Stretch Goal 2 – Fossils




A mockup of what fossils might look like.

Fossils are the remains of long dead creatures scattered throughout Starbounds universe.  They’re extremely valuable, very rare and very difficult to dig up. You’ll need special tools to clear the dirt and unearth a fossil. Removing the wrong piece of dirt could cause the fossil to crumble into dust. Successfully removed fossils can be placed as trophies, some have very special properties and perhaps some of these long dead creatures can even be revived.


If we manage to hit $750,000 in pre-orders, this feature will be added to the final game and will be playable by release.

319 thoughts on “Stretch Goal 2 – Fossils

  1. Meuterion says:

    I need this :3

  2. squiddapult says:


  3. Maiq Liar says:

    M’aiq the Arcaeologist.

  4. I just fossiled in my pants.

  5. Novakid says:

    Time to recreate Jurassic park.

  6. Ayreon says:

    The hype train never stops

  7. Leokins says:

    Awesome. Other stuff to dig for! Not just ores or caves. :D

  8. Awesome. I hope this goal is reached.

  9. Zeon says:

    PRE OH DA!

    • mrmish says:

      Doesn’t work twice.

      • Zeon says:

        Was worth a shot! :D

        • Nol says:

          I think it depended more on the previous pun to set this one up.

        • edo222000 says:

          well….i was thinking pre-ordering but….i wont be able to play the game so why would i pre-order?
          They dont even tell you when the game will be released….

          • Jones says:

            If you don’t pre-order you’ll have to wait for the release and won’t be able to play the beta. Suit yourself!

          • telgardrakore says:

            You dont have to get the pre order if you dont want to, but the best benefit is not the beta, but the fact that it is cheaper if you get the pre order then if you buy it later, so even if you end up not liking it which if you like terraria like games is impossible, it would be cheaper and therefore less of a loss.

          • DeanDactyl says:

            Thanks for that comment, I’ll have to tell that to my dad… He doesn’t let me pre-order…

          • Gulliver says:

            But i’ll just torrent the game when it gets leaked when the beta starts, I don’t have to pay for this game at all. :))))))))

          • some retarded asshat says:

            people like you are the reason other people have middle fingers. I dont understand how bottom dwelling scum suckers like you cant spare 15 fucking dollars. Would you rather buy a shirt or this fucking game?

          • Gulliver says:

            I’d rather buy the shirt
            But I can have both because i’m going to torrent the shit out of this game.
            I did it with Terraria and i’ll do it again with this.

          • Guest says:


          • Gulliver says:

            What’s the problem?
            I get a new shirt and a free game with subpar character models.

          • Sunako says:

            you are a Git

          • meep says:

            the problem is people like you can’t be bothered to pre-order so no stretch goals will be met! no pre-order no fossils. Your choice. fossils or a t-shirt.

          • Gulliver says:

            What the fuck are you talking about?
            The stretch-goal for fossils is totally about to be finished and I haven’t even contributed to it, suck a cock pal.

          • Sarzael says:

            Fine but you wont be able to play multiplayer since it only accepts authentic accounts. Have fun alone dude!

          • SHADOWDRAMON says:

            Really? For 15 dollars you are going to torrent this game?
            If you like the game,then you preorder, otherwise your just a leech that needs to be taken down…

          • Gulliver says:

            Whatever dude, I might not even buy the shirt, I have enough right now. But a free game, yay!

          • Sarzael says:

            You wont be able to play in servers if you torrent this. So have fun playing ALONE!

      • Catlin Ashenfelter says:

        It works twice, actually. I have three donor badges, and I’ve seen someone with all of them except Solarium.

  10. Soup says:

    I’ve been hoping this would make it into the game since the first mockup screenshot with a fossil in it. Looks awesome!

  11. numanair says:

    Looks like there’s a trilobite in there.

  12. Navar0nius says:


  13. EXT7 says:


  14. Leafshade says:

    We must recruit more Starboundians!

  15. LoopyLobster says:

    Now I’m just waiting to ride around on a giant T-Rex Mammoth.

  16. Morticharr says:

    Oh God they keep adding more awesome stuff, we’re never going to see the game if they keep adding more awesome stuff.

  17. What a cretaceous idea!

  18. Garmellion says:

    interesting! maybe some ancient civilizations from the lore we can dig up?

  19. Will says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the new content pushing back the release date, the extra money is *probably* being used to hire new folks to come in and work on it.

  20. William Holm says:

    I want myself a pet T-rex and dominate the universe with it!

  21. Leted Gu says:

    I think we can muster up $750,000, but what if we can’t muster up the next goal, and it has an even more magnificent prize at the end, like, like the cure for cancer?! What if Tiy had discovered the cure for cancer and would only give it out to us when we reach $1,000,000?!

    • Exxion says:

      I’ve heard somewhere that any stretch goal not met will be added to the game later. Raising this much money means it will be added at release, but it will be added eventually even if we don’t. I’m not certain if it’s true, but it seems likely.

      • “later” and “on release” itself sounds funny when no release date known :)

      • TelgarDrakore says:

        not necessarily. Remember most if not all of the rewards are ideas by the community, so their might not be an ability, resources, time or drive to add any of these things later if the goals are not met.

        Also though, the stretch goals will probably continue until the game is released in a few months, so if we can scrounge up 600k in just a few days, im sure we can scrounge up a good 2-3 million in the months it takes for the game to finally come out giving us plenty of other stretch goals.

        Of course that also doesn’t mean you dont have to preorder anymore. We must make the opening as amazingly epic as possible.

      • o.o says:

        The cute for cancer will be put in the game?

  22. PixieBabe says:


  23. Deviouststr says:

    I call being that fat guy Dennis from that park in that one movie from that one time that recreated the Jurassic era….

  24. This sounds like a really cool idea. I hope you will make the goal :)

  25. Nate Rush says:

    The last game I remember being able to do this in was animal crossing, badass.

  26. Eric Hogan says:

    Friggin awesome. Especially if you can like, “research” them for Tech upgrades or make armor from them. Would be awesome.

  27. James Booher says:

    Ohhh Yes, I can see my Mammoth Tusk Hat even now.

  28. DannyHeads says:

    Wow I simply cannot wait to get digging

  29. kaze says:

    We should try to do a Trending Topic Starbound so the preorders keps steady

  30. Ixelli says:

    I just wonder if it will be always the same fossils or if they also will be random… The time we have to wait to play it seems longer with each new feature.

    • Daardain says:

      It Doesn’t Add Time, But They Will Add It If There Are Enough Pre-Orders. It Will Be Added AFTER Beta I Believe.

  31. Moop says:

    Army of space raptors, yesh I liek this.

  32. Ixelli says:

    I wonder if the fossils will be always the same or if they will be randomized… Anyway it is awesome. The time to wait seems longer with each new announced feature.

  33. R4B97 says:

    Calm down. We will eventually get fossils anyways, They are not going to be in the game from release though if we don’t reach the goal.

  34. Ymedron na says:

    This is more glorious than expected..!

  35. Blaank says:


  36. Sparda88 says:

    I love how obvious it is that the more you give the more it’s just for the money and that there is almost no point to it. Don’t get me wrong if I had 2,000$ to give I SWEAR I’d give it no questions asked and I wouldn’t even want anything really. I just like that it’s optional and giving less doesn’t make me feel like I’m missing out. Just because it’s optional give at least 45$ people!

    You guys are great and keep working on it. I really get the sense that you just want to make an amazing game and extreme profit isn’t your priority. Just for that I hope you guys get enough to actually make your efforts worth your while. :)

  37. VoiZZofAbyZZ says:

    I feel it in my bones that this is going to be…….legen…..wait…wait…….dary

  38. T says:

    Oh, wow, fossil’s aren’t already IN the game?
    I thought this would have been in the game already. Just kind of saying.

  39. EndER259Rus says:

    Лалки вы.=)

  40. TasmanDevil says:

    :) love it

  41. Kreidmar says:

    I used to be a preorderer like you. Then I took a fossil to the knee.

  42. Polar Bear says:

    I can dig it.

  43. Brass says:

    Jeez, don’t you people realize these are not new features, and they are just baiting you into more preorders? All of the things shown are going to be in the game no matter what.

    I have to say though, their method is really really working.

    • Kreidmar says:

      Shut up and take my money!

    • Azreide says:

      How exactly do you know they aren’t new features? Art that’s been shown could just be art, no programming or anything jsut a picture.

    • Dest says:

      More people are pre-ordering because more people want this game. Sure, these futures are more than likely going to be added in the future nonetheless–but the stretch goals are saying they’ll be included with the base game.

  44. Harest says:

    A Fossildex? Fuck yeah o/.

  45. Lio says:

    i want to ride on a space T-rex thats riding a spaceship or sumthing xD

  46. Sasquatchjc says:

    Awesome! But I can almost guarantee that the devs would still add all of these stretch goals into the game, regardless of the money they raise :p

  47. Crowbot says:

    Hey, are you an archeologist? Because I have a large bone I need examined.

  48. Guru5000 says:

    gimmie dat

  49. Fitz says:

    How many stretch goals are planned?

  50. Ivan says:

    Я хочу это!
    I need it!

  51. Vulkax says:

    So if we get these in game, does that me we can ride a Trex?

  52. JoshF says:

    “We clocked the T-Rex at 35mph.” – BEST MOVIE EVAR!

  53. Pablo M. says:

    Gotta unearth them all.

  54. So, this will be confirmed in the game by Wednesday then? =P

  55. I am at least hoping that if we DON’T hit these milestones, we still get these cool features in the further future? Please tell me I’m not just speculating.

  56. El Greco says:

    damn there is no paysafe option, i would definetely buy this.

  57. The Starbound Novakid says:

    errmegerrd… want starbound now!

  58. KoedGaming says:

    Nova kid was quite unnecessary and looks like it was rushed…. (sorry for hate, but it’s my opinion)
    THIS seems epic! Revive them!? Can you level them up!? ARE THEY YOUR PETS!? zomg zomg zomg

    • Glitchyroach says:

      Actually, Nova kid was designed by a community member, if I remember correctly, it’s been in the suggestions forum for a little while now.

      • Catrexinthehat says:

        Damn right and they chose the Nova kid because they were so different from the other races and there wasn’t a western theme yet so its not like they did it at random they actually thought about it. :3

  59. Nusret Jusic says:

    Awesome! I’m gonna try to get some more friends to pre-order :)

  60. Lagoz says:


  61. sonny says:

    waaaaaait… wasent there a same skull in the ice planet that they showed us some time ago???

  62. BickDutt says:

    Wow, I thought this was already a feature, seeing as fossils have been in a lot of environments we’ve seen already. I guess they are just decoration until we hit this stretch goal, pulls out wallet, time to buy a four pack!

  63. oluranti says:

    poo poo lol

  64. oluranti says:

    hail satan

  65. BraveDave88 says:

    Ugh, how did Penguin Mode lose!?

  66. Koolshadow77 says:

    This is really reminding me of Spectrobes, if anyone has played that game.

  67. Nightly says:

    I love these people and their ideas.

  68. I’m hoping this’ll happen.

  69. RMJ1984 . says:

    Would be pretty damn awesome, being able to revive them somehow.

  70. Beldaar says:

    cant wait to mess with this stuff :D

  71. ToastyGod says:

    If they make this goal… what will be in 1 million ? :3

  72. Shot846 says:

    Woooooooooo! pls reach $750,000 now lol.

  73. Intermidaz says:

    it would be cool if we can make a full T-rex fossil with the other bones

  74. Daardain says:

    I Want To Know What They Are Now ;-;

  75. jonah says:

    if a stretch goal is not met does this mean that feature will never be in the game?

    • Tacomanxxx says:

      No, I believe they said That if they are not met, they will be added, just after the release(as an update)

  76. Tueland says:

    Might have to buy another founder pack then. :)

  77. Mewbone says:

    Nerdgasm :0

  78. Kwin says:

    Terraria sold over 200,000 copies the first week– if these guys can get 100,000 backers they’ll be at $1,500,000 if they only sold them at $15 per copy. I can easily see this game with that many people backing it. You guys deserve it– keep up the good work.

  79. Lagikrus97 says:

    This is worrying, I hope it does not become a game where things are unlockable paying!

    • Ye Nickle the Uncountable says:

      They have mentioned numerous times that all updates are free. Nothing is to be payed for except the initial game. The stretch goals are just the amount of money they have accumulated from the preorders.

  80. Insaniac says:

    Yes! If this happens I can be a Novakid Archaeologist, stealing people’s possessions that they are just trying to keep safe! And if there are going to be whips… hee hee hee!

  81. blind sniper says:

    I choose you, Omanyte!

  82. ray-man100 says:


  83. breit8 breit8 says:

    pre-order pre-order pre-order pre-order pre-order pre-order pre-order pre-order pre-order pre-order pre-order

  84. Ragnarok says:

    we need more pre orders EVERYONE GET YOUR MOMS CREDIT CARD READY!!!!

  85. what is that “girl” like thingie on the left? It’s the same thing as on current desktop theme.

  86. Mippy says:

    gogo guys buy! i want these fossils:D

  87. doom777 says:

    this gave me a huge “boner”

  88. Huntar says:

    Man, this is nifty. I’m kinda hoping that any further stretch goals will be more environmental additions. I’m especially hoping that they’ll add things to underwater environments, since those are almost always really boring. I’d love for Starbound to be one of the few games without any areas that can be called boring. Underwater cave systems, remnants of old civilizations, and crash sites, anyone?

    • CircuitTr0jan says:

      This is genius. I really hope they do something like this. =D They could even add things like that on the surface of dead planets. Possibly even castles and weird plants.

      • gsop says:

        The Glitches’ dungeons are castles, so castles are already implemented

      • Anony M. says:

        Just the idea of dead planets in general is cool. It would be fun if they had some planet where you had to have special equipment to survive. Sort of like in the Star Trek universe with class M planets being the ones that support life while there are class J and T gas giants, barren class N planets, etc. has a good list of the different planet types (not that you have to follow Trek canon…in fact, please don’t, it would be cheesy) to give some ideas as to what kinds of planets you could have. I realize the planets are randomly generated, but it would be neat to have an option to explore worlds that were hostile to life but may have previously been lush with vegetation and ancient civilizations.

        If you like this idea, give it a vote up!

        Edit: When I say “special equipment”, it could be anything from a space suit in a planet with no atmosphere all the way to some kind of special artificial gravity field in a gas giant that would otherwise crush your character into gooey pulp. Mmmm, gooey pulp.

        OH! Do you think we could run the gooey pulp in the chocolate fountains? Delightful! #^_^#

    • KernelPanic says:

      Yes please!!

    • Kirk says:

      I see potential for an upcoming stretch goal? :)

    • numanair says:

      I’ve heard that the sea floor is going to be really cool.

    • The d00d says:

      Epic idea!!

    • gsop says:

      There are crash sites, Tiyuri has said it, and there is a picture with a crashed airplane

    • I think they’re going to have planets that are mostly submerged, so there’s bound to be some interesting things in the oceans. I could be wrong but I think that’s what’s happening.

    • stebe says:


  89. everything here is amazing.

  90. Adam says:

    I know it may be a hardcore geek thing, but I’m going to RP the hell out of this game.

  91. IdenarBwargh says:

    I WANT! I want I want! Guuuuuyyyss. Pre-orrrdddeeeerr faaaaaaaasteeeeeeer!

  92. halodragons says:

    am i the only one whose just going to revive a t-rex just so i can eat it

  93. The Darkman 123 says:

    You Can Make Fossil Armour Fossil Tools And Fossil Weapons.

  94. NeonDrain says:

    :O riding t-rexes!

  95. NeonDrain says:

    oh pls pls pls a riding t-rex!

  96. sporeoo says:

    dinosaus in space mabe they did make it :0

  97. Fossills? Seems a tad…normal. But okay I guess if your into that.

  98. Matt says:

    Just imagine the how much this can change the game

  99. This is pretty dumb says:

    no why would people want to waste there time on collecting fossils

    • Exxion says:

      If you don’t want to, then don’t. They’re only there for the people who want them, who appear to be the majority.

  100. James Scott says:

    What about randomly generated fossils that lead to prehistoric creatures made from a prehistoric creature generator?

  101. VitaminK says:


  102. Leafshade says:

    I really hope the fossils are not all earthly :D

  103. Hopefull says:

    So epic!

  104. NS says:

    Don’t do this to Starbound.

    You don’t need more goals, you need to work to meet the goals you already have.

    You’ll get stuck in development hell and release a shitty game with too much hype and too little fun.

    • ProPatte says:

      Calm down dude – “We’ll be using the extra money to pay
      for an additional artist to create their assets, so their creation won’t
      delay development at all.”

    • Adesperado says:

      Moreover, the game’s been in development for a year, we’ve lost the right to complain about time.

  105. Angus Partridge says:

    This Is… Cooooooooooooooool

  106. ermagersh. I wonder what comes next, though..?

  107. Greenix says:

    Lets get this, so we can see the next goal. For all we know The next one could be a new RACE!

  108. Krauser says:

    i think ill buy more copies and do a giveaway

  109. Asa says:

    Start throwing money at your computers. I need this.

  110. Adesperado says:


  111. Bobo says:

    After this you should make robots..

  112. YUO says:

    what about 1 milion ?!?!?

  113. PixieBabe says:

    In Benja We Trust…no wait….PRE ORDER :D

  114. MeatBoy says:

    Im really diggin’ those fossils :D

  115. Peter J. Ramaglia says:

    Are there fossils in the foreground as well as the background? In the screenshot I noticed a skull in the dirt right above the vines. It’s near the top-right corner. This fossil, if it is one, does not appear in the “background wall.” So does this mean fossils can be found on both layers? Hope this makes sense :)

  116. Just a random guy says:

    I hope the fossils can spawn on walls behind dirt blocks so you actually have to find them by digging

    • Peter J. Ramaglia says:

      That’s what it appears to be right now actually. I hope Starbound has some efficient terraforming tools. Being able to just carve out chunks of dirt is gonna be fun :) Or maybe some type of fossil radar where we have to actively “ping” below us. Sort of like a metal detector but for fossilized bone.

  117. Reiychelle says:

    I’m excited! Knowing me though I’d accidentally ruin every fossil I come across lol. Going to preorder a 4pack asap!

  118. It’d be cool if we could find a shattered skeleton in a given area and put the pieces together with glue and also be able to predict missing bits and build them with artificial materials and then assemble the whole thing just like in the museums!

    We could have a fossil assembling screen that would be like a puzzle minigame.

    You can also make some mobs guard the fossils like relics and have to infiltrate temples and other dangerous places filled with traps in order to reach them!

  119. Guest says:

    You can also make some mobs guard the fossils like relics and have to infiltrate temples and other dangerous places filled with traps in order to reach them!

  120. J.E. Hall says:

    Sounds interesting, but also like a pain in the ass.

  121. Ryeti says:

    brb, gotta get another monitor…

  122. Ben Sylvia says:

    Can’t wait till May 3rd so I can contribute towards this!!!

    Excitement rising!!

  123. Nemzis says:


  124. jonas says:

    what about creating a creature with the fossiles?

  125. IceReaper says:

    Just bought 8 copies of the game. The perfect game to gift to others for birthday or such :)

  126. Tybalt says:

    this made my dick ROCK HARD

    get it

  127. genjuroT says:

    I would love to see a huge fishing system in this game. The fossil idea is better, but since that’ll be in the game, fishing would top the cake.

  128. Dominic says:

    Pre ordered $20 4 pack :)

  129. Blake-Visentin says:

    My idea is this a TIYrannosaurus Mechx A boss you can recreate from a strange metal fossil it is said to be an early creation of the same creators of the glitch :P

  130. demonzero21 says:

    I hope there are plant fossils that you can grow

  131. Peter J. Ramaglia says:

    Starbound, are the fossils you going to add to the game cover the following fossil types?

    Would it possible to use those types that wikipedia lists and add them into the game? I believe this will make the fossil part of Starbound literally HUGE and just full of all types of lore.

    Please let me know what everyone thinks about this :)

  132. Magma Claw says:

    we need this!

  133. Owen Harnish says:

    awesome I can’t wait for this game!

  134. I bet when we reach 1 mio. Tiy will give us a possibly release date

  135. PixieBabe says:


  136. Matt says:

    So close to getting it

  137. Underboss says:

    Just placed my pre-order yesterday. Good work, Chucklefish! And hopefully we can start nailing these stretch goals. This game is going to be awesome. Beta cannot come soon enough.

  138. Dr Potato (Steam name) says:

    I am dying for the beta..i pre-ordered it within 24 hrs of the release. But that Beta….OMG, so EXCITED! btw…this is probably my most anticipated games out there! Secrets of Graindia comes in second..

  139. Rio says:

    I will have to admit this: If there’s no platypus fossil that you can resurrect as a pet I will be severely disappointed.

  140. HAPPY HUNTER says:

    Just 9,000 to go!

  141. numreg678 says:

    Cmon 9001 dollars left!

  142. Svarr says:

    Just a few more shillings…

  143. tclww says:

    6000 dollars left!

  144. Mr.Pancake says:


  145. tclww says:

    5500 dollars left!

  146. Peter J. Ramaglia says:

    $846 remaining!!!

  147. Peter J. Ramaglia says:

    So does someone get something special if their purchase is what makes us reach the milestone?

  148. xpboy7 says:

    yayyyy we r at 750k! :D

  149. Ricky says:

    We did it!!!!!

  150. Tom Baker says:

    Wooo, reached!

  151. Peter J. Ramaglia says:

    I made a $15 purchase when the stretch goal was at $749,989. Can someone PLEASE try to see if my purchase is what made us reach our goal? Please! :D

  152. ToastyGod says:


  153. NinjaBoffin says:

    The Goal was just Achieved! Now for the third one! :D

  154. TheSneez says:

    YAY! fossils reached the stretch!

  155. Matt Franks says:

    Congrats on making this stretch goal!

  156. Yesss!finally. says:

    Yay!! Stretch Goal Achieved!!

  157. Kostyan1996 says:

    Achieved it! Thanks, bros! :D

  158. shot846 says:

    Time for THE NEXT GOAL!

  159. Quark says:

    Woo! We reached 750,000… Um.. does anyone know if there’s a milestone past this one?

  160. Camiloei says:


  161. Masterofm says:

    Mooooar stretch goals?

  162. Owen Harnish says:

    i will get all of the fossils

  163. Joshua Gano says:

    We made it! Fossils are in! :D

  164. Iamyew says:

    You got some nice fossils there… it’d be a shame if something were to happen to them… SSSsssSSSsss

  165. Vasian says:

    No more stretch goals? :'(

  166. Macks says:

    Guys, this isn’t Archaeology. That is the study of human history and pre-history, through digging up artifacts and architecture etcetera.

    This is fossilised dinosaurs and Mammoths and the like, which is Palaeontology.

  167. anuanuanu says:

    Now that we’ve reached the 750k goal, what’s next?

  168. T-REXY says:

    My favorite animal is a T-REX! So if I can revive one would be AMAZING!!!!

  169. And then I ruled my world with a combination of iron fist and an army of dinosaurs.

    I approve.

  170. ME says:

    nice joke…

  171. I am a fossil for sitting here in aww of awsomenessssss

  172. Wow, this is awesome, one more thing to pull me into this game.

  173. Jojo says:

    Left side: Poptop!

  174. pants says:

    if you revive it can it be your pet?

  175. Gio32k says:

    U know what i would love to see? A secret (it’s a secret to everyone!) dev planet where players can see and mes with stuff that didnt make it into the final game, dev commentary, and random pics. Something like the ones in the Ratchet and Clank series.

  176. ChaseNeiz says:

    I do hope they add pollution to this. It would add a lot of new features!!!!!!!!

  177. The_n00b_Daniel says:

    Must hatch an Aerodactyl…

  178. Thomas McQuaid says:

    I can have an army of resurrected dinosaurs! This game just keeps getting better and better!!!

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