10th November – Many Magnificent Microdungeons

November 10, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hey everyone!

Lots of stuff happening this week! Let’s go down the list:

  • Making sure monsters spawn in the right places
  • Tweaking, balancing and testing generated quests
  • More work on vehicles/mechs
  • Several people have started work on the next update, which is story-focused
  • Chickens finally lay eggs, enabling players to cook up more egg-based treats and definitively proving that the chicken came first. That’s just science.
  • Necotho has been creating microdungeons! Lots and lots of microdungeons! Click the image for high-res and check this link for more pretty screenshots. :)



‘Til next time! <3

6th November – Does my Banana Mask look good?

November 6, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Happy Friday!

We’ve talked a lot about working on generated quests, and if you play the nightly build you may have seen some crop up in your colonies! Here’s an example of a new sort of quest that will result in the questgiver wearing a new hat. The idea is that your NPCs will be customized over time via quests.


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Let us know what sort of colony quests you’d like to see. :)

5th November – Hemogoblin

November 5, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured


Just a quick monster post today – check out Hemogoblin!

I’ve been doing a bit of testing on generated quests in villages and colonies, and in my travels came across this very sad man living in a sandstone house underground. Poor guy. :(

4th November – Let’s Not Meet

November 4, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hey everyone!

It’s been a busy week so far, with everyone working towards the combat update! Some people have noted that a lot of Starbound’s monsters are really cute, so I thought I’d show you one that… isn’t cute at all.

Meet Orbide.

Or, y’know, don’t meet Orbide, ever. It’s for the best.

‘Til tomorrow! <3

3rd November – Bobfae

November 3, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hey everyone!

In case you missed it, this past weekend Tiy wrote up a long blog post about what to expect from the next couple of updates and beyond. Check it out if you’re interested!

Today, Supernorn and Kyren have been improving the visuals and handling of in-game vehicles. Tccoxon has been working on ironing out some quest gen bugs, and Healthire has implemented more monsters! Bobfae is a flying monster, but his wings get tired pretty quickly…

What to expect from the next update, 1.0 and beyond

October 31, 2015 in Featured, News

spookypumpkinhead  Happy Halloween!  spookypumpkinhead


So here we are, only a few updates left before 1.0 and I wanted to give you a run down on what to expect.

There are 3 updates planned before 1.0. The combat update, the story update and a miscellaneous polish update.

Let’s start by talking about what’s coming up in the next patch, which isn’t far away now.

The Combat Update

We’ve been calling the next patch the combat update, and with good reason. The goal of this patch is to entirely revamp the combat and the moment to moment gameplay in Starbound by revamping weapons, monsters, quests, rewards, vehicles and more.


Until now, weapons in Starbound were a combination of hard coded engine features and the configuration files that controlled them. This has changed drastically in the combat update with the engine now allowing for scripted weapons. Creating entirely unique weapons has become massively easier and as a result from this point forwards Starbound patches will include wonderful new items far outside the scope of the previous item engine.

Modders will also be able to take advantage of this system to create incredible new things. The sky’s the limit on this one.

Weapons in vanilla Starbound now fall into two categories, generated and unique. Generated weapons have been converted to the new scripted weapons system and we’ve given them awesome special moves as a result. The general weapon classes have also been revamped in their primary fires. Hammers require a charge up, spears can be held out defensively and so on. We’ve worked hard to give each type of weapon it’s own identity and have built the special attacks around this identity.

Weapons also have elemental types and in future patches we’ll be using those to give damage bonuses and reductions on certain enemies.

Unique weapons are hard to find, will require multiple steps to obtain and will do entirely unique things. I don’t want to spoil too much, but this is the kind of thing you can expect

We’ve worked really hard on ensuring all of the feedback and damage responses from these weapons is satisfying and spot on. Knockback has been massively tweaked, hitboxes, hit sparks, sounds, you name it. Combat ‘feels’ so much better.


Monsters in Starbound have been a mixed bag. We’ve worked hard on the procedural monster generation system and whilst it achieves a lot of things, we felt that the game was missing recognisable monsters with truly unique hand crafted behaviour.  That’s where these hand crafted monsters come in.

In a similar manner to the weapons (though not quite to the same extent) we’ve built a system to allow us to add unique monsters efficiently and easily. This also extends to modders.

The addition of these monsters will allow us to use them in quests, provides hand crafted challenges for missions and gives us a good way have monster drops make sense. There are unique monsters for each sub biome and a large pool of general unique monsters that will pop up from time to time.

We’re making sure there’s incentive to catch every unique monster and put together a complete menagerie.


All of the current Starbound quests are going to be replaced by 1.0. We’ve been building out the quest system and we’re finally at a point where we can replace some of the placeholder quests. Many of the new quests will appear in the story update but the combat update will contain procedurally generated colony quests.

From time to time your colonists will have errands they’d like you to run. These quests form a quest line with an overall goal that may have a small, permanent effect on your colony as well as your colonists relationships. Quests are varied, you might be delivering secret notes between colonists or protecting your colony from bandit attacks. The generated quest system is something with the potential to expand into something huge in the future.



Up until this point vehicles in Starbound have been using the tech system. That means vehicles were merely extensions of the player, with their movement entirely being controlled client side. This system had a great number of limitations. With the combat update we’re introducing true vehicles into Starbound. Much like the weapon system, vehicles are scriptable, they also exist server side as an entity separate to, but controlled by players. This means multiple players can enter the same vehicle, players can leave their vehicles to sit in a garage persistently and vehicles can have their own health, collisions and so on.

To start with we’ll be adding a handful of finely tweaked vehicles. But again we haven’t just built some vehicles, we’ve built an entire system so both the developers and modders can add new, completely unique vehicles quickly and easily.

Besides these features, the combat update contains a great deal of miscellaneous additions and fixes. More than I can list here.

The Story Update + The Polish Update

So what about after the combat update?

We’re planning to put out 2 more patches before 1.0 (and many afterwards).

So what will these updates contain? There are a great number of additions planned. Highlights include an entire set of missions, an opening mission that will explain your role in the world, a great deal of new quests that tie the world together, a cast of wonderful unique characters and a huge amount of new content. It’ll also include a much improved pet system, a new means of scanning and examining the world, the much improved reimplementation of survival mechanics like hunger and more.

We’re also planning to revamp how mods are applied and managed, add steam workshop support and simplify multiplayer, with the ability to join games via the steam friends list.

There’s a great deal more to these two patches, including massive performance optimisations, multiplayer improvements and controller support but we’ll be talking more about those closer to their release.


Post 1.0 and Beyond

We plan to support Starbound far beyond the 1.0 release. We’re building a universe that’s capable of being taken in a great number of different directions and we’d like to start polling the community to find out where you’d like it to go next.

One thing we’ll be looking into soon after release is director mode. Something you’re able to find information on here

In the mean time, follow us on twitter, check out our daily blog updates and we’ll keep you informed.

Thank you for supporting Starbound guys, we’re almost there!



29th October – Top of the Pops

October 29, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Happy Thursday!

It feels like aaaages ago that we hosted the Monster Monster Contest (probably because it was ages ago), and TomServo’s Poptops won! With the addition of unique monsters, we’ve finally been able to implement Poptops. :)

What a cozy-looking ice cave! It’s got a kitschy ice door and everything. I wonder what’s insi– NOPE.

It’s been a super long time coming, so we’re all excited to have finally been able to start implementing Monster Monster Contest winners.

What do you think of the Poptops? Which of the contest winners is your favorite? :D

<3 ‘Til tomorrow!

27th October – Fists of Fury

October 27, 2015 in Dev Blog


Yesterday Metadept talked about how we’ve been implementing some new weapon types. Today he’s been testing out fists! Emphasis on testing – this isn’t their final design.

We did some streaming last night as well, so check that out on Twitch if you missed it. Also – Harriet has made an awesome tiled background for the new forum theme, but I thought some of you might like to use it, too. :)


What do you think? Let me know if you’d like me to upload more colors!

<3 ‘Til tomorrow!

26th October – All the Things

October 26, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Starbound channel! Tune in weekdays to hear all the latest Starbound gossip.

As you’ve seen in recent updates, we’ve been working on several different major features for the upcoming patch. The new unique monsters have been sprited and many of them are now implemented in game with fancy new behaviors. All of our generated weapon types have been reimplemented along with about 40 special abilities, which are getting art and sound polish. I’m now working on some unique weapons and items that don’t fit into the generated categories – boomerangs, lasers, whips, maces, fist weapons and other such exciting things. Kyren has continued to work on vehicles, including ways for players to pick up, carry and deploy them. Neco has been quietly churning out microdungeons to make the underground more exciting. Armagon has been adding sounds to all of the new weapons, monsters and abilities. Tomc is finishing up the code portion of the new quest system while others are writing quests, Supernorn and GeorgeV are starting to replace placeholder images for new weapon abilities and unique items, and the rest of the art and content team are split between monsters, quests, and a lot of miscellaneous bits that need to be finished for this update.

…now that I write it out, there sure is a lot happening! Here’s an example of one of the new quests that also shows off some improvements to the New Quest window:

Hopefully I can show off some of my new weapons later in the week. Until then, enjoy the stars!

23rd October – Where do monsters shop?

October 23, 2015 in Dev Blog

It’s Friday!

We’ve finished up the first pass of all of the new generated weapons and are now working on some more unique ones. We’ve also finished up a massive load of work on generated quests, so I’ll try to get some sort of detailed technical post up next week talking about how it all works!

Lots of unique monsters are being fully implemented now as well, and I can’t wait to test them against some of the new weapon abilities. :)

‘Til Monday! <3

(Answer: At the GROSSery store!)

(I’m sorry.)