GeorgeV Super News: 21st of May!

May 21, 2014 in Dev Blog, News

Hello. It’s GeorgeV again.

Today I fleshed out and got the new A.I. UI ready for testing. As always it’s tentative and temporary in every way. We even took some suggestions from the forums on what we might call it.  :)


Keeping it short. See you again soon!

GeorgeV News: 20th of May! London Office!

May 20, 2014 in Dev Blog, News

Hello again! So soon?!

Today I did stuff.  Among this stuff was the mockup for the “Ship Computer A.I.” user interface. The blank space to the left is where a portrait of the A.I. would be and like all mocks everything in it is temporary.


May 20th: Making the ships work.

May 20, 2014 in Dev Blog, News

It’s been a turbulent period, but I’m settled into the office and its good to be getting back into the swing of things. Since progression is the big focus right now, I’m helping to get the last of our ships into the game and actually functioning, specifically the Florans. It’s a relatively simple task, but it involves a lot of testing and back and forth to ensure things are all lined up correctly. While in game you’ll just see this:


Behind the scenes, the structure is defined liked this:

Floran Ship Block Map

It operates in a fashion similar to our dungeon system. It can be pretty tricky, trying to line up the graphic perfectly with numeral increments. It’s also important to make sure there’s no stray collisions out of place. There’s still a few more to go, but we’re almost there.

See you next time!

May 19th 2014: What we did today.

May 19, 2014 in Dev Blog, News

Hello! GeorgeV here posting from the new office.  All the movers are moved and we’re pretty settled.

One of the things we discussed today was adding an AI “character” in each ship which would act as a new way to receive certain items, upgrade your ship, give you quests and help you out in general.  There was also talk about giving it a bit of personality, potentially making it based on race and having it upgrade along with the ship.

Obviously this idea is in the early stages.  I’ve only just started planning out the UI.  In fact, here’s a really quick sketch we made on our wall in order to make sure everyone was on the same page:

Yes it is very rough but that’s how everything starts out ;) .

All of this is tentative and is being shared to give you an idea of what we’ve done today. We’ll try to keep you up to speed!


My progress for May 19th

May 19, 2014 in Dev Blog, News

Hi there,

Tiy asked me to write up a short thing about the stuff I worked on today.  Hope you find it a bit interesting.

Today was a bit unusual.  I mostly spent the day removing libraries.  I removed all dependencies on PostGreSQL and OpenSSL.  We no longer link against or call this code.  (Yay!)

Next, I needed to reimplement some stuff to make the code work afterwards.  As a side effect we now have a new class for reading entropy from the OS, which we previously had not done.  We’re using /dev/urandom for OSX and Unix and CryptGenRandom for Windows.

Finally, as part of internal tests, I forced walking while facing the wrong direction.  We might change the penalty into a -.2 movement modifier instead, we’re kinda playing it by ear right now.  But as part of the combat changes we think it might make sense.

Witchmarsh + Progress Report!

May 16, 2014 in Dev Blog, Featured, News

Hey guys!

We’ve finally got Kyren, Armagon, George and myself moved over to the London office. :D OmnipotentEntity is visiting, too! We keep trying to convince him to stay.

I know there’s been lots of concern over progress lately, but now that most of us are in the same space and settling into a steady 9-5 work week, we’re really excited and motivated to focus on more frequent and substantial updates. Kind of amazing how much more can be accomplished by shouting at each other across a room than just pinging someone in IRC. :P

More on that next week, though!



We’re excited to announce that we’re publishing Witchmarsh– a 2D co-op platformer set in 1920s Massachusetts!

Currently in development by Inglenook, Witchmarsh is a gorgeous game that we’ve personally been looking forward to for awhile now. In Witchmarsh, you join a team of detectives in rural 1920s America as they embark on a mission to find and return the missing ‘Witchmarsh twelve’, who vanished under mysterious circumstances. Featuring 2-4 player online co-op as well as a single player mode, Witchmarsh also has an extensive character creation system that allows players to mix and match a large set of attributes, perks, items and weapons.

And tonight they’re launching their Kickstarter campaign!


Witchmarsh is tentatively set to be released in December 2015. We think it’ll appeal to lots of you, so check it out!

@InglenookGames on Twitter

Witchmarsh on Tumblr

Progress on Ships!

May 6, 2014 in Dev Blog, Featured, News

Our artists have posted sneak peaks at the new ship tiers in various places, so I thought I’d give you guys a quick progress update here. :)

Omni’s been working on staffs. Basic implementation is finished and all fireable weapons are now lua-enabled! Randomly generated staffs are planned, but not yet implemented. Finally, YER A WIZARD. Or at least… soon you’ll be able to be sort of a wizard. A science-y space wizard. What could be better than that?

George’s first day in the UK office was today, and he kicked things off by teasing the new Hylotl ship design!


Rho also recently showed off some of the new Floran ship tiers, so now I’m gonna show you all 8! During tiers 1-3 you’ll be doing some repair work, but by tier 4 you get to start adding rooms! Shh, listen, flowers and vines totally work for a space ship exterior as long as you refer to them as spaceflowers and spacevines.


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[STABLE UPDATE] April 25, 2014

April 25, 2014 in News, Patch Notes

We pushed an update to the unstable branch last night!

Update 4/26/14: The unstable branch has been pushed to stable!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Updated OSX build scripts to allow it to work with OSX 10.7+ – Please let us know if this is working for you!
  • Fixed issue where Grappling hook sometimes causes a crash
  • Added new function to lua API to get item descriptor (not just name) from an entity’s hand “entityHandItemDescriptor”
  • Fix visual smelting bug
  • Made preview images flippable for asymmetric tiered doors
  • Fixed issue with build tests

OmnipotentEntity posted about the update on our subreddit earlier today as a head’s up, but I was running around at appointments and wasn’t here to do the changelog until now. Sorry for the late post! There’s a lot more work going on in separate branches that isn’t quite ready for primetime, but this patch is important in that it should allow people with older versions of OSX to be able to play– OSX 10.7.5 compatibility is one of our most common support questions! Additionally, this branch is probably going to be the new “stable” soon.

To maybe preemptively clear up a few questions, here’s a comment Omni posted in aforementioned Reddit thread:

Our automated build server had just got put on a barge to ship to England, so I spent the last 2 weeks or so recreating it with help from kyren. And I ran into a lot of complex issues with respect to OSX because our previous build VM did not support Xeon processors.

Not having a build server is a show stopper. We can’t target all of our platforms, and we can’t upload to Steam without triggering a full redownload of the assets paks, meaning that the update is nearly 600-800 MB instead of 90MB, which if you recall, we got quite a bit of flak for as well.

Additionally, most of the dev team has been either: taking care of the business of moving to another country, this includes lots of back and forth with lawyers, and running errands (ie, not being in front of the computer doing productive work.)

To reiterate: there’s a lot of work being done day-to-day in other branches that isn’t ready to be pushed just yet. It’s just taking a bit longer due to current circumstances.

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a nice weekend. :)


Monster combat changes

April 23, 2014 in Dev Blog, News

Hey guys,

So I thought I’d fill you in on some of the proposed monster changes so we can have a discussion in a similar fashion to the weapon changes.

So first off we’re going to remove knockback on monsters.


Whilst removing knockback makes little sense in the current combat climate. When coupled with additional changes we’re hoping it will lead to more timing based combat and less standing and mashing swing fast enough to knock all the monsters away.

The next change will be to the way monsters try to approach players. Rather than attempting to occupy the same space as the player, they will now aim to move to a position in front of a player. That we’re calling the “attack position”

standing change


On the left you have the old behaviour, where a monster would try it’s best to get as close to the player as possible. Doing damage through touch. On the right you have the monster moving to it’s new attack position where it will eventually lunge forwards in an attack animation into the players space. We’re considering removing touch damage on monsters to assist in this change.

Monsters in the attack position will attack the player after a windup animation, warning the player an attack is coming. Coupled with the removal of knockback, this means the player will have to dodge or block enemy attacks whilst moving into range to deal damage. Blocking is also being reworked.

Rather than shields having a somewhat complex means of mitigating damage. Shields will now have an amount of “health” as one of their stats. When the player blocks an attack with a shield a health indicator will appear above the players head.



Blocking during a monster attack will also cause the monster to be knocked down and stunned for a moment, giving you time to counter attack!

Shield health will regenerate quickly over time. However if your shields health is fully depleted your guard will be temporarily broken and you won’t be able to use the shield until it’s regenerated all the way back to full health.



It will still block the attack that breaks it however.

Blocking at the very last moment before an attack will cause a “shield parry”. In this case you will block the attack but your shield won’t take any damage.

It will also be possible to parry attacks with two handed weapons. However, unlike shields the player won’t be able to hold down the block button to ensure they block an attack, instead they *must* time it correctly or they will be hit.



A parry with a two handed weapon will also cause a stun.

We’re also working on a vast range of skills and attacks for monsters to utilise. Each will have it’s own attack position that the monster will want to move into.

Some monsters will attack faster than others, and combat will be far more reactionary and active.

Let us know what you think

Starbound Progress

April 17, 2014 in Dev Blog, News


I’ve seen some requests for information recently and whilst that info is out there I understand that not everyone uses every medium so I’m trying to make it easier to find.

So why have the Starbound updates slowed down a bit? The reason is two fold and it certainly has nothing to do with us taking the money and running.

The first reason is relocating the team. This is a complex and time consuming process that is (thankfully) almost at an end. We hope to have the entire team over here by the end of the month. Making this work has meant going through the visa process, setting up a work space, finding a new home for each person, team members driving for days to get legal documentation. It’s been a challenge.

Some people tell us that its a waste of time and there is no benefit to working in the same office when tools exist to work remotely. These people are grossly mistaken.

Starbound is a collaborative project and its biggest time overhead right now is communication. We have a team spanning multiple timezones. There are times when the expertise or knowledge of someone that won’t be around for another 8 hours is required for another team member to continue their work. Resulting in working days lost waiting for info. Explaining complex programming or architectural issues online is tricky and takes far longer, having to share files online or rebuild your game binary just to see a suggested change because you are unable to physically see another members PC is time consuming. The list of issues working in the same office will solve is very long.

This hasn’t been an easy decision for anyone. After all these are people dedicated enough to be uprooting their entire lives to come to another country, away from family and friends. Given that Starbound is a profit share they won’t be paid any extra and moving is expensive. But they’re doing it to ensure that Starbound is the best it can be.

The other reason updates have slowed down was the community response to faster updates. People like to point out that we said we would deliver near daily small updates and have failed to do so. They do not however point out that we made the decision to go back to more substantial updates because we were criticised heavily for putting out small updates without much substance (though larger updates were ongoing behind the scenes). Critics argued passionately that updates containing one new sub biome, or new guns, or new structures, or new weather was just pointless fluff and they wanted real ‘game changing’ updates. So we listened and that’s what we went back to focusing on. We’ve been working on building a new progression system, new ship upgrade system, new navigation system, new monster and combat systems, all behind the scenes for one bigger update. Bigger updates take time. You simply can’t have it both ways. Daily updates are small because small updates are all that can be produced in a day.

Once we have the team over in the UK we will be focusing on finishing our large game changing, progression update. Whilst providing bug fixes and small changes to the existing version. As well as pushing out updates unrelated to progression such as combat changes.

I hope this gives you an idea of what’s going on.