Part Parameters

April 4, 2014 in Dev Blog, News

Today we’ve been working on a new method of defining which skills monsters have access to.

We now have master lists that tie skills to monster body parts. Rather than configuring the skills on a per body part basis.

This makes it far easier for us to test individual skills and we’re going to use it to begin building lots of new monster attacks for increased variety.




We’ve also been working on the new Psi-staff weapon type we mentioned in previous posts and adding secondary attacks to weaponry.

We loved reading through everyone’s feedback on the weapons yesterday, there was lots of useful information in there. So today I’m going to ask specifically for suggestions for monster skills/attacks.



More Combat stuff

April 2, 2014 in Dev Blog, News

So for our first combat change push (coming to unstable today/tomorrow most likely). Here are the following changes for discussion.

- Axes, shortswords, daggers, spears and some miscellaneous weapons are now aimable


- Broadswords and Hammers remain non directional but have long range and a big swing arc

- The swoosh speed is faster, meaning greater timing required (Need to test this with latency online)

- Monsters have been made 50% slower across the board. Monsters still have different speeds based on their legs however, so spider legged monsters still run much faster than the others.

- Monster jump height has been reduced

- Monsters feel heavier and knockback has been tweaked


Here are some known issues

- The rotational arm sprite breaks when it’s behind the player

- The spear is now far too good, it has always had greater damage than other weapons given how hard it has been to hit monsters with it.

- There is a small delay ( a couple miliseconds) between hitting a monster and the monster reacting with knockback we need to look at removing


Here are some planned additions

- Two handed weapons will get secondary attacks

- Broadswords will have a short (you can’t hold it indefinitely) timed block

- Hammers will have a new swipe that does lower damage for increased knockback

- Spears are open to discussion

- A new weapon class the psi-staff is coming. A device that amplifies psychic ability to produce magic like effects. Gameplay wise this will spawn various projectiles at your mouse cursor, you’ll need to click and hold down the attack button to charge the staff before a projectile appears and moving will cancel the charge.

- Making common guns more common and legendary guns more rare

- Increasing the differences between different guns



Ship upgrades and some new shots of the office

April 1, 2014 in Dev Blog, News

So I’m being asked a lot lately when ship upgrades are going to be pushed to the public.

The answer is not for a while yet. The reason being that they’re part of a massive progression update that we’re working on along side the small updates we keep pushing to steam.

Once that progression update is complete you’ll get the ship upgrades plus a whole lot more.


You can find six new photos of our office here:

Office beta 3!


still not finished, but getting close! It’ll be full of Chucklefish staff this/next month!

Upcoming combat changes

April 1, 2014 in Dev Blog, News

So combat has been on the list of things to revamp for some time and we’re currently implementing and tweaking a bunch of the combat mechanics based on feedback.

Implemented so far:

* directional melee weapons. You now aim your swing with the mouse cursor. Some mods attempted to make melee weapons directional in the past and although these mods repositioned the weapons hitbox they didn’t rotate it. We now have a true implementation of aimable melee.

*weapon ‘swoosh’ stays on screen for  a shorter amount of time making you time your swing precisely

*monsters move roughly 50% slower

*monsters feel heavier

*monsters jump less high

*knock back adjusted

I’ll be continuing to work on combat for a couple of weeks and will be updating on progress regularly. Feedback is welcome. I’ll be pushing updates to combat on the unstable branch fairly often so you can give it a try.



March 28, 2014 in Dev Blog, Featured, News, Patch Notes

(That song is stuck in your head now– you’re welcome.)

Good morning/afternoon/evening, guys! Happy Friday to you.

This week’s been a slow week. I think there’s been some misinformation leading to people thinking that everyone’s already moved over to the UK and has settled into office life, this is not actually the case! Those of us who are moving are doing so in mid-April to early May, so while Tiy and some of our other UK employees have set up the office and have been working there, a lot of us have been scrambling around collecting necessary documents and preparing to move our lives across the ocean. Several team members were doing that this week (or coming back from GDC, or breaking their tailbones, or just moving house in the US).

I know, I know, we’ve been talking about this stuff for ages now and you don’t care, you want a big update. Sorry.

To that end, we have been working all week on bigger progression updates– some of which you may have seen teaser images of already– and will be pushing another smaller update hopefully later today, which I will post about separately once it’s up. Aforementioned teaser images:


Ship upgrades are finally coming soon to a Starbound near you! You’ll soon start out with a ship that looks like it’s on its last legs (above, click for full size), gradually upgrading to something a bit more forboding. The example above is an Avian ship. :)


We’re also working to improve navigation, giving you access to more useful info about planets. Answers to the important questions, like, “Will my beautiful sunlit forest cottage be unceremoniously crushed under the weight of an enormous meteor?” Here’s a WIP screenshot of the new UI (above).

And, as Tiy posted in an update earlier today, we’ve been working on the monster gen for very large flying/swimming monsters. They look cooooool and I am excited.

Work on monster gen

March 28, 2014 in Dev Blog, Media, News



Some examples of new large water/large flying monster gen types coming to the game some time in the not too distant future.

[UNSTABLE] Update March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014 in News, Patch Notes

Hey! We’re making another upload to the unstable branch today– just small updates, with one semi-important scripting fix that affects mostly mods (which is why we’d like it to go out quickly).


  • Temporarily disable image.cache (was accidentally re-enabled) pending incorporation into pak files
  • Fix Lua <-> C++ conversion with maps consisting of integers
  • net_socket_test, since it no longer waits on a specific packet type, had a race condition bug (fixed)


  • Weather conditions (embers, space junk, minor edits to windstorm)
  • Greenhouse random encounter, with lovely little flower beds :D (not craftable yet, but you can go steal them from a greenhouse!)



As usual, let us know in the comments if anything goes horribly wrong!

( Crash logs make it infinitely easier for us to diagnose and fix bugs!  Your crash log is a file called starbound.log located in your Starbound directory, which you can find by right-clicking the game in Steam and clicking Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files. Open up the crash log, copy its contents, paste them into Pastebin and give us the link. :) )

Chucklefish are Hiring

March 19, 2014 in News

Hello guys,

So Chucklefish have are hiring for a bunch of positions across 2 different projects.


- We’re currently taking applications for lua scripters to assist in the development of Starbound. This includes writing scripts for new tech, monster behaviours, weapons and more. Ideally able to attend our offices in London, but a remote position is a possibility for an ideal candidate.


Unnamed Pirate Project

Chucklefish are putting together a second team to produce a new title on a revenue share basis.

Taking a pirate theme and mixing in roguelike elements with procedurally generated zelda style dungeon running, RPG and multiplayer gameplay.

We’re looking for a range of different skills including

- 2D artists capable of a range of different styles including the ability to animate

- Programmers with knowledge of a range of languages, ideally with completed projects of some kind to show

- Sound designers

- level designers

- Other generally wonderful, talented people

Both local (in office) and remote positions are available.

mockup_with_chars  sketches1 char_sketches2


If interested send your CV / why you should be involved to business AT chucklefish DOT org


[STABLE] Update March 18th, 2014

March 18, 2014 in Featured, News, Patch Notes

Updating to let you guys know that everything listed in the previous [UNSTABLE] update has been pushed to the [STABLE] beta branch. We have pushed the big red button. :D


Please let us know in the comments below if you’re experiencing bugs/crashes new to this patch. Keep in mind that we can’t account for bugs or crashes caused by incompatible mods.

Crash logs make it infinitely easier for us to diagnose and fix bugs!  Your crash log is a file called starbound.log located in your Starbound directory, which you can find by right-clicking the game in Steam and clicking Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files. Open up the crash log, copy its contents, paste them into Pastebin and give us the link. :)

[UNSTABLE] Updates March 14th, 2014

March 14, 2014 in Featured, News, Patch Notes

Hey guys! We’ve been working a lot on progression this week, but that stuff’s not quite ready to be pushed yet. We have pushed a small update to unstable, though! No updates to the stable branch, as we’ve still got a bug or two to fix first. We’ll be making one more upload tonight, and then hopefully pushing an update to stable on Monday.

Remember to report any new bugs (relevant to this update) in the comments below!

  • More edge case lua <-> C++ work
  • Made songbook UI more compact
  • 2 new weathers! (ground mist and wind storm)
  • Several more Agaran encounters and objects

I’m only allowed to show you the tiniest of teaser images for the encounters (below), BUT you should check out this month’s newsletter for more news about the Agarans, cool mods, and the return of monthly wallpapers. :)