8th September Progress

September 9, 2013 in News

Work continues across the board, with lots of work under the hood and some really cool gameplay stuff being added! The double jump tech is pretty much finished save for a little more work on the animation itself. I’ve found myself loading my character with the double jump tech and some gliding gear, gaining an exhilarating sense of freedom as I soar through the open air.

The recently added dash is getting to a really good place right now too, with some really cool animation effects that were added today. It’s proven to be a fantastic tech, particularly for melee-focused characters, due to its utility as both an offensive and defensive ability. Click the image below to see the dash in motion! I recommend allowing it time to fully load so you can see it at its actual speed.

Click it!

Click here to see the dash in action!

That’s all for now, good night everyone!

7th September Progress

September 8, 2013 in News

Afternoon ladies and gents!

Daily updates feel silly lately because where we’re at right now, we’re focusing on just about the same things each day. Sorry for the repetitiveness and repetitive lateness. :D

We’ve got Kyren still working out navigation with the star map and Bartwe working on in-game tech like the double-jump and dash, with artists assisting on animations to make everything look all pretty.

We’re still hard at work on making cool monsters and configuring them to work in-game. I’ll show you a mockup of an unfinished monster called a Divern!


We’re also still working away on dungeons– Armagon put in loads of hours on the prison dungeon this week and has been tweaking some of his older dungeon rooms just a bit because he’s a perfectionist. :P

In other news, we’ve been arguing over who looks better in a dress: me or Tiy. This is really important.

5th and 6th September Progress

September 6, 2013 in News

Alright! In an effort to catch up and stop lagging a day behind on updates, I’ll fill you guys in on the last couple of days. Still pretty brief, but here goes:

-Work continued on unique NPCs! We’ve done loads of them recently! Here’s one:


- Kyren’s been working on constellations! They’re not fully implemented, but they’re getting there. The starmap is huge, and constellations serve as really useful landmarks to get an idea of where you are in the universe. They’re also pretty. :D

- Some more costumes have been added! Here’s a sneak peek at one of those:


- And, as always, more work’s been done on balancing things out and making the game more of a game. I promise we’ll have some more substantial, interesting daily updates really soon!


4th September Progress

September 5, 2013 in News

Hey, sorry for the late update!

Yesterday we made a bunch of progress on unique NPCs. GeorgeV posted one of his creations on Twitter– The Po! One of the game’s sillier enemies, The Po lives in the sewers and they are…made of poop. So there you go. They come in a few variations, but here’s one:



The cutest little poop you’ve ever seen.

Double jump was implemented, which is slightly more complicated than it sounds. One of those really simple but widely used features. We made a bunch of progress on the dungeon Armagon’s been showing off, but we’ve already shown a few screenshots of that and I’d rather not spoil the whole thing.

Today we’re largely on the same track! Working on unique monsters is especially really exciting, because it’s something we haven’t had a chance to concentrate on in awhile.

Til tomorrow!

3rd September Progress

September 4, 2013 in News

Evening folks! Work has continued as usual today with a bunch of stuff being fixed and added across the board. Here’s a quick rundown!

- Lava now appropriately hurts you and even sets on you fire! Ouch!

- That object count just keeps on climbing! A bunch of new objects have been implemented and many others have received tweaks and improvements.

- More unique dungeon NPC progress from our artists!

- New light type added: Spotlights!

- Bug fixes and more optimization! Hooray for better framerates and cleaner sound loops!

- More dungeon work from yours truly!

Speaking as the dungeon guy, the spotlight feature (courtesy of the always-helpful Kyren) is something I’m really pleased to finally have. Essentially we can now have any light-casting object project that light in a cone, much the same way our flashlights do! It sounds like a really mundane feature, but it has opened up a wealth of possibilities in creating truly atmospheric dungeons. I mean, take a look at how much cooler I can make my ship look with just a few spotlights!

Spotlights make for a moody ship!

Up until this point all lights that could be placed in the world simply lit the area immediately around them, regardless of the appearance. I always found it a bit limiting, creatively, and often it just plain wouldn’t make sense (like having a set of floodlights that are clearly pointed one way, casting light behind them as well). It was fine for things like the fire torches that light the more archaic dungeons, but now I’m getting into some of the higher tech locales, where spotlights could and should exist.

I’ve already started putting them to good use in the dungeon I’m currently working on. A prison should be a bit ominous, and spotlights seem to be remarkably effective at creating that effect.

I'm not sure I wanna be here.

That’s probably the last sneak peek you’re going to get of this particular dungeon for a while, so I hope you guys like what you’ve seen so far!

On a personal note I’d like to thank everyone who rocked up to i49 and provided us with so much positive feedback and invaluable criticism. I did not fully appreciate how much people cared about this game until I was granted the opportunity to meet members of our community in Telford. Now, more than ever, I want to make this game the best it can be! Thank you for your continued support; it means a great deal to both myself, and the team!

Good night everybody!
Bean Daddy out!

2nd September Progress

September 2, 2013 in News

- Work was completed on the Savannah biome, including new trees and foliage.

- Improvements were made to the UFO boss

- Movement code was tweaked as part of the implementation of the tech system

- Improvements were made to various areas of the GUI

- Flying monsters were given new animations for their attacks

- New costumes were added

- The game remembers if it was maximised when quit.

- New AI patterns were added

- Work on new dungeons is underway

- A number of bug fixes and performance improvements


1st september progress

September 1, 2013 in News


Work has been done once again! Yesterday we tweaked a lot of npc behaviour and monster skills, trying to get a good balance where combat is fun but challenging, flying monsters in particular got a lot of attention. A lot of talk and concepting were made on bosses as well, i think we have some really nice things coming togethere on that front :) Other than that a lot of work has been made to make the games first few minutes a lot more user friendly, to make sure people don’t get lost on what to do and that the interface makes sense to new players.

I don’t really have anything new to show in game so I’ll just leave you with this:


31st august progress

August 31, 2013 in News

Hi again!

Is this the 31st or the 30th aug progress really? I don’t know, I’m on sweden time and we’ve been working hard! Yesterday we worked on a bunch of visual improvements for the ship mainly to make it easier for new players to navigate and figure out what’s what. Our surface biomes is still getting a lot of finishing touches as well as tier 2 content, everything is going really well!

Code is being done on the ship’s navigation system right now, few things to make sure the player can easily navigate the stars as well as set a planet as your ‘home planet’, making it easy to go back home after exploring the universe. We really want to make it accessible for you, the players to move around through the galaxies and share your experiences with others, coordinates, explorations etc.

New and improved savannah trees!

Bit short of an update today but we’ve got work to do! thanks for reading :)

30th August progress

August 30, 2013 in News

Hi guys,

So I’m trying to get this going regularly again.

Today we largely worked on tier 2 progression. For the most part it’s now complete save for some of the unique items/features that appear in tier 2.

It is however in a place where you can play all the way through tier 2 now.

We spent quite some time figuring out a method of creating steel, an alloy, that would make sense to the player. (The actual process is quite complex).

A bunch of members are still only just getting home and some are recovering from jetlag. But our programmers have got back into the swing of things.

Bartwe massively improved server performance (again!) today.

A bunch of work was done on the navigator, ensuring it’s ready to enable progression through additional tiers.

Full steam ahead!


29th progress

August 29, 2013 in News


Development is now back at pretty much full speed again with most of us back home, we’ve had a busy day making a few balance tweaks after seeing roughly how people play the game the first few minutes for the first time. I’ve also been trying to wrap up the last biome additions on surface level, feels really great to see just how much stuff there is to explore right now! Game progression is another of our top priorities right now, things like what ore spawns where, how and where you unlock new crafting etc.

Code wise I believe some optimizations are being made currently, they all seem to be asleep right now, I’m on sweden time so no real surprise there really! :)

Lastly, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t leave you with a few screenshots, right? Enjoy!

Tower put together from random things from across the universe.


House built from early game materials.

Edit: Right click – view image for now, not sure why the images are unclickable :)