they are obligated to add further ‘extras’. SO these ‘extras’ are there just to add more flavor to an already seemingly ‘epic’ game. So please, do not divert attention to criticizing features that you deem of the lowest quality but more rather admire what is already there. If you dislike such additions to such passion then fair enough but don’t say that they could do ‘better’
    When in fact they already have surpassed expectations…..

  63. Bonabopn says:

    Yes! This is fantastic! Can you make them randomly generate like monsters, but non-hostile? That would be AWESOME.

  64. bcore333 says:

    Wow, the negativity and selfish ignorance of people is overwhelming. This is an independent developer who has spent years on a very VERY creative and advanced adventure game. They are choosing to provide a pre-order, and they are choosing to provide little extra gifts upon release for those who decide to pre-order which is OPTIONAL for the developers, and yet one step further, they are giving an extra incentive by giving extra little “stretch goal” gifts when buyers collectively reach a large amount of money which individuals each have a little effect on. People seem to have more issues with being selfish and misunderstanding of the hard work the developers accomplish and more focused on downright whining when they aren’t being OPTIONALLY given new material to a game that isn’t even out yet. Relax everyone… It doesn’t even have a release date and they’re already making an effort to provide new things to the game that isn’t even in beta either. Which developer can you name that has ever done that for their customers, especially an indie developer. Save your breathe and don’t pre-order if that’s SUCH a big deal for you.

  65. bebigy says:

    By reading comments it’s easy to see – pets was a bad idea after all.

    The whole idea of game’s scenario is: our hero’s planet is destroyed, being left alone you search for new horizons, unknown enemies.. But nah.. We’ll give you a pet.. ‘Couse yeah, that sounds too lonely and moody, and that ain’t cool. We need rainbows and shit.. Please decide on game’s direction – AND KEEP ON ROLLING. still, I preordered.

  66. Stargazer says:

    “useful companions” means that if I dont want one with me I will be in some kind of disadvantage? :/

  67. Vendiz says:

    Was expecting something much better at $1,000,000

  68. Vandalbrot says:

    While I’m not vehemently enraged by them as some people are for what reason I don’t think any of us will be able to comprehend, they are a little mundane. At least in comparison to the other prizes. But if you’re going to complain about how it’s lame, suggest something better why don’t you?

  69. Mangetsu says:

    This game just need to be in Steam.. and then number of pre-orders will up to 100000.

  70. Biscuitsawce says:

    Not a bad stretch! 1 million is too much though. Not the biggest leap forward. But WE NEED PET PENGUINS! Also, it would be nice to have a living memory of your home planet because it got destroyed.

  71. Stevo Smith says:

    Something tells me things have gotten way out of hand…just love each other and anticipate this game like everyone else is, and enjoy it :)

  72. Honestly starbound team, without some further clarification on this feature, this seems like an underwhelming stretch goal, particularly for a 1 million mark. If the pets are very useful and can do things for us, sure, then I could be for that, but right now, nothing has been said on that. it just seems like a missed opportunity.

  73. GreenHinge says:

    Russia says that pets for 1 million is bad idea…

  74. Lambdadelta says:

    Already pre-ordered but honestly I hope they don’t hit 1mil with this stretch goal. Just as a way to show them that this idea was terrible and worthless. I’ll be fine with just Novakids and fossils.

    • Death Hawk says:

      Seriously, I’m getting real tired of all of you, “This idea was terrible and worthless”. You preordered for the stretch goal?. Is that the ONLY REASON YOU PREORDERED?. If you truly cared about the game, you wouldn’t complain about this little feature. “Just as a way to show them that this idea was terrible and worthless”. Seriously, again. They’re working hard to make this game as awesome as it can be, and yet you wish them to fail. I suggest you disconnect from the internet.

      • Lambdadelta says:

        I preordered on the first day before stretch goals were even announced. I preordered within the hour that preorders came out. I’ve been looking to preorder for this game for over a year now. I don’t want to hear anything out of you. I suggest you get that dick out of your mouth and stop being a consumerist sheep who praises every decision the devs make.

        • Death Hawk says:

          First of all, you’re getting mad at an OPTIONAL FEATURE. Second of all, as I already stated, you’re wishing them TO FAIL, even though, and this I take from their FAQ:

          “We’re financing the game out of our own pocket and a couple of our team members have had to take on second jobs. We’re hoping the preorder will allow them to work full time on Starbound and get the game to you quicker!”

          IF you had been looking to preorder the game for over a year, then why are you such a snobbist FUCK and wish them to fail in their goal EVEN THOUGH they aren’t forced to give you any kind of added features to the game you already ordered.

          • Lambdadelta says:

            Because they want $250k for a feature that is not worth 250k of effort. By not reaching their goal, the devs are sent a message that this is not the direction I want starbound to go. You should stop getting mad at other people having a different opinion from you. I don’t hate you. I don’t the hate the devs. What I want is to get my voice heard. You’re free to get your voice heard but being rude is getting you anywhere.

          • Anonymous says:

            They don’t “want $250k for a feature that is not worth $250k of effort”, they want $250k to fund development costs and they’re throwing in an extra feature as an extra incentive.

            I don’t even understand what “direction” you think that Starbound would be going in with the addition of pets. I actually agree with you that they seem redundant but i don’t really see the problem with their addition.

          • Death Hawk says:

            The fact that they’re not asking for $250k to add more things is the only thing that baffles me you don’t seem to understand, you may think they’re redundant, and that’s cool and all, they’re optional, after all. Everything’s ok with your logic till this point.
            THEN we have the “asking for release” thing. They’re just releasing these things because:

            A) People voted for it
            B) They can focus fully on their works now that they don’t have to have 2 jobs.

            Again, this is all an extra, it was their choice, and the “250K worth of effort” is the game itself, you’re paying them 15-2000 dollars because they worked to do the game, you’re not paying 250K to just add pets/fossils/a new race.


          • Gavelwrench says:

            This really isn’t how their stretch goals work, you’re not paying 250K for 250K worth of work on pets, the pre-orders are paying 250K towards 250K worth of work on the main game, and they’re throwing in pets early instead of saving them for post-release. They’ve mentioned before that the stretch goals were designed so they wouldn’t add tons of extra coding work that would delay the game any further, since most of that money has to go towards finishing the main game.

            I understand being disappointed if it’s not a feature you’ll enjoy, but I wouldn’t want to discourage people from pre-ordering just to send them a message (it sounds like pets would have been added post-release anyway, so the only message they’d get is “save it for later”). Maybe since pets are so polarizing, they’ll add an option to disable them on servers for people who hate the idea of having pets underfoot :)

  75. Vgreen says:

    “…and useful companions” – like companion cube…

  76. Something to think of says:

    Keep in mind that these bonuses were probably planned, future updates and bonuses for Starbound. The developers are now delivering these features at game release and as such we will be getting (originally planned) future content sooner.

  77. GreenHinge says:

    Better develop roadmap and release Beta :/

  78. telephonicCommander says:

    I don’t see why everyone is getting mad. It’s not like there’s a higher distance between the previous stretch goal, plus they’re optional so why is this such a negative subject

  79. Krauser says:

    don’t you think 1 million is alot ?

  80. Bro Of Steel says:

    AAAAAAwwwwwwwwwwww, so dissapointed. Damn, so sad… Probably first time you guys dissapointed me..:(

  81. Nyarlot says:

    We’re talking one million dollars here. I know you don’t owe us anything, but mini-pets are lame.

  82. Nyarlot says:

    This isn’t my thing, but it wouldn’t stop me from pre-ordering. How about another biome, dungeon or boss?

    • Jordan Teska says:

      That might be kind of tough to advertise, since we don’t know about all (or many) of the biomes and bosses. But I think that sounds like a neat idea. More world variety is always kickass.

  83. TheRealShaunsred says:

    Some people are ignorant assholes. People please, be grateful that even decided to give you anything.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Are you issuing refunds on pre-orders since this game is now officially ruined?

    • werty11109 says:

      Yeah the ENTIRE game is ruined because starter pets are a STRETCH GOAL.

    • ReviloO says:

      The Sarcasm is strong with this one (at least i hope so)

    • GreenStuff says:

      Dude, no need to be so upset. The only thing they have added is a customizable pet, that will accompany you right from the start. Besides there would be pets in the game even without this stretch goal, you would probably get a pet 20 min in the game anyway.

  85. Kenshin says:

    So what kind of pet will the Glitch get?

    I really want a pet toaster.

  86. Willy says:

    Okay. Fine. Devs, take down the stretch goal. No-one likes it apparently. Let’s just not have any stretch goals anymore. (Seriously though. KITTIES. WHY SO MUCH HATE ON THE KITTIES?)

  87. jetsin says:

    I see the devs are pandering to furcon-frequenters and equine copulation participants.

    What a wonderful waste of a $1,000,000 goal.

    • Seelcudoom says:

      stop complaining that this is not as good, they started with the best
      ones, would you prefer they have had the novakids as the larger one that
      they might not have reached? or you know, just not have any more stretch goals

  88. Herecius says:

    Don’t… don’t people realize that even if a stretch goal isn’t achieved, the dev team totally intends to put this stuff in eventually anyways? That a stretch goal just means they have the cashdollars to put in the time and resources to have it in for release, rather than patched in later?

    Come on folks, don’t be dense, but much worse than dense, don’t be nasty towards the devs!

    Be the people Mr. Rogers knew you could be.

    • flak mc jacket says:

      sir you are making a mistake by letting the devs shit on there project with somthing nobody wants
      and before you say its not our project that doesn’t mean they can shit up the game we are paying for

      • Logic Bestower says:

        You’re paying for Starter Pets whether you like it or not. The stretch goals just bring up the descision “1.0 or later?”. The only way for you to not pay for starter pets is to never buy the game, ever.

        • Tacomanx says:

          I agree, but, They are paying for the game, They are not paying $15 for the additional content if they want the game, they are paying $15 for the whole game, while they are given extra for free.

      • thetacriterion says:

        Something nobody wants? The poll would disagree with you there.

      • Admiral says:

        Even disregarding the fact that the addition isn’t all that bad (pets were always going to be a thing, this just gives you the option of having one when you start), it doesn’t really matter if you don’t like it. Its their product, they have made it and are now selling it. Sure they are adding things between the purchase date and the release date for those who preordered, but anyone PREordering knew it was still in development and SUBJECT TO CHANGE. For all you know they couldve added this anyway, even without the stretch goal. Who knows, maybe they will even if the stretch isnt reached. If you have an issue with it then spend around 2 years to make your own game, most of the tools they used to make it are free, seeing as youre so annoyed about your 15 dollar purchase

      • Joshua Madoc says:

        You and who’s army?

  89. Anonymous says:

    Message to all haters:

  90. I want this more than I wanted the other two stretch goals ‘-‘

  91. The entire Starbound Community says:


  92. The Cheese NInja says:

    Seems like a pretty cool feature to me but I guess the reason why some people are mad is that they might have been expecting a “more exciting” $1,000,000 goal.

  93. SHADOWDRAMON says:

    I don’t really care, because it’s a gift, and nobody here has the right to complain because they don’t know what it will do in the game, played the game with this feature? No? then don’t fucking complain untill you play it.

  94. Jordan Teska says:

    I feel like the people raging don’t really get the point of Stretch Goals. I think starter pets are a neat little idea. Not as cool as the first two by far, buuut I kinda like that the awesome stuff came first, so it means we get it for sure on release (instead of at a later date or not at all). If you don’t make 1mil. No sweat because the pets aren’t such a big deal. But if you do, all the better, because they’re still kinda cool.

  95. Magus Gestalt says:

    Its pretty obvious that they didn’t expect such a turnout for the pre-orders, though I can’t imagine why, I personally am in maximum hype overdrive for this game. So when you get stretch goals for incentive they can only put in stuff that will be simple and easy to implement so they don’t get bogged down putting in extras when really all we want is a beta. So siddown and eat yer damn cake ya hooligans. And I swear to almighty Pete that there had better be Glitch toaster pets. That’s pretty much the best idea I have ever heard.

  96. Xannmax says:

    I heard the starbound crew was running low on ideas of what to set stretch goals at! Well; at the odd chance that you see this; I reccomended adding in a new ore of some variety! I like all the ideas so far!!

  97. To all those complaining: IT’S THEIR GAME! They can do with it as they please. I want this to come out as much as anyone, possibly more than most, but acting like a spoiled child will not aid in that matter. They’re allowed to put in whatever features they wish, and I’m glad they are. The best games I’ve ever played where made when the dev was making a game they WANTED to play themselves. If you really find the content or development process this objectionable, DON’T BUY IT. Chucklefish is going to make millions with or without you, and rest assured, the rest of the community won’t miss you.

  98. James Booher says:

    Love this, even though it doesn’t seem to be enough awesomeness for a $1,000,000 goal.

  99. Curatyr says:

    Look at the SWAG on that fifth cat!

  100. 14 says:

    no pet – no problem

  101. Seelcudoom says:

    my only complaint about this is that humans might just get real animals and nothing super interesting

  102. Catlin Ashenfelter says:

    Have to admit, I’m not looking forward to this stretch goal. Pre-ordered all the same, but I just don’t think this is worthy of inclusion at release.

  103. hartham says:

    I think this will be quite fun :P

  104. Fofalooza says:

    It’s too bad that the million dollar stretch goal isn’t simply “happiness” just to troll people who are complaining. I’m pretty excited about the pets anyway.

  105. Arkus says:

    The problem is.. While more features they add with the — Backers money, More time it will take to come out, they decide to add all the stuff on the prelaunch SO !!!!! that means if the release was… like around Q3 2013 now can be around December since they will add a lot of features that was thinked to be developed latter on with updates, also on the road map, everything keeps the same like the game is at 40% and now with the new features 25% or 34% still i can’t wait to play but… wait until they add the new race, fossils, the Pets (?) *still i don’t think they’ll reach that goal, since not many people liked the idea* is a lot of time… HOPE !! they release a REAL prelaunch with not all the “new stuff” and upload it latter with updates…. well thats my point of view, i post it with not a bad intention “I MEANT NO HARM” xDD and so.. Thanks for reading ^^ and yes ! if they add pets hope they add prinnies :3

  106. Logic Bestower says:

    I am going to really enjoy this game either way. Pets or not.

  107. flak mcjacket says:

    pets are stupid cant you just do somthing cool? like.. i dunno… CUSTOMIZATION AND MODULE BASED VEHICLES as in costomization for vehicals i mean for stats i couldn’t give less of a damn about how my mech looks as long as i can use it to punch things into orbit

  108. Oxyz says:

    starter pets isnt very promising…i hope, if it has a 1,000,000 stretch goal, they make a bigger and better one than just pets, fossils and novakids are great. These starter pets are cool but to 1,000,000? it has to be a BIG stretch goal, in my mind it has. and Novakid is a good name because of their history, just saying

    • Logic Bestower says:

      They were going to add in Starter Pets, Fossiles, and Novakids anyway after the game was released, but they decided to have these stretch goals to see if they should put them in at the start, 1.0. So if we reach 1mil, we get Starter Pets now, if we don’t, we get Starter Pets later.

  109. Aquaclaw says:

    Lets get this 1,000,000. Goal!

  110. Zora says:

    Love it :3

  111. Rio says:

    Oh my god…Ferrets and platypus! Please!

    • Rio says:

      Oh my god…I’m just thinking of a little pet pig with a little dome space-suit for it…Starbound looks to get incredibly cute incredibly quickly and I love it.

  112. xenonni says:


  113. GreenStuff says:

    The word ”useful” in the description makes me think this is actually something quite cool.
    A lot of fuss over this. A reason to form clans and settle this in arena when the game comes out!

  114. Fillfall says:

    I hope there’s a turtle pet available… EVERYBODY LIKES TURTLES!

  115. Toil says:

    So much hate. And questionable analogies. In my opinion, pets are a cliché but no complaints about it being chosen as a stretch goal. I’m not going to love every aspect of the game! The people I play with are like-minded anyway so we’ll just keep our pets on our ships, if we even own any. :)

  116. annoying part is that you could always release the stretch goals as FREE DLC since the stretch goal money already pays for it to be made….so why can’t you just make fun content that requires coding and time AFTER release and release that stretch goal later on for free? I don’t get it..

    • GreenStuff says:

      The streatch goal money pays for the developers to be able to work on the gameplay that they had already began work on. As I understood some of the team members have others jobs so they could provide for their families. Pre-order money just lets them provide and focus on this game, not work at 2 jobs and bring us Starbound sooner. These stretch goals are a way of saying ”Thank You!” for our support. It was not intended as a DLC like thing, ”the more money you give us, the more we’ll please you, sir.”
      And who knows – maybe they will add more of these suggested features after the release, but it is not a discussion about stretch goals. There will be a lot of fun content and modes, so everything is not as bad as you think.

      • Domingo Cardona says:

        I already know what the stretch goal money pays for, which was my point which is the fact that it’s all paid for so why not just have stretch goals that could be added later as DLC so we could of have something better than pets?

        seeing the downvotes apparently people are completely fine with pets and not better content that could have been added later for free since it’s already paid for….oh well.

  117. Bootz says:

    Ow yea this is nice, i wanna have it!!!!

  118. Eli says:

    Oh my god this is the best idea yet, can we name our pets?

  119. Arkus says:

    This means the game will take more time to let us play the beta… i think they will wait until Q3 Q4 2013 to lets us play… this sux.. Still they toke my money.. D:

    • J says:

      The whole point is that it won’t take them longer. They will make it with the extra money and the release will be the same. I just wish the stretch goal was a quicker release instead of more content haha.

      • SHADOWDRAMON says:

        It will take them less because wih these preorders they can buy better equipment and they wontnec to have second jobs to buy food, electricity, etc so, i dont mind

  120. AzViz says:

    “Each player has the OPTION of starting out with their very own customize-able pet!” ITS A FREAKING OPTION! Don’t like the starter pets? Think their useless? Simply click the “I don’t want a starter pet, thank you” during your character creation! Woopty fucking Do, it’s like magic!

    God, there are so many people who are not appreciating what they’re getting for free it’s sicking me!

    • GreenStuff says:

      Yup, it is sad.
      I think most of the bitter ones expected to get a really big feature because it is $1mil. Not that they think the whole game game play has been ruined.

      Children who ask for an iphone for christmas, but get something not as impressive, act quite similarly to these jerks.

    • Richard Tran says:

      The point is, for 1 million dollars donated, we deserve more of an expansion than lack-luster pets. No one here hates pets, I mean, let’s get pets, why not! But for such a high stretch goal of $1,000,000 it should have been something better, honestly.

      I contend not to blindly ride Chucklefish in all worshipping glory without questioning or giving feasable feedback. Be reasonable, not a zombie..

      • thetacriterion says:

        >”we deserve more of an expansion than lack-luster pets.”

        That’s a funny use of the word “deserve”, since you’re getting what you paid for whether there are pets or not. $15 for the game, soundtrack and beta access; more for other additional perks like forum badges or getting your name put in the game. We didn’t collectively pay for stretch goals, we paid for the pre-order packages.

      • Gavelwrench says:

        Wait a minute, nobody “donated” towards this 1 million dollar goal — you’ve PURCHASED the game as a pre-order with the added incentive of having access to the beta when it’s released. If you pre-order a console game at a retail store, nobody would ever consider that a donation. I wasn’t even aware there were stretch goals when I pre-ordered and definitely didn’t expect anything, much less think I deserved anything more than what I was paying for (the game itself). Anything else that gets added early as a stretch goal is just a bonus!

  121. Cheesesteak says:

    Personally i think the idea, is a good one. i also personally voted for it when they asked on their twitter -> this was the voting page ->

    64% voted yes for pets as next stretch goal and 35% voted no.
    SO if you guys really hated this idea then you had the chance to vote.

  122. KoedGaming says:

    I hope Florans get a praying mantis…. I would be so happy!

  123. Vitor Costa says:

    This reminded me of “Robot wants puppy” where you go around with a cat… It would be fun to throw a cat at monsters and see him claw them to death xD

  124. NomadicGamer says:


  125. GreenStuff says:

    I think the idea is great. The stretch goals are great. But the poll and the discussion about what to add was unnecessary. It is not a great idea to discuss with someone what they want for birthday or christmas – make it a surprise, make it special not just an order. Streatch goals should be about what you want to give to your fans for their support, not what the fans can ask of you if they throw enough cash in your bank account.

  126. thetacriterion says:

    Okay, let’s go over a few things here.

    1. Your money is not funding pets. It is funding the developers being able to LIVE while developing the game full-time. Pets are only a thing because they’re a light feature that can be developed without pushing the game back any further.

    2. By preordering, you are purchasing the game and beta access. You are NOT purchasing stretch goals.

    3. The pets are optional. They do not change the game at all. They do not ruin the game at all. They do not indicate a new “direction” that the game is going.

    4. YOU. ARE. NOT. ENTITLED. TO. ANYTHING. If you pre-ordered, then you will get what you paid for. Namely, the game. Anything above and beyond that is complementary. i.e. FREE.

    5. You have every right to feel upset about this development. However, being a dick (e.g. hurling abuse at devs, other commenters, or community members in general) is another matter entirely. Don’t do that. Don’t be that dick.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Death Hawk says:

      Finally someone that gets it

    • Common Sense says:

      Upvote this man.

    • Vitor Costa says:

      pretty much, still wonder how this got a down-vote though

      • sonofxavenger says:

        The down-vote was from the one person who was too stuck in their ways to see the sense. Either way, thetacriterion has it correct, and I, for one, agree with him, just like 141 other people

      • bilbo bubbles says:

        someone flipped their computer upside down to like it again

      • OHGODWHY? says:

        From so many votes (above 2.000 now) it is easy possible that some ppl maybe just disCLICKED. I mean, the arrows are both near together and 2.000 were about to click this, and the other thing is “trolls” that like to dislike something that is “too” liked because it gives a feeling of might. No really, it’s true^^ But hey dont care.

    • Cooper Leabo says:

      You are my hero.

    • I'm going to pirate this game says:

      If they’re living on my money to develop something then I’m funding development. In fact that’s one of the many definitions of the word. Not only that but we are purchasing stretch goals that’s the entire idea of stretch goals.
      That’s pretty much all I have to say. I’m sure it will get down voted because people want to keep the circle jerk going.

      • thetacriterion says:

        Nah, this was a constructive response to what I posted. There wasn’t really anything worth downvoting in your comment except that last sentence. See item #5.

        And, yes, you ARE funding development! But the impact this feature will have on development as a whole is almost nil. That was the point I was intending to make.

        Finally– I think we have differing ideas of what stretch goals are for, but I’d be content to agree to disagree on that point.

        • Blizzra says:

          Not to mention his posted name.

          • Milly Rainbowskittlez says:

            so what? do you know how many people actually buy what they pirate? ALOT. Want proof? Look at minecraft. I pirated minecraft, most of my friends pirated minecraft, and most of their friends did as well. How many of us now own minecraft? All of us, save for a few that didnt like the game.
            Secondly how much money are the devs losing out of their pocket when someone pirates the game? NOTHING. As a matter of a fact, they have a chance of making MORE money when someone pirates because perhaps that pirate will buy the game, or when his/her friends see it, they may buy it as well. But even if they dont, the devs still dont lose any money.

          • Buckstabu says:

            Do you have numbers? Or just your personal experience, because that’s not enough to form a consensus on. People deicded not to buy it, as soon as they pirated it. You and ag roup of friends is not NEARLY enough numbers to prove to me that piracy is “Good” You are stealing, and trying to make yourself feel better about stealing.

          • Chiram says:

            Piracy actually goes under copyright infringement. The reason it is not theft is because the product is copied and not stolen and therefore comes at no exact cost to the seller, like a stolen car would have since it would no longer be available for further sale.

            Just to add, I am neither making an arguement for or against piracy here, but I would very much like for the definition to be right. ;)

          • Buckstabu says:

            One more thing to add onto that, To make this more clear, Let’s say I’m a car dealer, I plan on selling all these cars! You stole one, Sure i didn’t lose any money from pocket, But you just stole $14,000 I could’ve made on that. You’re a thief. Face it.

          • That’s a false analogy right there. Car dealers pay for their cars from the manufacturer. Chucklefish IS the manufacturer of a DIGITAL GOOD.

            Furthermore you cannot prove that every pirated copy is a lost sale. People that pirate the game are just as likely to buy the game after trying it (perhaps during a Steam sale?) than to not buy it at all.

            Acting as if each pirated copy is a lost sale is a terrible way to look at it and, honestly, a lot of indie games get extra sales from people pirating alphas or betas to try out the game. A perfect example I have anecdotal evidence for is Prison Architect. I have quite a few friends that have pirated the game “just to try it” and ended up putting their $30 down on it for the digital download.

            Face facts: People will pirate the game. These people would have, likely, never purchased the game in the first place. These people may then turn around and buy the game once they realize it’s badass for future content patches and whatnot.

            Now a disclaimer: I am not supporting piracy. I support intelligent debate on the topic but have long since gotten a job and become that person that buys games on sale and has a huge Steam library filled with unplayed games. I support developers giving people a chance to try the game before they buy it. I support Chucklefish. I support the pets stretch goal. ;)

          • I agree with your post. 100%. I’ve personally pirated games and found that they were utter shit so i didn’t buy them, I pirated Minecraft and then I bought it after a few hours of playing it. I pirated Terraria and then bought it after a few days.

            Honestly every single game should have some sort of trial, that alone would reduce piracy.

            *Not endorsing piracy I just think it’s something that will happens and there’s nothing you can do about it.

          • Yes stealing a car is being a theif. Copying files isn’t theft. Please look up the definitions.

            If I pirate something and I had no intention of buying it then it isn’t a lost sale.

          • Xelphene says:

            Stealing is illegal. Copying and redistributing a file which’s terms of use forbid this is equally illegal.

          • Someone Else Raging says:

            You know, if you split those hairs any thinner, they’ll become microscopic.

            I’m not sure what makes you think that a layman is going to need to know the difference in this case? Why even bring this up? “I’m not a thief, I’m a copyright infringer!” If this is not one of the silliest cases of someone whining about being mislabeled yet.

            As for it not being a lost sale, then throw away your bowl of Stupid Flakes before sitting down and really take a consideration of this question: Why were you pirating it if you had no intent to use it?

            Now, do your homework and think that over before coming to see the answer.


            Seriously, it’s better if you think of it yourself.

            Alright then, even though I shouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw you, Copyright Infringer (as you prefer to be called), I’ll go ahead and give the answer.

            Because you wanted to use the product within a situation that violates the copyright of it if you did not pay for its fair use, or any other conditions set forth by the copyright holder in a terms of use agreement. Testing that game, as you most likely think of your actions being, is breaking the terms of use that the copyright holder has set forward if they have not officially released a free demo of the product. Pirates need to stop hiding behind the notion that they’re trying to change the face of gaming by distrusting developers and publishers alike and forcibly making a trial period without the copyright holders’ consent. It’s a flimsy argument at best (and that’s with me being nicest person to ever exist for even validating it as an argument in the first place), I damn well guarantee it would not be a valid defense in the legal system you oh-so-quickly cite back to as to avoid being labeled a “thief” by the majority.

          • While I do agree with your points on the legalities of piracy, I have to disagree with the lost sale bit and not just because of the baseless ad hominem argument.

            Some people don’t want things unless they can get it for free. Some people just want free stuff. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing.

            You cannot prove or disprove the “lost sale” point and we both have very good arguments. You don’t pirate a thing you aren’t interested in but you also don’t necessarily ever have an intent to buy the thing in the first place. So when does the interest become enough to buy it? There’s obviously a point that happens. I can be interested in a thing but not enough to spend the money on it.

            Like I said: Intelligent, critical discussion is good about this sort of stuff. Too many people have a knee-jerk “Piracy must be crushed at all costs!” reaction and too many also have a knee-jerk “Piracy is good because we like free demos!”

            The argument that more demos would mean that there would be less piracy is also, I think, a point you cannot prove. Similar to the lost sales argument, I just don’t think it’s going to affect any numbers decently in terms of stopping piracy. You may see a decent increase in sales from people on the fence, though.

            I think we just need to realize that some some people are just going to find any way they can to get free stuff. Piracy is always going to exist and crazy-badass DRM just ends up hurting end-users.

          • Someone Else Raging says:

            Someone upvote this person for a very well thought-out statement. Seriously, this is actually a very great counter-argument to my bitching.

            You’re absolutely right, one cannot prove the concept of a lost sale at this time. I could even bring myself to believe that the “Piracy does equal lost sales” portion as a overblown argument, so I should have done better in tempering it in my own statement. As much as I, like anyone else, hate to admit that I was wrong, I can see that I did misuse the point in my haste.

            Honestly, when it comes down to it, I’m just looking out for my skin more than the publishers, developers, or copyright owners. As an average-Joe consumer, I just don’t want to have to deal with strict piracy laws, intense regulations, or outrageous DRM attempts from companies who are trying to combat other users who are, in factuality as of the time of writing this post, breaking copyright laws. Good reason or not, it is still illegal, and we will all suffer the ill effects of it in one way or another just so someone can get their kicks or make a point or whatever. Just boils my blood to think that I might lose valuable privileges over something that just seems like such a stupid, selfish idea in the first place.

          • Blizzra says:

            The main issue that started this is that the person said they were pirating the game as some kind of arcane “punishment” to the devs for doing one external thing they didn’t like. It seemed mostly like just kind of an undeserved middle finger to the devs.

          • I agree, it does. I support betas, alphas, and demos. I don’t support strange “punishments” that result in talented people losing out on money.

          • Superbuscus says:

            “I can be interested in a thing but not enough to spend the money on it.” So, just because people want something for free means they shouldn’t have to pay for it? You’re right, that doesn’t sound like stealing at all.

            If you’re not willing to pay for it, you shouldn’t pirate it because if you get caught, you’ll be paying WAY more than 100 copies of the game could have costed you.

          • Being interested in a thing but not enough to spend money on it is a valid feeling. I didn’t say that because people want a thing for free that they shouldn’t have to pay for it. That’s a straw man you’ve set up there.

            I don’t advocate piracy, I just like having serious discussion that isn’t knee-jerk reactions of, “It’s theft! Die in a fire!” Stealing, also, isn’t accurate for software piracy by the by. Yes, it fits the “taking something you do not have the right to” but it does not remove the original. I suppose my issue here is with the semantics of it and not with the actual reality.

            I don’t really understand what stance you’re taking here, but I mostly agree with what you’ve said. The costs of getting caught pirating are exorbitantly large. They’re incredibly disproportionate with the crime committed, in my opinion, but that’s a talk for later.

            Either way, I think you’re misinterpreting many of my statements. Possibly presuming I’m defending piracy? I’m not sure and I’m not defending anything. Again: I only like intelligent discussion of issues like this.

          • zednebula says:

            I suppose it’s more about the person who’s doing it and the reason he’s doing it that defines the moral ground here I don’t support piracy but I will concede that I pirated a Link to the past before buying it soon after I understand that there are some who have no intention on paying for it I even saw an example of it on the music page of a musician I listen to I also understand that there is no defence and my point is from a purely moral standpoint. Now if anyone replies please remember this is what I think and may even be completely wrong.

          • Yup. I love stealing cars because I have no intention of buying them so there’s no loss of money! So it’s not theft! I’m sure police will understand perfectly.

            Dumb ass.

          • Felix Hilscher says:

            Idiot <.< comparing a car thievery to a digital copy of a good is quite stupid. Impressive you don't see the flaw.

            Someone here had posted a link about a study in the EU that concludes that piracy of musical digital goods does in no way hurt the digital sales, but rather positively affects them.

            The difference between the car and the music is you STEAL the car, meaning it's gone, the one who actually had the keys before you broke in or took them from now has nothing left.

            A digital copy of art or music on the otherhand is just that, A COPY. Nothing lost. The original is still there.

            Digital software lies between these two. You copy it, so you don't really steal it. But to use it for free, you break into it (given it has some form of drm), which is a bit like breaking into a car. Still, main difference to our car is that the original is STILL THERE.

            This ranting about lost sales is wrong, except for one case: pure monopoly. And even this case premises that the pirating person HAS to use it explicitely for his/her everyday life or hobby (e.g.: imagine there would only exist photoshop, no paint or whatsoever. So, every digital artist, wether it's his job or not, would have to use it. That means every pirated copy is a lost sale, because there is no alternative to it and no choice to not use it) .

            That said, I really feel sorry for your narrowed thinking.

          • And I feel sorry for you. I mean, subscribing to such a whiny, utterly self serving, moronic “logic” just so you don’t have to feel guilty for stealing other people’s hard work. You’re pathetic.

          • Pax Mundus says:

            It means that he really has no reason to comment on the stretch goals or development. If you aren’t planning on paying for the game, then you have even less say than the rest of us in the direction development takes. And yeah, some people who pirate may pay later, but if someone explicitly states that they’re going to pirate the game, then they probably have no intention of paying. Ever.

          • That Guy Who Rages says:

            Oh, God, one of you people. Look, movies and media are great for fabricating the fanciful notion of “honor amongst thieves,” but its not realistic. Sure, you and your friends might have bought it, but I seriously doubt that you are the common example. For one thief who has a second thought and rights their wrong, I would bet money that there are many more that did not.

            Why do you suddenly seem to think this behavior is appropriate just because the content is digital instead of physical? Really, would you have the gall to sneak into a furniture store, take a couch out of their backrooms, then place it in your living room to see if you like it for a few days? “It’s not stealing, I was going to pay for it if I liked it.” Considering your can’t return your use of digital property, then it would be the same as you just tossing the couch out on the side of the road when you decided you weren’t going to pay for it. Sure, there are some practices that allow you to have free use of a product for a limited time to see if you do wish to purchase. Video games have that too, it’s called a demo. If a company does not have a policy to let you take home an item and test it, that’s the same as a publisher that does not have a demo available for a game. Shocking to consider, however, that such was a publisher’s choice! They don’t want your help in regards to sampling their works; if they did, they would release a demo. If you don’t want a game because the publisher decided to not release a demo? Then use consumerism: speak so with your money, not with a bandit’s mask over your face.

            Undoubtedly I’ve wasted my time with you however. You’re still going to keep on acting the way you will, so how about this: Just do it quietly so the rest of us don’t have to know. Stop trying to justify what you do. If you feel such a need to spout off statistics that you don’t have numbers to back up to defend yourself, you evidently realize that you’re doing something wrong.

            And don’t want to be called a thief for what you do? Then stop doing what a thief does and stop carrying a thief’s tools. A man who carries a lockpick will be most likely picking locks. It’s just that simple.

          • Marc Edwards says:

            i’m just gonna leave this here. a european comission found that piracy is good for the music industry.


          • That Guy Who Rages says:

            I can appreciate what you’re trying to do with this, I really do. However… there’s just a couple reasons I can’t fully accept it and forever change my views. The first: your source material is a website named “Torrentfreak”, which I feel lends to some biased journalism here. The second, is that this is just one of many studies. People still can’t confirm if aspartame is toxic, or if Splenda is actually harmful in human consumption, and this study could be one of the “rats showed no ill symptoms when exposed to sucralose” cases. At least that site does remind at the beginning:

            “Research into online piracy comes in all shapes and sizes, often with equally mixed results.”

          • Marc Edwards says:

            granted, “torrentfreak” may not be unbiased but that doesn’t stop you reviewing the source, linked in the article, like a good academic.


            what the abstract states is that they found a user was more likely to access a legal download site if they have accessed an illegal download site, relative to those who had not. it may only be one study, but it is not the only one. google scholar comes up with lots of papers on the psychology of people that pirate but a few papers that actually look at the economics. i’m yet to read one that finds that pirating of music decreases sales, much like radio did not decrease sales.



          • ok2bnvs says:

            *slow clap*

          • Guy says:

            “Why do you suddenly seem to think this behavior is appropriate just because the content is digital instead of physical? Really, would you have the gall to sneak into a furniture store, take a couch out of their backrooms, then place it in your living room to see if you like it for a few days?” I don’t think he would because One does not simply clone a couch. If the couch was the last thing in the store and you decided to do that no one else could buy it until they reproduced more of it which would cost more money and a potential customer that would’ve bought it had it been there.

            Digital piracy =/= Theft. If I downloaded a copy of the game without paying for it, it would be like if i went to a furniture store and used a cloning machine on it. Sure they lost a potential customer over it since i just cloned the couch rather than buying it, but they still have the original to sell and thus lose no extra money over the couch.

            Here’s another example. Let’s say you’re doing an essay for a grade at school. If someone was to either steal your finished essay to turn in or just simply copy it, would it matter to you what he did? Case scenario for stealing it, you have to redo your essay completely or take an F. Case scenario he copies it, you both get A’s. Not the same end result.

            Digital piracy, even if they end up not wanting to buy it cause it sucks, doesn’t end up with a loss of money. Theft on the other hand does because more money is spent reproducing it. Once you’ve spent all your money making the original digital property, you can sell copies of it with no reproduction costs. The only thing you lose in digital piracy is potential money. You lose the chance for $1000 to go up to say $1050. No company goes from $1000 at the start of digital distribution to $950 at the time of digital piracy. If you can honestly contradict that then be my guest.

          • Superbuscus says:

            You DO know that if someone copied your essay and the teacher received two of the same essay, both people would get zeros and actually could get into legal trouble for copying schoolwork? You would not both get As. Pretty much everything else you said is agreeable, even though I do not support piracy, but I just had to correct you on the copying essay scenario.

          • OmnipotentEntity says:

            For what it’s worth. I largely agree with you. People are going to pirate the game, and there’s little to nothing we can reasonably do to prevent it, even if we wanted to, which considering the lack of DRM planned, we (largely) don’t care within the dev team.

            However, it’s in extremely poor taste to be having this discussion on this thread. I pirate things, sure, nearly everyone does. But at least I have the good taste not to tell the people I’m pirating from about it. I don’t want to know that. Why are you telling me? Why are you proud of it? In the words of The Dude, “You’re not wrong, Walter. You’re just an asshole.”

            Additionally, your argument is wrong: Because the people who are writing these posts, by and large already planned on purchasing the game, but now, to “punish a poor decision” they’re going to pirate it instead. That’s very clearly lost sales, despite your argument. I’m personally not worried about lost sales, because all I really care about is having enough to get by.

            What I am worried about is the drama flying around here. I’m sorry if you or anyone else didn’t like the 3rd stretch goal. However, can you think of a single pettier (pun intended) thing to get angry and wield pitchforks and go on an internet witch hunt about? Calm down, take a step back and get some perspective. It’s pets. Optional pets. In a game. The end.

          • Felix Hilscher says:

            This. +1 On a side note, stretch goals are things that were already PLANNED. dafuq, get over it. This feature would have made it in game anyway sooner or later. Sure one could say “but y u no give us better feature for release??? u got no ideaz???” but, given the time and development frame, they propably just couldn’t choose another big (fossils and nova kid are alot to implement, even with additional staff) feature. So they decided to go with something smaller. Is that so bad? you will still get all the big features we don’t even know about. So chill out.

          • I like you. Your brain makes posts that shine like rainbows.

            One slight point though that I feel must be made: The argument of the “lost sale” in this one case, yes, is wrong. However that is an exception and not the general case and that’s only giving the person the benefit of the doubt that they are not a troll or a liar.

            For the most part we are unable to prove the mythical “lost sale” due to piracy exists or is in any way significant. We just don’t have that much knowledge or a reliable way to track how many copies have been pirated and if any of those people would have bought the game if they were unable to pirate it. It’s mostly a scare tactic large publishers use to push invasive DRM on paying customers and, effectively, turn them against each other as is evidenced in many of these replies. I tend to point to vastly successful indie devs for evidence of this and even projects like Dwarf Fortress that are free (so everyone that doesn’t donate is feasibly a pirate!) and still support their small teams and have been for a long while. Now I’m not making moral statements on piracy, here… I’m merely stating the inconsistencies in our current economic perception of piracy.

            I think what’s hurting these stretch goals (and the devs if they read these posts and have sad faces afterward) is that it should be made abundantly clear for the TL;DR and skimming crowds that the stretch goals are all PLANNED features and will not impact the beta release OR the release date of the game. The extra funding will be used to rush the game out the door faster, much like extra gold can buy you those aqueducts faster in Civilization V.

          • OmnipotentEntity says:

            Indeed, it is very much an exception rather than a rule. And I can’t even really say it’s a hard and fast exception in this case. Because some people may not honestly have made up their minds yet, and who knows if they would have purchased either way. I’m not really worried about it, because as it stands, I’m doing pretty well. And I’m not greedy enough to want more than I need.

            I’m very much against DRM as a general rule, and I eventually want to law school up and work for the EFF, (which is why I’m writing this game, if it does well enough it can put me through college, which is nice.)

          • Even accepting that the economic impact of pirating is low that still leaves us with the quandary of why people think it is ok to take and use the work of another person without consent. Maybe money is not my end goal when I create a thing, but having people photocopy it for themselves can still run extremely counter to my intentions and be unduly invasive into my privacy.

            Personally I don’t do a kind of work where this is an issue, nor create art with this sort of investment poured into it, but I haven’t been so thorough in snuffing out my sense of empathy that I can’t recognize that other people do feel that way.

            Plus I actually kind of care about earning the things I have, but maybe that’s just because I’m getting old.

          • Zatiel says:

            True, and wrong.
            When you pirate a game you aren’t buying it, meaning that it’s a loss for the devs, because you are enjoying the game without paying for it.

            But it’s true that it serves the devs to make some mouth to mouth publicity, giving them the chance of people buying the game.

    • Galtoron says:

      Best response hands down

    • Morticharr says:

      Why the hell would anyone be UPSET about this development? You guys are giving us more goodies. Hell I’m shocked that we’ve made it to the second stretch goal (also very happy because FOSSIL HUNTING YAY). Nobody has any reason to be upset about any developments that mean WE GET THE GAME FASTER. If you are upset then you are cordially invited to fall in a well and not be rescued by Lassie :|

      • thetacriterion says:

        Well. A look at the other comments to this post reveals that there are quite a lot of people upset/disappointed. Not as many as those who like it or are neutral about it, but a lot just the same. I was just trying to be somewhat diplomatic about it, rather than outright insulting those people. :/

        • Morticharr says:

          The statement was meant to be sarcastic, which is largely lost in a textual format (which is why I added the ‘lassie’ thing there) and yeah I understand you’re trying to be diplomatic but people still do not need to be upset. I mean I have some vague idea of what you’re doing- only a vague idea, I majored in business not programming- but I do know it’s really hard and takes a lot of time and you’ve only got like what, ten people? That is a teeny crew for a game which blows most of the triple A titles out of the water.

          • thetacriterion says:

            Okay, I thought it was just a fluke before, but you seem to be referring to me as if I were one of the devs? I’m not, just so that’s clear.

          • Morticharr says:

            ..Oh. Well don’t I look like a bloody fool then? Well my mistake on that one. :V

      • Mero says:

        I think they thot that the pets where not a cool stretch goal and want did a “cooler one” and lassie is giving me the poker face i wonder why?

        • Morticharr says:

          Because you can’t read pah-pah-pah poker face (whoa, ohh-whooa-ohh)

          • More like paw-paw-paw poker face.
            Pets are not “saving the best for last,” but unless you want to delay the release then what sorts of things could you add in the home stretch like this?

            And remember, they’re going to be adding content after release. You know, when they’ve actually got time to flesh out complicated stuffs.

          • YEAH how dare they give us the coolest goal stretch first! those bastards!

      • ffffffffffffffffffff says:

        im a bit dissapointed how it was very originaly set to release summer 2012 but i guess it is VERY nearly here

        • Stéphane vaillancourt says:

          dude fuck off. If you want a fast released, bugged, shitty, lack of content, lack of dept in story, then be my guess, go to They got plenty of titles with “your” kind of game right there.

          Over here, you should (game aint released so I can’t tell) a good quality,less chances of getting a huge list of bugs type of game.

          • Hannibal Lamb says:

            Your language is unnecessary children read this website, most of all mine. If you disagree you can express it without using low class vulgar tones.

          • Foul Brony says:

            Boo-freakin’-hoo! Do you mean that we cannot express ourselves in the way we desire just because you don’t want your children reading certain words? The notion that your children will take any harm by reading a bunch of letters arranged in a specific order is simply ludicrous. I respect that you try to keep your children out of harms way, but trying to restrict the use of specific words on the internet is impossible, and would the internet be any fun if it weren’t? Please think twice before posting such a comment again. Thanks.

          • Liam Smeester says:

            The internet would still be very fun even if the use of a censor was implemented.

          • madtulip says:

            yea, and lets burn books with the wrong content also!

          • Liam Smeester says:

            Or keep little kids away from them.

          • snakefrog says:

            Wow you sure are ignorant aren’t you? If a parent wants to keep a child away from suggested material they have a right too, regardless of if they have any control over it. You just had to be a prick didn’t you? He has his own child and he wanted to have a more child appropriate atmosphere. Sure, he probably won’t get that but you just came in like the ignorant little brony you are and attack him. He doesn’t want his kid to be exposed to such language early on in life, which is totally normal. I hope you don’t have kids because your white trash ways of thinking would just spawn another one of the millions of 8 year old kids on a microphone yelling out swears like it’s going out of style thinking he is the boss of every thing because his trashy parents let him get away with it while playing call of duty, sagging his pants, smoking weed and punching women. Your disgusting.

            Also, I have no problem with bronies, or the show and anything related too it.

          • Accan says:

            What about his disgusting?

          • snakefrog says:

            His ‘disgusting’ is a very well mannered and friendly object of uncertainty. But he needs to feed it more often, as it is hungry and lonely.

            Ha ha, You made my day. I must remember to use “you’re” when needed.

          • Accan says:

            haha no worries, everyone slips up

          • Hyooga says:

            The internet is a free place.
            There is no barrier,no real censor and no fake shields you can use.
            Children come across concepts like “sex” and “swearing” really early nowdays, and i learned that you can’t ,in any legal way, prevent a children from knowing certain words.
            The only thing you can and MUST do as a parent is educate your children towards the usage of this vocabulary.
            Thinking you can prevent an anonymous user on the internet to use the word “fuck” is the most retarded idea i’ve ever witnessed in my entire life.
            It’s YOUR duty to educate your children ,not the internet’s.
            Also, sorry if i spelled something wrong, i’m italian studying english. Also it’s “You’re disgusting” not “your”.
            Spend time with your children,don’t leave them alone on the internet. Please.

          • Jeremy Schwartz says:

            Some browsers have parental controls/filters in place which could result in otherwise harmless pages getting blocked, so regardless of social mores it could be a practical request to use “safe” language. Granted Disqus is technically dynamic content, so that may not apply here.

          • SnowBunny says:

            It is your job to educate your children, not everyone else’s.

          • Paul Kohler says:

            I know this is way after the fact, and this may not be helpful to you as I don’t know what browser you use, but the plugin, ‘in my words’ ( ) might help you avoid words objectionable to you, and progeny. Silly goose is a good replacement, and leopard for keyboard is an old favorite.

          • Joppak says:

            there was nothing wrong with this guys post he simply stated that he was dissapointed and why. (to contribute to the stretch goal comments) I think that all the goals are great and have their own flavor to them, with all the comments here if people are going to complain about this one why not just think of it this way; with the new race you dont need to pick that yet people didnt complain, people were really happy about it being apart of the game and the fossils you dont need to dig them up they are all cool parts of the game that if we reach the goal them we will have it on day one; its the same thing with the pets they are something you dont have to have you dont even need to select one when it asks so I see no reason to complain.

          • ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff says:

            thank you! and it looks like people got the wrong message from my post. i meant i was dissapointed but happy about how developments coming along and there is no need to complain because it’s getting closer!

          • Personally I excuse it somewhat because they’re indie developers. They don’t have the resources to throw at- well ok, maybe now they do, but they’re not familiar with using quite that much coin, and they didn’t have this extra almost million until a few days ago. There’s a lot of stuff they have to learn last minute and unforeseen problems and so forth, and that comes with the territory.

          • ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff says:

            looks like someone didn’t get what im saying here. I’m trying to say i was dissapointed by i guess it is a good thing because developments is coming on nicely and im happy. BUT trolls like you have to come along and find an excuse to complain. Go complain to a brick wall at least that can stand your complaning! (hell what am i saying that brick wall would probally crumble away by the time your done with it!

        • yea we all had that initial feeling but then we learned what really happened the game was leaked WAY before they ever intended it to be revealed and pepole kept harassing them for dates on release so they just game them a day to shut them up so they could continue to work dont dwell on it

        • Dustin J. Smith says:

          well look at the road map there is a lot to work on

    • Nightly says:

      I salute you sir.

    • Blizzra says:

      Poor Rho has been getting hit by some pretty nasty abuse for this. People are terrible sometimes.

      • Given that people automatically reject attributes applied to them that are sufficiently negative I’d like to provide an intermediate step.
        People are really narrow minded sometimes.

        Ok, anyone see how you might be narrow minded about this? Good, now read the bit about being terrible again. If you’ve been fueling the drama about these pets there’s a good chance you’re being really terrible as a person. Take a cold hard look at yourself, and try to think about other places you express this pattern of behavior.

        • Blizzra says:

          You seem to be making a lot of assumptions about me. I merely noted there are people that have been flinging some rather nasty personal attacks at the Devs over this issue, and found that unsavory. I find this unsavory because it is, quite simply, not a constructive way to express displeasure towards a decision you do not like. I do not intend to “fuel drama”, I was making an observation and stating my opinion on it.

          • D4l3k says:

            I’m pretty sure Andrew is referring to the people complaining about pets as “you” and is not passing any judgment upon you, instead he is agreeing and elaborating upon your point.

          • Blizzra says:

            Oh. That makes a lot of sense, actually. It’s hard to ascertain the intention of what people are saying via text sometimes. In replies, “You” tends to be directed towards the one who is being replied to, and there are people who’ve been pretty vehemently angry about this whole pets business.

    • Krauser says:

      thumbs up ! :D

    • TheRealShaunsred says:


    • Aqualex says:

      You are completely right, therefore I shall now upvote your comment. (fun fact: upvoted this before I posted this)

    • jonas says:

      but if we wont reach 1 million we still get this right? :(

    • Idenar says:


    • Necrucifer says:

      Too bad people do not understand this everywhere, including other games in this state. Good to see someone who has enough common sense and logic to know this. Voted up, good stuff.

    • Buck says:

      I’m just afraid it won’t hit 1 mil in time, Surely they will add it even if we don’t make it?…

    • Mr.Notyou says:

      This a thousand times yes, and a thousand more yes.

    • Zephyr says:

      I agree with everything except part of #4, with the exception only for those who have not preordered.
      The stretch goals left out of it, dang right I am entitled. I am entitled to the best dang game that ever existed and ever will. If it doesnt match my standards then It’s my choice for any company to get my money or not. Thankfully and Coincidentally Starbound and the Starbound team appear to be building such a game, so I have entrusted them with my money. We as games still deserve the best, since its out of our pockets the companies thrive, they better make a product we can fully stand behind and support.

      • thetacriterion says:

        >”I am entitled to the best dang game that ever existed and ever will.”

        Right, see also “what you paid for” and “the game”. :D

        • Zephyr says:

          Of course man, I’m fully standing behind Starbound. This game will shake the foundation of awesome everywhere. That’s why they have my money :3(and will get more as i keep preordering more copies) I’m happy how the SB team is fully making the best game they can, far too many companies nowadays are just of the mindset “We will make a game and gamers will just have to live with it or like it how it is”

    • Taiko says:

      My views: more content, more to the game. Even if this is early game stuff, yay, we have stuff for the early game, not just the later game. Go devs. :-)

    • KernelPanic says:


    • Hannibal Lamb says:

      You sound like a dev and honestly reading as the first post in a topic makes me not wanna pre order. I havent said anything negative about these option but frankly where do you get off posting this if your not a developer? If anything your going to hurt there chances of more pre-orders. You wanna support them, and i get that, but a post that is dropping to there level isnt the way to do it. Reason i stated this is because i asked a buddy of mine to preorder this and he texted me back “Nah, the devs sound like assholes”. And then i read this. Im sure the developers are more then capable of defending themselves. There big boys and girls bro.

      • thetacriterion says:

        This being the first post was not at all what I intended– it’s just kind of the way the votes fell? Honestly, the ridiculous number of upvotes my post got is kind of baffling to me. I kind of wish it hadn’t gotten so much attention.

        I also never meant to come off as a dev, but you’re not the first person to come away with that impression… which is also confusing to me? I don’t know what I did that gave that impression.

        This post was meant to be a way of addressing all the complaints/objections I’d been seeing in all the other comments, but I *was* a bit annoyed at the time, and that seems to have rubbed off on the tone of my post a bit. I also regret that.

        So… you’re not wrong. But what’s done is done, unfortunately. Deleting this post doesn’t seem to be possible.

      • You have my full permission not to pre-order. Some how the community will find the strength to go on without you.

    • Business Man says:

      Actually, for number 1, pets do take up development time.

      Thing is, the money they don’t necessarily need goes to paying for additional artists, etc. so they can work on these stretch goals instead of the staff that’s working on the actual game.

    • AdenSword says:

      YES finally someone gets it, however i do have to say one thing about number 2 you (kinda) are buying the strech goals well more of chipping in to help buy them

    • Pirate Kitty says:

      I’d be worried about their capabilities if they needed this money to survive after the millions Terraria made to a team that was essentially two guys plus a couple hirelings.

      The unlockables are things to get people more interested in preordering the game. There’s no deep inner meaning to it. There’s no making the game get released faster, they’re not hiring anyone extra thanks to this money. There’s no anything above and beyond, all the preorder bonuses were pre-planned and are most likely things that would be already in the game anyway. In fact, I’m sure they based the pre-order money range based on their figures from steam in the first couple days to ensure the preordering unlocks would get at those levels to begin with.

      As for your point number 2, part of your purchase ARE the stretch goals. Those goals are things they already have done or are things they would have no issues in adding quickly to the game.

      Why people would be upset about that or try to misguide them about preorders in this case being money for survival… It’s out of my mind.

      They reached a point where they could open preorders without alienating people. Most because they know they will have beta ready soon, that keeps the preordering people happy and will most likely add to the hype even if there’s a NDA for when it’s a steam release.

      • thetacriterion says:

        >”There’s no making the game get released faster, they’re not hiring anyone extra thanks to this money.”

        These statements have actually been DIRECTLY contradicted by things the devs have said. See the preorder FAQ and the blog post for the first stretch goal.

        • Pirate kitty says:

          Half of ridiculous amounts of money is still half of ridiculous amounts of money. I’d still be worried about their capabilities if they blew that money up as it is.

          And no. This will not make it go faster. Hiring an artist to finish assets which they already have the design for isn’t speeding up the process nor is directly hiring someone to help finish the game. It’s to help with one given goal or another because they personally don’t want to put a day or two in it themselves. Even if it took a week to animate that stretch goal it’s close to irrelevant in the schedule of a game without a release date.

          The success of Terraria has -EVERYTHING- to do with Starbound, which is essentially an upgrade on Terraria’s gameplay. It’s the sole reason this game is in development.

          • Contradictor says:

            Actually, I’d like to contradict that last part.

            Starbound was being thought up BEFORE Terraria was made.
            Red and Tiy were talking about it BEFORE Terraria was made.
            I can see where you come from about how it’s a lot like Terraria, but in any other respect you are going back to the “It’s the same thing, so it’s based off of it” state of mind.

            So don’t go into that state of mind, and everyone will be happy! c:

    • zednebula says:

      so true man, so true

    • coodrawrihey says:

      I think it’s more of a matter of having this stretch goal over another stretch goal, and people want the stretch goals to be something that motivates them to pay. If money is going to artists and programmers making pets, money could have instead gone to artists and programmers making new environments. If people feel that they don’t want to support this project because their money is going towards something they do not support, than that’s fine. Saying pets don’t affect other parts of the game simply isn’t true. It’s called opportunity cost, bitches.

    • Chronos says:

      Something important to remember: As a general rule (especially on the internet) people are far more likely to be vocal about something they’re unhappy about than something they’re happy or indifferent about. People are quick pick up their pitchforks and make noise when they are mad, but most people- especially the happy ones- are content and don’t feel the need or have the interest to head to message boards. People who complain online do not represent a majority. I’m not saying they should be ignored, because they very well could be a majority, but not everyone goes to forums and posts, not everyone participates in polls in a thread. For all we know, every single person that doesn’t post on this website is either for something, or doesn’t care.

      FYI: I voted no because I’d be more interested in a different stretch goal, but it’s hardly a big deal. I’m happy either way and super excited to just see the game released.

    • Xai the dead flower says:

      someone want thats pets, you know, they just want rich the 1000$, and this is our reguard, i don´t see you in the oter stretch goal saying “This tings are useless!” no, we want the pets, change the game or not, because in terraria we just have a rabbit, i think you´r thinking aren´t the correct, but, is you´r opinion any way (Love and tolerate)

    • Idiomic says:

      When I’m deep down in a Human dungeon, I want to find this piece of text hanging out in the hard drive of some random computer I was supposed to access.

      And I will read it GLORIOUSLY.

      (Or maybe I’ll just pretend it’s on a clipboard, and that I totally didn’t proceed to read a piece of paper I wrote on earlier.)

    • Rethkul says:

      See, i’m perfectly happy with them adding pets to the game as long as it is optional because I don’t want one myself, doesn’t mean I should be upset that they’re an option.

    • Charlie Skog says:

      This wasn’t obvious?
      How stupid are people?

    • Derp Herpington says:

      Wait guys maybe there not 6 haters at all MAYBE they were so amazed and try’d to hit like as fast as they can but hit the hate button.( or maybe they missed the like button and did not realize they hit the hater button) So dont get mad on accidental lovers of this quite amazing comment because ur no better then the hater if u hate on the haters

    • ThatGuyBry says:

      Blunt and to the point. I respect that. xD

    • Mr.Chucklez says:

      Those 6 people are being DICKS. Yes. Thank You.

    • DrMattsuu says:

      This man is 100% correct.

      Plus pets are cool. I based my thesis on A.I. companions in games. I can tell you with a fair amount of scientific accuracy; pets are great

    • hartham says:

      These are rules that can be applied to most things

    • Underboss says:

      Stick it to them, man! I am always amazed by how much bitching people can do over free things. Here’s the kicker. Even if they did NOT pre-order, they would get the stretch goals.

      Moral of the story? Wait for release next time, you unappreciative fucks. You would get the stuff anyway. You effectively just handed your money over early and acquired beta access and stretch-goal perks.

      • Underboss says:

        PS- 99.997% now. Had to add a third decimal place because the whiners are so unreasonable that only .003% of the community fits the category.

  127. Arashi1018 says:

    Trolls, trolls, and more trolls looking to get off. That’s pretty much most of what I’m reading.

    Anyway, I like the idea, you know, considering it’s optional. Keep up the good work Chucklefish.

  128. Thorkell says:

    As long as I can force it to stay on the ship I don’t care.

  129. john wilson says:

    what are the novakid race gonna have gas following them?

  130. Migelini says:

    This stretch goal I personally think it is great! Im still wondering how they are going to work. Are they going to have a Diablo/Torchlight Effect or how effective they are going to be. But, other than that, this looks a fantastic add. Keep up the good work!

  131. M G says:

    I love the idea of pets (with emotes and/or 3 letter/symbol words) but I am worried that they will have a negative impact on the game. If you add these to the game please do a good job. The simplest of mechanics can make something fun or annoying, so I recommend programming and testing different ideas for their mechanics instead of just choosing one from the start.

    • Chevron664 says:

      thats why its a stretch goal. as with they said Novakids:

      “We’ll be using the extra money to pay for an additional artist to create their assets, so their creation won’t delay development at all.”
      each stretch goal is probably just a higher possiblity of getting better equipment and more employees to help make the game even mo’ better!

  132. Dragonk says:

    Just be sure to make them placable so they can walk around my house/ship while they aren’t following me around. That will make me very happy.

  133. Benjabby says:

    I really hope that:
    A) they can find hidden items / or something similar that normal pets cant do
    B) they provide unique breeding possibilities

    Either way its awesome :D

  134. colorbeam says:

    I love this! However I think 1,000,000 dollars is a little too far a stretch.

  135. ray-man100 says:

    Regardless of the fact of whether I may be selfish for saying this, but a quarter of a million dollars for this? Come on, this isn’t nearly as to the standard as the previous stretchgoals, I mean, it even says that you can ALREADY fight and capture pets in game, all this is doing is making you pick a pet from the start, and they couldn’t do that for less than $250,000? Seems really, really dodgy. I know this is being added later, but they could easily make something much more worthwhile than this FOR THE ONE MILLION DOLLAR STRETCHGOAL.

    • Junker says:

      Hey, look on the bright side. Maybe the steepness of this goal just means they’re running out of time before the game is released.

  136. Boss Prinny says:

    Was hoping for penguin mode this tier. Oh well.

  137. Whats up next? says:

    Hey look, I don’t like pets as a goal, so to express my opinion I will wait for the next goal before I pre-order.

    The proper way to “boycott” this goal, and still love Starbound.

  138. cool man dude boy says:

    I, for one, would love to have a kitteh at my side while I travel the universe! And who knows! The next stretch goal just could be something wicked cool, like bows or magic :D

    • Admiral says:

      I like to take the approach of “any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” I mean, look at the cube that makes water turn to ice under your feet. The jetpacks to fly, presumably fireball guns, and armors for buffs. It makes not difference to me if im using up my “tech points” (or whatever) instead of Mana

  139. monzonico says:

    you can enter more clothing for different races? that the birds can wear shirts and other things like pants….

  140. The Space Monkey says:

    Can we exchange the fossils goal for the pets cus i dont see us getting to 100k and who wants fossils anyways right

  141. juxtor says:

    okay so it’s not quite as cool as a new race or a new major feature, but I have to say it IS a cool feature. I just hope that in addition to selecting a pet when you start, you can get additional pets like this at later points in the game. And more importantly we had better be able to tell our little pet to stay in one location or room so they don’t have to follow us everywhere all the time. and it is stated that these pets will indeed be useful in some way, so it would be nice for a little bit of information on how this would be so.

  142. Malthael2797 says:

    This isn’t a bad feature but…I don’t think it’s worth the 1 Million stretch goal. I mean I don’t care much for just non-combat pets.

  143. Orinoco68 says:

    I’d be pleased if they had some sort of functionality similar to the pets in Torchlight 2. Suppose they had a separate inventory for item storage so you could send them to trade with another player/deposit stuff into storage on the same planet while you’re busy exploring.

    Or perhaps each type had a unique ability to heal the player, put enemy monsters to sleep or so on. I’d become really attached to mine if they were useful like that, and adventuring with other players would be even more interesting with each species having a different way to help out the team.

    Still even if they are just cosmetic I wouldn’t be too cut up, they look so damn adorable :)

  144. DC says:

    Seems really anti climactic

  145. Liam Smeester says:

    I love you.

  146. RickyRicardo says:

    I really hope there are robotic pets.

  147. Captain Olimar says:

    You guys should really make a tuxedo cat variant. I would love this :3

  148. Acedrew89 says:

    Here’s the thing…we haven’t even made this stretch goal yet and maybe we never will. So calm the hell down. This may become a bunch of nothing.

  149. Jake says:

    What a fun idea (Regarding the pets). I think pets should be somewhat like they are on Realm of The Mad God. And if you haven’t played that, than let me explain. I think pets should have different rarities, (Common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and divine). A pet can start out common, and through experience (obtainable through special items) can be fused with another pet. These fused pets create a new pet of a higher rarity. Well, check out this page to see what i mean. Ignore the part about abilities, as it is stated that pets will not fight/help you in battle.

  150. Quark says:

    To be honest, I would have been happy with a super cool looking hat when we hit the 1 million stretch goal. The fact we get a starter pet is way better than that, I think. xD

  151. God says:

    one of my guild members constantly talks about his cat “coco” in chat. He is very excited about this. I am slightly too.

  152. Warcore says:

    lol when the Devs put this stuff out i always get nervios becuase im scared we arert gonna make it in time and miss out on that thing

  153. Jebediah Oldenheimer says:

    This stretch goal seems to be a bit less desirable to some people, but I personally think a customizable pet is a nice addition. However, there is a way they could be made more useful than just being a walking-around companion. They could have a “find” command added in. If you’ve played Megaman 7, you may remember the Rush Search upgrade, where Rush would sniff and scratch at the ground and find various items. This concept could be adapted to Starbound by having the pets find stuff under the top-most block its standing on. Maybe somewhere between a 10-20 block radius, they could find some kind of anomaly in the ground, like open caverns, less common minerals, treasure chests or what have you, and alert the player that there is something worth checking out in that general area.

    It wouldn’t take away the fun of spelunking because they would only be able to look in the immediate area and no further and wouldn’t be able to exactly pinpoint anything, just hint that there’s something around for you to find. I think it’d be a rather helpful addition to the pets, and, although I’m not a programmer or anything, probably shouldn’t take much code to get working, since it would just have the pet play a search animation and use some relatively simple algorithm to analyze the surrounding area and check if there’s anything rarer than the common elements, before alerting the player on the findings. I mean, if you think of it this way, when you’re just walking along the overworld or deep in a cave, you’re almost always passing by loads of deposits of some kind of useful ore that you’d probably never find unless you scoured each and every pixel of the world for them. I’d sure love a feature such as that, anyway.

  154. Sinvoid says:

    Honestly think the 1mil stretch goal could be better used. Something like the Space Station? This is just my opinion though.

  155. yay, i know we wont get pets. and im GLAD!

  156. :3 I’d like to see these in their entirety. I wonder what they’ll do. I hope they’ll go into the online character creator :3 as well as the Novakids.

  157. Nol says:

    I don’t get why people are losing faith in this new stretch goal. It clearly states “they make for lovable and USEFUL companions all the same!” The word “useful” has the potential to mean so much yet people seem to be missing that part. Also, they could end up giving each pet a unique passive ability that makes each special and worth having as a pet. For all we know, the devs have already ended up planning to give them abilities like picking up items from afar or distracting or luring enemies from the player (also helpful if sneaking is still implemented) or being able to take direct control of them to scout ahead while you stay safe. There’s lots of useful non-combat ways the pets could help.

    Also, are people really upset that stretch goals are being added in the first place? They said it wouldn’t hinder game development and would allow them to hire another team to work on them so it’s there for release. It literally only adds and makes it even better or more in-depth. You give people the option to buy an awesome game before it comes out for a discount of the original price that gets it to them even faster and add free bonus content to reward the players for spending money on their game and give incentive for more to preorder and almost everyone with an opinion gets upset and cries foul.

    I personally would like to know more about how useful the pets will be but I’m not about to be a jerk and send nasty comments towards the devs to get answers. If anything, we can be glad they made it optional and didn’t end up forcing us to have a starter pet that we might not want.

  158. thatguy says:

    you say they are useful, how? not having a go just want u to be clearer.

  159. mtomic says:

    will the be customizable?

  160. Novakid says:

    Unless I can throw my cat in a mech suit, this feels more or less a bland stretch goal. I mean, I still love the idea, but this would have probably been better as the 500k stretch goal. I’ll be glad when it makes it to 1 million, but I’m not going to be checking in every hour like I did for the first two stretch goals.

    • Logic Bestower says:

      Yeah, it isn’t the best of the stretch goals. But who knows, maybe you will. This is just planned and not a finished feature, after all.

  161. Domo59105 says:


  162. [email protected] says:

    plz i want schnauzer

  163. Macromute says:


  164. Macromute says:


  165. Galactic Ninja says:

    For those who are posting negative comments, i’d like to say Screw you. These dev’s are putting their hearts and souls into making this game. Why do you people have to bitch about one feature that doesn’t even push back the date of the game? “Pets? Are you ****ing serious?” “Why the F*** does this even need to be in game?” I’d like to challenge you to make a game even close to being as successful as this. Otherwise, shut the hell up. The dev’s don’t deserve your crappy attitude, and neither does the rest of the community. Don’t have a comment that is actually worth reading? Then don’t post it, simple as that. Instead, wait for the game like the rest of us.

  166. I thought it wasn’t going to be a 1million stretch goal? Not that I’m complaining, i’m giddy about the Novakids and the Fossil hunting, but all I kept seeing in the “Voting” forums for starter pets was it didn’t have to be a 1 million dollar goal and wouldn’t be. Because I HIGHLY doubt it will reach 1 million.

    • Exxion says:

      I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t reach a million. It’s over $800,000 after around a week and people will be able to pre-order for at least a couple months.

  167. KikiCookie says:

    First off I don’t see why are you getting mad at this development it is just goals they put out to have more fun in the game and it is a choice onCe you already per-order your getting your game and stop being so moody over things. They are working their hardest to make the game full enjoyment. I wanna see you try to make your own damn game and try to keep a level head with all the the d&ckness going around you aint making it any better. Please do keep the stick out of your asses. I RATHER HAVE THEM TAKE THERE TIME ON A GAME THEN BE DISSPOINTED BECAUSE THEY RUSHED IT FOR NUMSKULLS WHO WANTED IT OUT I KNOW ITS BEEN A LONG WAIT BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IT MAKES IT MORE WORTH!

  168. NeoTheFox owo says:

    The game gets better and better, keep it up!

  169. JohnBlackhill says:

    I don’t really know why people got mad at this. I mean, they are ADDING more features without pushing Starbound’s launch or its development. Novakid are awesome, fossils are awesome, and hell yes, having a pet from the beginning is also awesome.

    If pets don’t alter the game mechanics at all, why are these guys so mad about it? -_- Meh, haters gonna hate I guess…

    Anyways, keep it up Devs!! Starbound is going to be truly epic!! ^^

  170. aaa says:

    People who buy already Terraria should get -50% off coupon.

  171. Keough0 says:

    I seriously love this development team :3

  172. eL TORes says:

    damn, if this goals were the first…. :(

  173. Thrator says:

    I just want to say, that the dev who posted the message said, that it wasn’t needed for the stretch goal to be 1.000.000$ and seeing that the pets are not such a big addition as a new race or fossils, because they just chase you (don’t know if they have any functionality), I don’t see it as a 250.000 $ + stretch goal.
    I’m happy with the idea of pets, though I would have done it for a 100.000 $ stretch goal.

  174. Frothyturtle . says:

    i really want a robot dog pet for my glitch character, that would be amazing.

  175. Rekombo says:

    If you want you want to help game, buy copy for me ([email protected])

  176. Aqualex says:

    I would just love to have a tiny dragon as a pet. I mean, come on. Dragons. DRAGONS.

  177. Kakalakapoopyshire says:

    Stop making cool stretch goal lol!You guys are doing great personally i didnt like the fossils but thats okay i realy hope to get this stretch goal once again

  178. JoshF says:

    I dont understand why people are mad that the less awesome stretch goals need higher amounts of money… That just makes sure the awesomest features get added and maybe the less awesome ones dont make it right away.

    That being said, I am happy with it. It’s nothing more than a way for the development team to thank the community for supporting them and buying their game.

    Chucklefish, you guys are doing great and have an amazing community. Don’t be discouraged by the vocal minority. I know several people who are more excited about Starbound than any AAA title and I’ve enjoyed the small part I’ve gotten to play in your games community.

    • thetacriterion says:

      Apparently that’s EXACTLY the reason why the cooler stuff was front-loaded into the lowest stretch goals. Because the devs wanted those features too.

  179. NinjaOtter says:

    I want dis :3

  180. Kilo says:

    You know, I think the biggest problem here wasn’t that it was a bad stretch goal. I think it’s that, if you really look over the last two, This stretch goal seems hilariously anti-climactic. The first stretch goal literally added an entirely new race into the game. And with this new race, comes an entire set of items and goods themed for them. *This is a likely assumption, as every race will have species specific items and aesthetics. The second stretch goal added a new gameplay addition entirely, allowing people more things to find than just ores and other shiny objects, and even bring said fossilized finds back from the grave. *Which thus links it to the pet mechanic we already had.* And after all this, the final stretch goal, is… Ohhey, you can spawn with a pet instead of just taming one early on. Now don’t get me wrong, This is a very nice thing to have in the game. And I’m willing to support the Devs for making a great game that I know all of us are very happily looking forward to. And let’s not forget. They, not once, ever, had to even CONSIDER rewarding us for helping them raise money by pre-ordering. They didn’t have to do any of this. Now while I will HONESTLY admit that the stretch goal seemed completely out of place, and even honestly seems like it’s out of place *Because lets face it. The money to REACH the stretch goals comes right out of our pocket. People can argue until the cows come home, the fact is, we kind of are indirectly paying for these things. We don’t get them at launch if we don’t pay enough in pre-orders to reach them.* I will happily support them for doing this for us when they could have done nothing. So yeah, just thought I’d weigh in on the situation. Hope this helps diffuse the storm some.

  181. bodziosek says:

    good I’ve paid and there are some new addons added for free nice job developers :)

  182. Krauser says:

    guys don’t you think that 1 million is allllllot ?? :'<

    • Morticharr says:

      Not really, no. Look at how much Bioshock Infinite cost to make: /two hundred/ million. That was for production AND marketing. 1 million is friggin’ chump change, dude. But it means that the devs’ salaries and the company’s bills are paid for at least a year. Game development is hella expensive.

  183. Vladimir Lastraud says:

    Hmm, KITTIES! I’m okay with this, I’ll have a fuzzy friend to help my Novakid make Jurassic park.

  184. PancakePuncher says:

    Why are people complaining? The release from what I’ve read isn’t estimated till June/July. These goals keep people interested. A new race, Fossils, and now pets? Dude, I’m happy. The game from the little bit we’ve been given seems massive with so many features. Now they’re allowing people to pre-order months in advance and they’re giving us goals that show us their dedicated to this game. No one understands the amount of time and effort it takes to make a game like this. Support these guys to show them that we want them to really shape this game into a epic adventure. People need to just shut up and if you don’t want to spend your money then don’t, but don’t come in here complaining because the dev’s are promising us that our support and money isn’t lining their pockets. It’s going right back into the game to make it better for all of us. Most games don’t even show you how much money they make, minecraft has made MILLIONS and this game hasn’t even broke 1 million(yet, hopefully…. gimmi dem petz!) Let alone other dev’s don’t promise more add-on’s.

    I for one and fucking(Pardon my language) stoked for starbound. I love minecraft, but I also love terraria because it just has so much more game-play aspect to it. Starbound looks like it’s just gonna be endless! I already have this game at the top of my list for streaming, my desktop consist of a slideshow of all the starbound art on this site! Let’s rock and roll man!

  185. Taiko says:

    Personally, I’m actually enjoying this idea; it may not be a huge thing, but it doesn’t break the game, and best of all, like the customizing of your character’s appearance, this actually goes a long way for roleplaying. Nominally, BACKSTORY: what would make your character want to have a pet like this? Why have these races each chosen these animals to domesticate and turn into loving companions? It’s history both for the characters and the races as a whole, and I applaud that.

    Sure, it’s not going to set your world on fire, but as they’ve said, this is a low cost addition, and I really like it. Whether these guys act as an inventory space, finding objects, or just bringing things to you, they’re sure to be a nice addition, all the same. Less likely to break balance to the gameplay too – in fact, this could even lead the character into having those larger, stronger pets, so it’s not just something that comes out of nowhere. A tutorial you don’t know you’re playing, in some sense.

    In short: I like this goal, I think it’s a great addition, and I hope we get to it. :-) Many thanks to the devs for thinking of something so simple and yet so smart.

  186. MetalRenard says:

    Congratulations to all of you at Chucklefish, you’ve come a long way and I hope you don’t let some silly people make you feel like you’ve done any less than achieve greatness.

  187. I enjoy how the stretch goals are all designed not to impede the release of the game.

    I do not enjoy how people assume the stretch goals are bad things and things that Chucklefish has not thought out and planned for.

  188. TreeofSecrets says:

    It will be interesting to see Novakid starter pet if it really is pets originating from their homeplanet. Perhaps a floating super tiny sun about the size of a kick-ball? (scaling it down, obviously) Either way, I’m sure that, although I am typically not that kind of guy, there will be that one pet that I will absolutely adore and cherish forever. Which brings me to a great suggestion: cross breeding! Breed a cute, nonviolent pet with a tough, ugly, fighting pet and get an uber-cute yet uber-dangerous pet! Yay! Thetacriterion, I thank you for saying that, although I do not like rough language, the general idea makes me happy you said that. There needs to be more people who stick to the facts and who put out those who decide to abuse people with their near-sightedness.

  189. SirBeardus says:

    I just hope that animals can pick stuff up, because if they can I’m going to name them all Billy Mays, so they can continuously bring me fantastic new products.

    • Business Man says:

      Yeah, I want extra inventory space :D
      If they do pick stuff up and put them into their own little inventory, I’ll name all my starter pets “The Hobo”
      Since hobos go about their lives picking up cans and plastic to recycle them into those big vending machine things near supermarkets for like 50 cents each bottle/can :P

      Yeah, I’m talking too much crap that you probably don’t even fully understand. :3

      Point is, hobos make a living out of picking up our litter.

    • The Cheese NInja says:

      THANK YOU!!!

    • Eccentric says:

      Hey, it’s Billy Mays here with this new fish sword…

    • ZJThalen says:


  190. Guest says:

    so let me get this straight, people are getting upset because the devs are giving them more content? How does one get mad at someone trying to do there job better than what is expected?

  191. Gavelwrench says:

    Just wanted to chime in and say thanks to the devs for even adding stretch goals in the first place! I wasn’t even aware that we’d be getting extra features added early by meeting stretch goals, I was just excited to pre-order the game itself (and have access to the beta whenever it’s ready). I don’t understand why some people are reacting negatively to this and acting entitled, it’s just silly. Looking forward to the game when it comes out!

  192. James Baker says:

    I wonder if through a future patch that they’ll allow you to raise your pet to the point of it being able to fight, just as if you had captured it like other creatures.

    • Business Man says:

      They’re domesticated animals. And insects.
      This isn’t Pokemon; they won’t be using Fissure or anything.

  193. Zatiel says:

    Well, I kinda understand people Upset… the two other stretch goals were simply… amazing, I mean new race and collectibles, but some useless vanity items aren’t that exiting… Im not upset about it, but I wont be checking the page every hour to see if it’s completed. =/

    • Taiko says:

      Excuse me, but…where does it say that they’re vanity items? Sure, they don’t fight, but they’re helpful in some way. Extra inventory? Perhaps they collect items for you? We don’t know, but if the devs say they have a use besides looking cute, then we’d best be optimistic and wait till the game comes out before we judge them.

    • Business Man says:

      What part of “cute and useful” didn’t you understand?

      Also, I’m sure the fossils won’t simply be collectibles, but if they were, how are they any more useful than these pets?
      Collectibles are just that. You collect them and go about your life.

  194. Darulio says:

    Complaining about this stretch goal is like buying a new car, and then the dealer asks if you want one of those scent things to put on the mirror in the car to make it smell different. You kick the dealer in the groin and storm off because you don’t like the freshener he offered you.

  195. Morpheel says:

    “Each player has the option of starting out with their very own customize-able pet!”

    Don’t like it? Opt out.


  196. Baconbeard says:

    I bought the game for the kittys.

  197. Killer Snowman says:

    …Will there be a caterpillar?

  198. Serenar says:

    I want a ferret.

  199. Scellow says:

    This game will be the most AWESOME GAME of this decade !!! Keep it up guys i love you ! <3 <3

  200. SkyWolff says:

    You must let Avians have cat pets. I mean a bird having tamed its worst enemy and made it its pet. I beg you make it happen.

  201. Shane-o says:

    “I just hope that animals can pick stuff up, because if they can I’m
    going to name them all Billy Mays, so they can continuously bring me
    fantastic new products.”

    You win the internet :D

  202. Nol says:

    I love how the Avian looks like he’s refusing an apology from his pet and acting all serious about it.

  203. Shane-o says:

    “2. By preordering, you are purchasing the game and beta access. You are NOT purchasing stretch goals.”

    How are the stretch goals achieved? Was there a Kickstarter or does the pre-order money go toward the stretch goals?

    • Streak says:

      I think it means the stretch goals will be available for everyone, not just those that preordered. The preorder money is what’s going towards the goals.

    • Business Man says:

      They mean that when you buy whichever pre-order option, you’re not paying extra money for the stretch goals.

      You’re just buying the game and beta access and the extra profit they make from our pre-orders goes to paying for other workers to work on these stretch goals. That way, development won’t get delayed by even a second. (Since the main staff will remain working on the games already-planned things and not these extras.)

  204. Josh Hagood says:

    Can we get any confirmation that pets can be left at the base if you get tired of them after playing for awhile?

  205. Nosagi says:

    The most awaited additional

  206. I think that poor penguin will be saved when we get hit Payday.
    His gonna hit the buttom of the screen in a few hours.

  207. Herald Rejn says:

    When go out Starbound

  208. [email protected] says:

    schnauzer plz

  209. [email protected] says:

    schnauzer plz~

  210. cole4110 says:

    I though this feature was going to be in the game already not part of a stretch goal… :/

    • Quark says:

      They were going to have pets, but the stretch goal is that they’re going to add starter pets that you get to customize.

  211. Rakha says:

    I have an idea for Hylotl pets!
    Goldfish in a fish bowl, but with wheels :D
    Or maybe those fish that can live on water, or something.

  212. The Red Rabbit says:

    Guys you’re doing a great job!, seriously don’t pay any attention to the people that say otherwise, you’re going to make an awesome game for a lot of people to enjoy and have fun on. All of my friends can’t wait for the game to come out and we all really appreciate how much work you’re putting into this EPIC GAME!

    To sum up, you have our support and thank you from all of us!!

  213. DeotayDeity . says:

    Hopefully they don’t clog up the game. That’s my only concern.

    • Taiko says:

      Clog the game…how exactly? These little guys are the equivalent of starter equipment as far as pets go.

      • DeotayDeity . says:

        As in visually. It’s not an impressive or fun sight to see critters filling up the screen for no real reason and since everyone has one from the start, it’s highly likely it’ll happen.

        • Taiko says:

          Wouldn’t that be a concern for later on in the game, though, when you have the larger, wild pets in the fray? These little guys are unlikely to clog up a cupboard, much less the entire screen.

  214. mega says:

    i would like the poptop to be a pet, they just look so cute..
    aside from the jaw that’s going to bite your hand off

  215. Sashley says:

    Hope this comes out soon. I check the website every day for new things. Me and my mates are massive terraria fans and we have been waiting for this for about 2 years…

  216. MDK says:

    I hate entitled people. I can’t see how getting extra stuff is a bad thing if enough people preorder the game. Most companies will just sell you the game and then charge for DLC along the way. Would these people be happy if there wasn’t any stretch goals at all? I know what I’m paying for and everything after that is a bonus. Even if I don’t like it why on earth would I complain about it?

  217. Redscarab says:

    What will the glitch and novakid have as pets?

  218. Glitch alpha says:

    I hope we get pets they will be epic

  219. TechCrazy says:

    I want a dragon for a pet

  220. tclww says:

    150k to go

  221. Liam Smeester says:

    Can you make it so you can choose what kind of pet from what race you want? Because I want to be a Glitch but have a cat.

  222. Neamento says:

    I feel like I’m the only one excited by this feature. It’ll give extra customisation, the possibility of extra hints and it says useful companions, so who knows what else? I’m pleased with this.

  223. Ankhemotep says:

    I -must- have a fox pet. Do you know how adorable my space-faring fox-child will be?

  224. Foul Brony says:

    This is an entirely reasonable stretchgoal seeing as they didn’t really expect to reach this many preorders. They had to come up with something they could do both quickly without taking too much time away from development. Seeing as they had already finished their previous, and some would argue “cooler” stretchgoals, they had to come up with something else to keep preorders coming in. This is why I personally find pets as a stretchgoal completely reasonable, but because of the lack of originality it might pull peoples strings a little, which I can also understand.

  225. Own *–* please make a million

  226. NeonDrain says:

    guess this stretch goal ain’t happenin’

    • Iamyew says:

      it totally could happen… they’ve earned another 100k since I checked it last week. Pre-Orders will continue to trickle in. I just hope they let you have these pets in addition to monster pets. Much in the same way that WoW let you have vanity pets and hunter pets in the same time. If that’s the case, please combine the pets with the fossils, because I want a baby fossilized living raptor again LOL :D

    • Gavelwrench says:

      I’d imagine pre-ordering will be open right until the game officially launches and not stopping at the beta release, just like how retails games work. There’s plenty of time (potentially 7 months or so) to still hit that goal.

  227. VolatileBullfrog says:

    I’m curious who has $1k-2k to spare that backs things like this. Don’t get me wrong, if I had a couple G’s to burn, I would totally hurl it at the screen for Starbound.. I’m just wondering who it is; other developers? investor-stock-market-types? perhaps in this case, little green men?

  228. Lynzkar Aka Mushie says:

    Just courious, do we know anything else about pets? maybe if they will grow stronger, randomly grow rocket launcher on their backs as they level up (That was kinda ironic. However if they could evolve random “weapons” , based on race, and how they have been raised, would be awesome.

    • Taiko says:

      To my knowledge, pets don’t really level up; you simply find animals in the wild, tame them, and then they work with you. As another pointed out, these guys aren’t Pokemon. :-p I could be wrong though.

  229. WE WON'T MAKE IT! says:

    looks like we won’t reach this goal :(

    • Mr.Notyou says:

      I wouldn’t lose hope just yet… considering we have no idea when the game will be released. Give it a week more or two.

  230. Grassguy says:

    Penguin, Fox, Slime (virorb could be one, like the DNA), Living hat?, Fire-breathing chinchilla and Obsidian dragon (No, this is not from dragonvale). Please see, it is OK if these are later pets

  231. Dargom778 says:

    if my novakid can not have an energy based pet i am going to be quite disappointed

  232. Namiwakiru says:

    Don’t lose hope just yet, I have noticed that SB has been mentioned in a few places over the last few days, interest is growing

  233. ListenUpEveryone! says:

    Ok everyone. Everyone who’s preordered Starbound (or every big Starbound that hasn’t preordered it yet) lets try and convince someone you know (family, friend, enemy, online friend, alien friend etc.) to also preorder Starbound. That way we should be able get double the amount of contributors.
    (Just trying to reach more strech goals)
    (Cats are awesome)
    (Starbound’s awesome)
    (Lets reach these stretch goals people)
    (This isn’t necessary but try)
    Vote up if you do convince someone!

  234. jeez, really? it’s a fifteen dollar game guys. I don’t remember anyone losing their Shishi when the 30-60 dollar Fallout New-Vegas’s “let’s make a whole chapter with creepily over religious, historically inaccurate Native Americans stuck in a boring valley” expansion came out- they just shelled out another pile of cash for it. It was fifteen dollars before, at the lowest tier, and it’s still fifteen dollars with a feature you don’t have to use…quit being big fat stinky diaper-babies about it, eh?

  235. Xnez says:

    is it just me or have preorers slowed down a LOT? COME ON GUYS its not over until your accounts are maxed out!! XD

  236. KITTAYS! says:

    This is, by far, the BEST Stretch goal of Starbound!

  237. The main reason we hear a lot of people complain is because those are the most “vocal” people. It’s a shame, but true, that people who complain are a lot more noisy then people who compliment. Even more so those who are natural. Remember that there’s a lot going on in this game already. We haven’t even gotten our hands on it yet and there’s still a lot to look forward to here.

  238. Eric F says:

    This was a great add-on to an already sweet looking game. Tiy, you and the gang are doing an awesome job.

  239. Ice_Korin says:

    Has anyone done the maths on how many people we need to reach this?

  240. desonyli says:

    Oh sweet! :D

  241. Proud Quatro Pixel Owner says:

    I know why they couldn’t think of anything better… All the good stuff is already in the game!

  242. Kitt Katt says:

    Not sure how I feel about this… I mean, really? Million dollar stretch goal on pre-sales? Damn.

    • Peter J. Ramaglia says:

      Ok so tell me then, what do you feel about this current stretch goal? What exactly is the problem with it?

      • Kitt Katt says:

        I think having little pets are nice and all, but I just think its a little silly we are pushing for one million before this game comes out just for a little add-on. Personally though, I don’t really have a problem with any of it…

  243. Jordan Jones says:

    I don’t think people are really articulating the problems they have with the pets system. I get why people like it but as much as I have seen on it, I’m not a fan. I think the pet system has potential but my problem is how it is being presented and its implications. My problem comes mainly from the idea that the pets will be “loveable and useful”.

    Being “loveable” implies to me, the idea that pets are designed to be cute and evoke a certain nurturing emotion from the player. I feel like this idea intrudes on some of the core ideas that this is a sandbox game where the player decides what type of environment they want to create. I have nothing against people that want a lovable pet or think the juxtaposition of wiping out planets and being a plague on the universe while being followed by a kitten is funny. I just really hope that design isn’t the only option because only having a “loveable” creature artificially dictates how the player should feel.

    The pets depicted have speech bubbles implying they will also use leet speak, or whatever you want to call it, to communicate. Again I don’t find it cute or funny. I don’t enjoy when I see it online but I wouldn’t say anything to people directly because people can do what they please and who am I to stop them. It’s just not a culture I want to be part of. I hope there is an option for them to use decent English. Maybe it could be a player choice when you create your pet.

    It’s also stated that pets will be “useful”. I have no problem with the intrinsic idea of a useful companion, just that it takes some of the idea of them being optional away. If they have a purpose then it implies it will be detrimental to not use one. In the same way you don’t need to use fire flowers when you play Super Mario Bros. but when you get down to it actively avoiding them seems like a bad idea.

    So really my problem is with the lack of aesthetic choices given to the player, which seems really out of place in the game where player choice seems to be king. Being able to have a pet that isn’t designed to be “loveable” ONLY would put some people at ease. I would be more excited about it. Small robots or some more neutral creatures would really be appreciated. (I like the idea of a small robot companion a lot though.)

    All this being said I just pre-ordered 4 copies of the game and think Chucklefish deserves every penny they get, if it’s half the game they claim it to be, regardless of this drama.

    • Darulio says:

      Mostly agree completely, but we have yet to see how many aesthetic choices there will be for these pets.

    • Cael says:

      You do realize these are not the only pets you can achieve in the game; there are much more complex pets that are NOT cute and have combat abilities…

  244. Oxyz says:

    I have changed my mind, starter pets are awesome!!!

  245. IXTAB says:

    i wonder what their next goal is gonna be.. or is this their last one?

    • Peter J. Ramaglia says:

      Does it really matter what the next stretch goal is? You’re going to get the full game to begin with…and anything else that possibly *could* be the next stretch goal is eventually going to be added to the game anyway, free of charge. Because of this reasoning, I’m still perplexed as to why there are so many users that feel they have the right to harshly complain about the current Starter Pets stretch goal. :(

      • Jordan Teska says:

        It doesn’t, but I’d still be excited if there was another one, and there’s no reason not to wonder about it or be curious.

  246. TillgrnPillgen says:

    5 people payed 2000 dollars for the game OMG

  247. Exxion says:

    Huh. It’s still clearly going to reach a million, but it is taking a bit longer than I had expected…

  248. tclww says:

    90k left

  249. penguin lover says:


  250. FinnTheBird says:

    Aww yiss, finally got to preorder <3

  251. ReviloO says:

    80,000 to go, want to know the next stretch goal! hope there is one :p

  252. Greenix says:

    .Hi, oh no! I just started an argument!

  253. tclww says:

    80k left

  254. monstermash says:

    wow moneys coming in fast i expect this game to be awesome

  255. ZJThalen says:


  256. Odair Rossetto Jr says:

    I not bought the game yet… I’m waiting some video or something… Guys will release one?

    • Darkened Streets says:

      you tube search star bound. There is not a whole lot, but this game is worth $15. that includes beta AND the soundtrack, plus it helps benefit the game you just bought. Its better to buy it now while you can so you save $5 and get to play it months before its released.

  257. Lord Decidus says:

    lets get rid of that 666…

  258. Draxacon Chronos says:

    Awesome YEA :D

  259. tclww says:

    70k left

  260. tclww says:

    66k left

  261. Krud says:

    I personally think that pets will be rad! why wouldn’t they be? the companion system in torchlight brought a cool new element to dungeon crawling so why couldn’t it be a cool feature here. In fact, it makes little sense to complain about getting extra features in a game that you want.

    i haven’t seen too much negativity about this feature but when i hear about it i imagine it’s like this:

    “Stupid devs! messin up the game i want by loading it up with optional features that give me more variation to my play throughs!” -nonsensical person

    • Taiko says:

      I think it’s more that people are complaining because pets were already an option; it’s just that these are ones that are with you at the start of the game. I’ve already talked with someone over these pets just being vanity items, when they’re not.

    • Zephyr says:

      Torchlight pets cannot be compared to Starbound pets. Pets in torchlight could “Attack, equip items, hold items, and sell un-needed items at town” Starbound starter pets “Look nice”

      • Taiko says:

        You’re right in that the two pets are different, but you’re wrong in how; there is no shop in Starbound you sent all the items you have that you don’t need anymore (well, not one huge shop anyways). In Torchlight, you could have replaced the pets with passive aggressive shopping carts and it wouldn’t have changed much. Starbound’s pets aren’t just to look pretty – later pets fight, and the earlier ones break us into their mechanics. They have a use aside from looking good. Wait until we see what that is.

        • Zephyr says:

          I didnt say there wasn’t a shop in starbound. I said the pets cannot bring items to sell for you as they can in torchlight. Also these pets are non-combat pets. I didnt say that combat pets were useless only the ones for this stretch goal. Im saying this non-combat pet feature is useless. Better off putting programming resources on other tasks.

      • Ymedron na says:

        The starter pets act similarly to the companion-pet Nausicäa’s main character had. Or a lot of other scifi/fantasy stories. A ton of series have an useless pet just to give their owner some flavor, why not have one here? You can have a huge stable of battle-pets later. It’s not like it’s hurting the game to have more content. 8l

  262. EpicJoe says:

    Looks like they gonna make it to 1000000, thats great, keep it up!

  263. tclww says:

    50k left

  264. genjuroT says:

    Anyone else think the middle pet on the stretch goal on right hand side looks like a Burmy? Go back a page to see what i’m talking about.

  265. Hraaaaaarrrrrrgh says:

    This game isn’t just some combat simulator you know… Some people might want an updated tamagotchi type with more interactions.
    Play your way, but don’t impose that on others.

  266. S L says:

    There had better be a corgi! >:|

  267. tclww says:

    47k left

  268. pokepoke09 says:

    i dont think you guys should put in starter pets, pets should be obtainable later in the game. i think it gives a better sense of adventure, starting out alone and then meeting a little companion as you venture.

    • Namiwakiru says:

      There are PLENTY of other pets that will be available later I am sure, not to mention all the other more practical non-pet companions that will appear as you go. And no one said you will be forced to use a pet at the start, personally I like the idea of escaping planetary destruction with a little pal by side.

  269. HyperCreature says:

    are this all the pet’s? , i hope there is gonna be a panda.

  270. Macromute says:

    I purchased the $500 pre-order knowing every little bit of my money is being used in all Chucklefish’s power to make this game the best as possible.

  271. ReviloO says:

    33k left and i want a small, cute armored icebear as starter pet

  272. MeltingData says:

    Hope these will work like Torchlight pets.

  273. Akavir Duskfeather says:

    I want a pet human. Bow before me inferior beings!

  274. tclww says:

    28k LEFT

  275. IceKorin says:

    almost there guys~

  276. Guys where almost there

  277. tclww says:

    26k left

  278. Reflex says:

    I can’t wait for this game omggg

  279. Reflex says:


  280. Ash says:

    Wait will i be able to get a pet Pokemon like Pikachu?

    If so i want t a Pikachu

  281. Lost Hunter says:

    One of the pets better be a fox or i’m going to be a sad panda…

    Also there should be a pet panda.

  282. Taiko says:

    Really can’t wait to see what stretch goal we get after this one. Another race, or perhaps a variety of different fruit…I’m not sure what else could be added in by this point. :-)

  283. Xaius says:

    stretch goals are incentives(as are the other payment options to donate) so Chucklefish can survive until release

    most indie developers have to live off of nothing until their first game comes out

    and if they run out of money they will have to find another source of income, and earning money elsewhere does not produce indie games

    this is merely them getting you to pay early so they can continue developing in peace

    and as a programmer myself – pets would be veeerrrryy easy to program as most of the code is already there
    they just have to modify it and make a button when you make your character

  284. Magnivus says:

    well im just happy that the devs are so involved with the fans and this is just a little “thankyou for the support” gift. you rarly see stuff like this anymore and im glad to be a part of it. =D

  285. Cheese Steak says:

    maybe for the next stretch goal they can give a release date of the beta or the full game. I would def put money into that.

    • Fishbowl says:

      Well, straight up misread that the first time. Thought you said “maybe for the next stretch goal, they can release the game,” and came up with this short little rant and a crack about the next stretch being a vote ban button for the forums (which I would totally buy another copy for, at this point,) but never mind. I might buy another copy or four if the release date was the next stretch incentive, though.

  286. Exxion says:

    The money keeps slowing down. A million sounds completely possible and even probable, but waiting for it is beginning to feel like pulling teeth.

  287. LFPO8k says:

    Pets seem awesome! almost there! 10k dollars left!

  288. Bastille says:

    I hope they don’t actually talk…

  289. Deimos says:

    For those of you who don’t quite realize, ‘counterparts’ implies these are going to function similarly to captured monsters, and ‘option’ implies these are an option that you can turn off.

    And you aren’t pre-ordering to buy the stretch goals, you are pre-ordering to buy the game, with the stretch goals being nice little bits added on. Not something people traditionally complain about…

  290. Labal says:

    I really hope to see Doctor’s K9 somewhere on Glitch or Apex side.

  291. i hope you guys are ready for this, because this is about to happen. it went up roughly 10,000 in a matter of less than 12 hours. Whos ready to enjoy some awesome early game pets? cause i know i am :D

  292. Luckywolfy says:

    I hope that by tomorrow the goal will have been reached :D

  293. toastygod says:

    So close to $1,000,000 :OOOO

  294. Vulkax says:

    Getting closer!

  295. ShadowDramon says:

    I’m going and when I’m back, that counter will be on 1.000.000$, or else

  296. Zeraphon says:

    Ok, I don’t like these arguments, so when i say this, know that it is in a personal opinion, and not in any way going against, in a hostile manner, to other people’s opinions.

    I (personally) think that pets are a great idea, I mean, if you had to leave your home forever, the OPTION to take a pet with you= AMAZING! I mean, they may not be the most powerful pets, but I’d rather have the option to take a friend than being forced to watch as they get blown to smitherines(or whatever kills them).

    Now(still sticking to what I said at the beginning) I understand why people wish there was a ‘better’ final goal, but the previous ones are huge, I think that they are all brillient. (Note that I’m one of those people who loves the game for what it is)

    Now, the stretch goals are like encouragements to preorder the game, and I mean, even without the goals it would make sense to preorder it, as you get the game and the soundtrack, for less than what the game will cost, not to mention that this game is gonna get bigger and more expensive, it’s what happens, so better to get it now and enjoy it later.

    Once again, no hostility or arguments are intended against other people in this comment, it’s just a mere, personal opinion made by a guy who (sometimes) enjoys writing this stuff.
    Cya, and stay epic, or something, whatever.

  297. Zeraphon says:

    Now something that probably DOES go in argument to what people said:

    People are saying that 1 mill ‘deserves’ and ‘bigger’ ‘expansion’.
    They are going to add what is like a sub race, think about it! The pets will have their own customisation and such!
    They aren’t expansions or anything, they’re goals for if the game gets popular enough, to make it even better.
    1 mill, it’s 250k away from the last, which was 250k from the one before it, which was 500k away from the start, where quite possibly(and I mean possibly) less people preordered it!
    honestly, in a way, it’s the smallest ‘goal’ to achieve, but just as big a reward.

  298. tclww says:

    5k left

  299. tclww says:

    i will per-oder at 999990

  300. tclww says:

    4300 dollar left

  301. tclww says:

    3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!! 3200 more!!!!!!!!!!

  302. tclww says:

    3k more

  303. tclww says:

    2600 more

  304. Kaze Kami says:

    2567 more guys !!!!

  305. tclww says:

    2300 more

  306. Travis Prue says:

    Is that a calico cat sprite I see? :D

  307. tclww says:

    2000 more

  308. Isaque says:

    Only 2000$$ MORE

  309. tclww says:


  310. God damn it. says:


  311. Jebediah Oldenheimer says:

    We win!

  312. Catrexinthehat says:


  313. wooot! 1millllllyun dollarss

  314. Phyrewall says:

    I may have bought a truckload of preorder keys to bust that million… whycantIholdallthesekeys.jpg Maybe I should just give them away!

  315. tclww says:



  317. tclww says:

    1 million dollar reached

  318. Jaja says:

    What’s coming next lol :)

  319. M_Blox says:

    So then, what I am hoping for, with these pets, is:

    1 – To be able to care for them and leave them in your ship like you leave your pets in the house when you go for a walk in the park.
    2 – This has been said a lot, but they should be able to pick up loot and have a bit of storage space, for example, to have one slot for items that they hold in their mouth to carry to you, and maybe to put pouches on them to use as portable chests.
    3 – At least 5-10 different varieties of pets for each race. I don’t know, I just like the wide variety of options when picking this kind of stuff.
    4 – To not lock on to enemies that are on the screen and drag them to you, forcing you to fight. A bit simple, but quite helpful if you don’t attract the attention of level 100 enemies that will wipe you out in one hit.

    • Ymedron na says:

      Vanity pets -> they don’t fight.
      So there’s 4 out of the way. 2 potentially too because they aren’t supposed to do anything useful for you. (and you can send items to your spaceship anyway, so that means you can just clear storage space yourself without throwing stuff away.)

  320. blukakka says:

    will there be more stretch goals?

  321. Exxion says:


  322. Sruggs says:

    We got it! Good job fellow Pre-order..ers!

  323. Ryan says:

    Why do you people insist on complaining about pets?
    1. They’re optional
    2. The will not hinder development
    3. They may provide something useful.

    And to the people saying this isn’t worth a 1mil goal. Um, it’s a gift, why do you care what it is? You’re not paying for it and it’s disrespectful to complain about something the company is giving you as an appreciation for pre-ordering. I understand some of you want something a bit better, but it’s a gift, just appreciate what they’re giving you. They’re doing this because they care that you guys are helping them out, complaining about this is just pathetic.
    /end rant

  324. Scorn Priyt says:

    Brilliant addition! Looking forward to seeing this game indeed! =3 Had it on pre-order for awhile! Keep up the amazing work! =3

  325. mega says:

    i want a poptop as a pet!

  326. Liam Smeester says:

    Is there going to be a fourth stretch goal?

  327. Fabian Pichl says:

    YEA! finally arrived <3

  328. Zymbobwye says:

    Just looking at all the post and about this whole thing almost is arguing about the pets slowing down the creation of the game but remember its the little things that make life awesome :D

  329. BarbieGirl says:


  330. Superscope says:

    I want a room full of cats….. then i can Re-enact the crazy cat lady….

  331. Rekombo says:

    Who can buy me this game? I really want it, but I have no money now. (rekombo.x @

  332. Reflex says:

    @Tkg654 what?