July 31st – Crafting Progression & Floating Dungeons

July 31, 2014 in Dev Blog

Hey guys, just wanted to drop you an update on what’s been happening today!

For my part, I wrapped up work on the crafting progression. As we implement the over-arching objectives for the tiers, the current setup will likely undergo minor modifications and additions, but it’s looking super solid right now. We even have a few new crafting objects that George put together.

What's this for?
Another bit of exciting news for the day is that Kyren has implemented floating dungeons. It might not sound like much, but what this means is we can now create dungeons that are situated in outer space without being tied to a specific planet or biome. Right now this functionality is being used for the gateway and outpost, but it could also be used for creating things like derelict vessels, space stations and instanced missions. Exciting possibilities to be sure!

With the crafting, outpost and gateway updates out of the way, I also began setting up the dungeon file and key for the moon mine George showed off the other day. I’m hoping to have it all set up to start building tomorrow, assuming no other high priority tasks come up.

That’s it from me! Take care everyone, and enjoy the rest of your evening!

July 30 – Novakid Spaceship

July 30, 2014 in Dev Blog, News

Hey guys, Supernorn here!

I’ve been busy the last few days working on the Novakid spaceship. The concept art from a while back showed it as a pretty fancy looking space train, and I wanted to follow through with that.

Pretty happy with how its turned out, and hope you like it!


July 29th – Quests!

July 29, 2014 in Dev Blog

I’ve spent the past few days digging into the quest system, fixing a few annoyances and adding some new capabilities that will be used for the progression. The most obvious new feature is the ability for NPCs to offer quests:

This was a bit more involved than I’d hoped since it required making some quest data available to the client which had previously been accessible only on the server, but it should be important groundwork for other future improvements. In addition to quests being offered by NPCs, I also added quest prerequisites, so that we can create quest chains in which quests only become available after the player has completed certain requirements. Next I’ll be cleaning up some of the simple issues with the quest manager, then getting back to work on monsters.

July 28th – Crafting Progression

July 28, 2014 in Dev Blog

Evening folks!

We’ve put together a comprehensive roadmap of what the players will be able to craft and when, how to unlock new recipes, what ingredients will be needed, and so on. The changes are quite fundamental, and as a result it demands a massive number of configuration changes across the board. Thus the task has fallen to me to make them happen.

Probably the most significant departure is how rather than being a strictly linear progression of gear the whole way across ten tiers, the crafting progression will split into three paths: the Separator, Accelerator and Manipulator.

The Separator gear (crafted from Cerulium and Violium) is for melee-oriented characters. The armors in this bracket will enable them to soak up significantly more damage at the expense of energy reserves.

The Accelerator gear (crafted from Aegisalt and Ferozium) is for the marksman players who favour the use of guns, with the armor providing a considerable amount of energy. This gives them a lot of leeway to continually blast away from a distance and use techs more freely.

The Manipulator gear (crafted from Rubium and Impervium) is for those who enjoy playing glass-cannon characters. The Manipulator’s weapon of choice is the scistaff (which you may recall we implemented a little while ago). The staves will be powerful but require a lot of energy to be used reliably. To this end, the Manipulator armors will have deep energy reserves at the expense of defence.

Of course, you’re not strictly locked to one of these paths. You could easily mix and match gear from each one to create the hybrid of your dreams! We want to give players some fun and flexible playstyles.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think!

Good night!

Dev Blog: Moon Mine!

July 25, 2014 in Dev Blog

Here’s an example of a “dungeon” you’ll later find on some moons in Starbound. They may have something you’ll need for a ship upgrade…

Click to make it bigger!

July 24 – Character Deletion is in

July 24, 2014 in Dev Blog

I took a short break from my Stats change to implement something simple as a brain break today.

You can now delete your character from the Gui. The icon is too big, and there’s no warning yet (of course, it’s planned, the assets are already there). It will delete your character and all automatic backup copies too. So please be careful.

July 24th – It’s a lot more lively around the outpost…

July 24, 2014 in Dev Blog

Hey guys! I’ve spent the last couple of days creating a whole cast of NPCs to populate the Outpost. There’s about twenty of them in all for now, each with their own dialogue. I’m hoping to add a few Novakids to the mix in the future once they have more content. In any case, it’s nice to see the place teeming with life.

The outpost is bustling!

Novakid AI

July 23, 2014 in Dev Blog

Today’s update shows off the Novakid AI you’ll find in the Novakid ship.

She is just a horse.

22nd July More Novakids and progression

July 22, 2014 in News

Lots more work was done today on the Novakids today. They’re now in game and functional though there’s still a great deal to do in terms of all the content that surrounds a race. From descriptions, to ships, to armor sets and weapons. Stephen is desperate to add a wild west style village at some point too.


We’ve decided that rather than craft swords, the Novakids are expert gunsmiths capable of forging guns from even basic materials. As such the Novakids are able to craft guns from the outset. We’re carefully working on balancing guns against swords so that no one race has an advantage over another. But playing a Novakid should change up the gameplay a fair bit.

Novakids are also getting a steam train themed spaceship. Upgrading the ship will add carriages to the end for extra building room.

I’ve been working on Novakids whilst Kyren and co finish up some engine features required for the next stage of progression. The engine features will allow us to create stand alone dungeon planets and shield generators to protect them. Shield generators will stop players placing or mining blocks in a given radius to force a proper playthrough of a dungeon or protect a progression fundamental structure.

Until next time!

July 21 – Novakids on the block

July 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hey guys! Supernorn here with a small update just to let you know what I’ve been up to the last few days..

As most of you know, the Novakid were one of last years reached stretch goals, a super cool playable race of “interstellar gas-bag people”.

Towards the end of last week I started the process on getting these gassy guys n’ girls into the game. Today I’ve continued preparing the base sprites, creating hair styles, facial brands etc.

It’s a first step in what will be a fairly content heavy project, but I was excited to show you a little early work in progress of what I’ve got going right now.