February 2 – More Bugfixes

February 3, 2015 in Dev Blog, Patch Notes

Another day, another small update. Here’s what we’re addressing in this patch:

  • Change Erchius Horror phase 3 to not cross the beams
  • More sign fixes
  • More changes to container sizes
  • Fix cooked fish hand position
  • Fix more issues with keybinding international keyboard layouts
  • Fix bug where NPCs were killed by breaking beds
  • Updated more human armor graphics
  • 3D printer shouldn’t show prices for items that can’t be scanned
  • Fix monsters being hit while dying
  • Fix wired objects being wired to themselves
  • Fix a graphical glitch in aurora parallax
  • Fix bugs with spawn adjustment and don’t allow spawning in liquids
  • Fix a graphical bug where some monsters’ animation parts displayed the wrong image
  • Fix universe server world corruption due to double world loading
  • Adjust rarity of food items
  • Fix hue shifting some stone types which prevented cobblestone from stacking properly
  • Fix effects for player damage and energy depletion / regeneration

Winter Update – Bugfixes

February 2, 2015 in Dev Blog, Patch Notes

As many of you have noticed, we’ve released several small updates to the Stable branch since last week’s big patch. These have mostly been bug fixes, but since a lot of people have asked for a changelog, here it is!

  • Fix a crash when trying to keybind unrecognized keys
  • Fix masking on headband for avian beaks
  • Fix a button position overlap in sign store GUI
  • Fix border detection on adjacent signs
  • Fix some bugs with cat AI
  • Fix exploit with Dreadwing not properly aggroing player at long range
  • Change default ‘hide interface’ binding to avoid overlapping with Steam screenshot key; now uses Alt + Z
  • Update a few more human armor designs
  • Alien biomes now properly apply radiation status
  • Fix scrollable list widgets starting at bottom
  • Fix reversed alphabetical sorting in songbook
  • Fix a crash due to inconsistent animation sorting in networked animator
  • Change a number of container sizes to better match their object sizes
  • Fix a 32 – 64 bit compatibility issue
  • Fix bug with servers not properly clearing temporary files
  • Fix a few other miscellaneous server and client crashes


We’ve also just released another small patch, including:

  • New fireableItem Lua API
  • Fix erroneous hotkeys listed in paint tool / wire tool descriptions
  • Restore Nanostove to portable pixel printer unlocks
  • Fix asset loading errors on several Windows versions including XP, pre-SP2 Vista, 10 preview
  • Change Windows file locking to allow multiple simultaneous client instances
  • Fix a bug sending excessive inactive client disconnect requests

Hark, a Stable Update! v. Upbeat Giraffe

January 28, 2015 in Dev Blog, Featured, Patch Notes

Good evening, all!

At long last, we’re updating Starbound’s stable branch later today. Thanks so much for your continued patience, support and feedback! Check below the cut for a list of major changes since the last stable update back in March 2014.

– Starting tonight at 6PM GMT, Starbound will be 25% off on Steam for 48 hours. <3


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23 January 2015 – A busy week!

January 23, 2015 in Dev Blog, News, Uncategorized

Hey guys, Supernorn here!

I noticed we haven’t updated on the main page in a few days, sorry about that! we’ve just been really busy this week working on a whole bunch of things.

This week we continued to work on the microdungeons, collectively we’ve created over 150! Armagon is very close to finishing implementing them all into the game.

With microdungeons finished up, I moved onto some more parallax environment art. I’ve replaced the existing volcanic parallax with something a little more detailed. Let me know what you think!



We’ve also started some early work on implementing giant monster generation. These monsters will probably replace minibosses, and will have their own death animations. Here’s a very early look at them ingame:

2 3

Another new thing you’ll find while digging underground, smashable rocks, containing various different  ores!




While the coders have been fixing bugs and other issues, Kyren has been working hard on some more optimisation fixes.

We’re getting very very close to releasing a build to stable, give us your feedback in http://playstarbound.com/nightly-feedback/ – We’ll be hanging out there during work hours!

Until next time!


January 19th – You’re Not The Boss of Me

January 20, 2015 in Dev Blog

This last week programmer Healthire and I have been working on another new boss for the next update. I don’t want to show too much, but let’s just say you battle this one a bit differently compared to other Starbound bosses.



That place looks familiar. Where could this battle be taking place? You can play through this when it’s completed in the next stable patch, or you can take a sneak peek in the nightly right now.

Until next time!

January 15 – Microdungeons!

January 15, 2015 in Dev Blog, News


For the past week and a half, a bunch of us have been busy adding many more microdungeons to the game.

These will be small to medium sized areas that you’ll discover while exploring beneath the surface. Right now we have about 100 of these microdungeons prepared for implementation. Here’s a few examples:





Until next time!

New font!

January 13, 2015 in News

Hey Guys!

We’ve spent some time today updating the Starbound font amongst other things.

Hopefully this font should be easier to read, contains some fun symbols and also contains a huge amount more special characters.

It’ll also be useful in the upcoming custom controls GUI.



Still have the buttons to update, but here’s how SAIL looks now..


Exciting Post About Exciting Things

January 7, 2015 in Dev Blog

As Tiy mentioned in his last post, we’re now back in the office after a refreshing holiday and back to work preparing for a stable update. Hooray!

There are a few things that we need to address before the update will be ready. One is, of course, bug fixes. We’ve been looking at your feedback and bug reports over the break, and this week I’m focusing on working through as many of these miscellaneous issues as possible while we get up to speed. Today I cleaned up a number of annoying things with staves and bows, such as: players being forced to walk/stand when cycling weapons, right click charging but not firing, being able to charge (and being forced to walk) without energy, etc. I’m hoping to get through most of this rapidly shrinking issue list by the end of the week.

After that we’ve got a few large-ish but clear tasks. We need to balance the effectiveness of armor against very high and low rate of fire weapons. Kyren will be doing everything she can to improve performance for both servers and clients. Omni will be fixing the parallax transitions between layers. Artists are adding more micro dungeons and miscellaneous content to improve variety of exploration, particularly underground. If we have time, we’d also like to add a key binding GUI and possibly some form of planet bookmarking or teleportation. Once all that’s done, we can finally update the stable branch, and move on to more new and exciting features!

We’re back

January 5, 2015 in News

Hi guys,

Happy 2015! We’re back in the office now and we’re hard at work on moving the unstable update to stable and fixing a few issues.

In the mean time I wanted to address some of the current problems we’re aware of and explain how we’re going to deal with those problems for 1.0

Guns do too little damage

Currently guns do too little damage, particularly guns with a high rate of fire. This is a known problem and it’s largely down to the way protection works currently. Guns that shoot a small amount of damage rapidly for an overall high DPS are unfairly mitigated due to how protection functions. We’re looking at fixing the way protection handles small damage values for the stable release.

Mining is a little dull

Mining at the moment is a little uneventful and a bit of a grind. We plan to remedy this by vastly increasing the number of underground encounters, dungeons and microdungeons you’ll encounter whilst mining. Many of these dungeons will contain some of the loot you’re looking for whilst mining and save you from simply tinking away at blocks for hours on end. We’re also going to increase the range of monsters underground to mix up the experience and look into benefits for sustaining existing mines.

There’s no reason to build on a planet

Currently there’s very little reason to settle on a planet, given the utility of the ship and the amount of space it has available to it on upgrading. We plan to remedy this in a number of different ways. Firstly, we’re going to add a planet bookmark/teleportation system. This will allow you to get directly from your ship to a base you’ve set up on a planet instantly and without travelling to that planet first. Next there will be utilities and crafting resources that won’t function on your ship and will require an on planet base. Finally there will be alternative progression paths that directly require buildings of various kinds. The nomadic nature of settling in your ship is directly in support of the combat/adventure progression path.

Monster path finding is bad

We’ve made so many changes to monsters and their abilities that their path finding has suffered a lot. We’re going to be working on it and retooling it for the next stable release. Hopefully by then the monsters should be substantially smarter.

Hunger and/or temperature is gone

We made the decision to remove hunger and temperature as stats because we weren’t happy with their current implementation. They’ll be back in some form for harder difficulty levels

There’s only one path through the game

Right now adventuring and combat is more or less a requirement if you want to progress. We intend to change that with farming and building progression paths. We’d like you to be able to progress through the game with barely any combat or questing required. These paths will likely be distinct from one another so you’re able to progress through all of them individually over time.

Quests are too fetchy/there aren’t enough quests

The current quests are fetchy because we needed to create a quest line with the engine features we currently have available to us. We’re going to be expanding quests in a big way and many of the quests currently available are placeholder. With more quest triggers we can massively expand the kind of quests available to us and we’re going to be adding some form of procedurally generated quests too.


THE MORE YOU KNOW… about the Unstable Update

December 19, 2014 in Dev Blog

Hey there!

We’re pushing the changes mentioned in our recent trailer to the unstable branch tonight– rejoice! Anyone who’s been playing the nightly builds won’t see a huge difference, but anyone who makes the switch from stable to unstable will see some pretty massive changes.

So here’s what you need to know about the unstable update, starting with…

How to Switch to the Unstable Branch

There’s a handy tutorial right here about how to switch to the unstable or nightly branch of the beta. Be sure to follow the instructions to switch to unstable. :)

World/Character File Compatibility

If you choose to switch to the unstable branch, please know that your characters and worlds will not yet be compatible with the latest version of the game.  Your old characters and worlds will still be there, but the unstable branch will use a different storage location than the stable branch for the time being, while we work out how to upgrade old characters.

We will try to maintain save file compatibility within unstable as much as possible, but it will depend on what sort of changes we have to make during unstable, so we cant make any promises.

If you are currently running nightly, then you probably already know how everything works already.  FYI The unstable branch will use a ‘storage_unstable’ directory while we work on compatibility with stable.

Known Issues:

  • Many progression quests aren’t final, some are placeholders for future missions
  • Combat balance is still WIP
  • Performance issues, particularly in dense areas like dungeons and the outpost
  • Background parallaxes have problematic transitions between world layers, e.g. oceans
  • Pixel costs and rewards not yet balanced
  • Interface windows (containers, AI, etc) can remain open after switching worlds or moving away from the triggering object
  • Cooking recipes for tier 5 and 6 crops need to be implemented
  • Crops sometimes get out of sync when grown on ship
  • Enemy hit/death sounds sometimes fail to play
  • Some errors in enemy movement and pathfinding
  • Rare crash when removing items from containers, appears as “(InventoryException) Not allowed to discard stack when locked.”
  • The launcher, on some people’s machines, will spew dll errors about missing ordinals.  This is not fatal however, and the launcher will still work after you close them.
  • And a whole lot more (probably)

We’ll keep everyone posted as we make more updates and plans evolve, but thank you all for being so patient!  Have fun!