1st september progress

September 1, 2013 in News


Work has been done once again! Yesterday we tweaked a lot of npc behaviour and monster skills, trying to get a good balance where combat is fun but challenging, flying monsters in particular got a lot of attention. A lot of talk and concepting were made on bosses as well, i think we have some really nice things coming togethere on that front :) Other than that a lot of work has been made to make the games first few minutes a lot more user friendly, to make sure people don’t get lost on what to do and that the interface makes sense to new players.

I don’t really have anything new to show in game so I’ll just leave you with this:


31st august progress

August 31, 2013 in News

Hi again!

Is this the 31st or the 30th aug progress really? I don’t know, I’m on sweden time and we’ve been working hard! Yesterday we worked on a bunch of visual improvements for the ship mainly to make it easier for new players to navigate and figure out what’s what. Our surface biomes is still getting a lot of finishing touches as well as tier 2 content, everything is going really well!

Code is being done on the ship’s navigation system right now, few things to make sure the player can easily navigate the stars as well as set a planet as your ‘home planet’, making it easy to go back home after exploring the universe. We really want to make it accessible for you, the players to move around through the galaxies and share your experiences with others, coordinates, explorations etc.

New and improved savannah trees!

Bit short of an update today but we’ve got work to do! thanks for reading :)

30th August progress

August 30, 2013 in News

Hi guys,

So I’m trying to get this going regularly again.

Today we largely worked on tier 2 progression. For the most part it’s now complete save for some of the unique items/features that appear in tier 2.

It is however in a place where you can play all the way through tier 2 now.

We spent quite some time figuring out a method of creating steel, an alloy, that would make sense to the player. (The actual process is quite complex).

A bunch of members are still only just getting home and some are recovering from jetlag. But our programmers have got back into the swing of things.

Bartwe massively improved server performance (again!) today.

A bunch of work was done on the navigator, ensuring it’s ready to enable progression through additional tiers.

Full steam ahead!


29th progress

August 29, 2013 in News


Development is now back at pretty much full speed again with most of us back home, we’ve had a busy day making a few balance tweaks after seeing roughly how people play the game the first few minutes for the first time. I’ve also been trying to wrap up the last biome additions on surface level, feels really great to see just how much stuff there is to explore right now! Game progression is another of our top priorities right now, things like what ore spawns where, how and where you unlock new crafting etc.

Code wise I believe some optimizations are being made currently, they all seem to be asleep right now, I’m on sweden time so no real surprise there really! :)

Lastly, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t leave you with a few screenshots, right? Enjoy!

Tower put together from random things from across the universe.


House built from early game materials.

Edit: Right click – view image for now, not sure why the images are unclickable :)

I49 wrapup!

August 27, 2013 in News

Hey everyone!

Home at long last after the event, bit jetlagged and a bit tired but what an amazing couple of days it has been!

First off I’d like to thank everyone who helped us getting set up at the booth, all the people who borrowed us computers, wires, the TV’s (game looks sooo good in 100″ full HD), all the people watching the livestreams at home and a huge special thank you to everyone who came by to say hi, played the game and gave us feedback! We really appreciate it!

The build we used for the event had a lot of stuff disabled, because well, spoilers! Still there were a few players who picked up on the game really fast and did some super impressive stuff, for example I saw two guys travelling to an incredibly cold arctic planet where they built a small base underground between two oceans, surviving just barely with the limited amount of gear they found, trying to stay warm enough not to freeze and fighting to stay alive from monsters of a fair bit higher level than themselves. Just a small thing really but it made me feel good about the game both catering to the more casual players as well as the more hardcore fanbase :) Personally I almost always want to play on hardcore mode when I play games just because i love the excitement of being able to lose it all if I mess up! (some people probably saw me dying a lot on one of the panels we did, sorry about that, we couldn’t actually clone the game screen to the computer so I had to look at the screen behind me to play which was a bit disorienting as well as using a foreign keyboard layout).

First day we had a small texture bug that caused the game to run out of memory, no big deal but we had to restart the game occasionally, as soon as we saw it the coders fixed the issue and we updated all of the builds on the computers after closing the booth for the night, and just to clear up any confusion we had turned off saving because we didn’t really intend for people to play for too long as we had a huuuuge amount of people wanting to test, some of them travelling across the world just to try it out, big <3 to you guys!

For all those who couldn’t be there I’m hoping to get the team together for a small run through of some of the content, we did a 4v4 hunger games PVP after closing on saturday but I’m sure some of you wanted to see more of the game as well so I will be talking to the rest of our team and try to get that sorted, we all need a bit of rest and some of the team still isn’t home yet so I dont want to promise anything just yet or set a time, hopefully you’ll understand! Other than that development will be back to normal and if you have any questions I’ll stick around for a bit in the comments section of this post and try to answer some of them!

And now, some random photos from my phone:



Molly talking to Machinima


Huge crowd watching Yogscast play the game!


Omni and Armagon playing Dance Dance Revolution, Omni got the #1 high score on the machine. one of the best thing I’ve seen!

And that’s it from me! again, huge thanks to our amazing community for making this possible <3 you all!

Starbound World Premiere at Insomnia 49

August 24, 2013 in News

Update: The event has ended. You can find a recording of it on Twitch and YouTube.

Hey all,

One of your resident forum admins here to provide a quick update while the devs are away.

As a lot of you are probably aware, most of the team is at the Insomnia Gaming Festival in the UK this weekend where the world premiere of Starbound is to be held in approximately 1 hour (at 1:00PM local time, which I’ve been told is GMT+1) featuring a “Let’s Play Live” event with the Yogscast.

This event will be streamed on Multiplay’s Twitch channel, located at http://www.twitch.tv/multiplay. A recording of the event should be available afterwards for those who cannot watch the event live.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the stream from yesterday’s “Introduction to Starbound” panel with Armagon, Legris, and Bartwe if you haven’t already. This event featured Legris playing the game for about 30 minutes with Armagon commentating his playthrough, followed by a short Q&A session. You can find a recording of that stream on Twitch as well as YouTube. Please note that there are some sound issues (i.e. reverb/echo) at the start of the video, but they are resolved approximately 15 minutes into the video.

And with that, I’m out. See ya!

22nd and 23rd progress

August 24, 2013 in News

Hi guys,

I’m writing this from my phone so I need to keep it brief but missing a day was filling me with guilt.

Yesterday we spent the day setting up our exhibition space. A bunch of us were awake until 6am setting up all the hardware and making sure things work. We had a great time though and preparing definitely helped us today.

We ran the exhibition over 8pcs, one of which was hooked up to two 50 inch monitors which looked glorious. It was wonderful to meet so many of you face to face and hear your thoughts on our work and your ideas.

We spent the rest of the evening preparing for tomorrow’s demonstration. (We discovered a last minute crash bug that appears on the exact hardware configuration used at the venue) we attempted to fix it but please forgive us if there are any crashes tomorrow, we’re all very nervous.

Tomorrow I’ll make sure I post some photos of the team and the booth for you. But for now I’m desperate for sleep. I hope I meet some more of you tomorrow!

20th August Progress

August 21, 2013 in News

Morning people!

Woke up to see no post on the front page so I figured I’ll try to fill you in on the latest, about to catch my flight to attend i49 however so I’ll make it a short one! Day has been spent mostly play testing and hunting for ugly bugs, anything showing up in error logs, trying to test as many items as possible to see if any graphics might look weird etc, it’s such a content filled game that things like that can be really hard to miss, and, surely some stuff has still eluded us!

As an example we found a few crops had a missing frame, took us a minute to fix, but it’s all about finding it in the first place.

Some slight UI changes as well, pushing ‘X’ now swaps to what we call default hands, where you put anything or nothing – it’s a quick and easy way to switch to your sword and shield or maybe your flashlight, very handy!


Alright, time to head for the airport, I’ll just leave you with this. Hope to see some of you at i49!

19th August Progress

August 20, 2013 in News

Hello World,

Today was all about playtesting the i49 demo and fixing the last few high importance bugs we could find.

Ore distribution got improved to make it easier to find iron.
Starter gear got a few small tweaks.
Fixed a rare bug that could crash the game if the window was resized.
The AI of one of the bosses got improved.

Not too many new additions were made to avoid introducing last minute bugs.

Now it’s time to pack some clothes and get ready to fly to the UK, can’t wait :)


18th August Progress

August 19, 2013 in News

Hi guys,

So today has been almost entirely bug fixes. We’re gearing up for our public showing at i49 so it’s bug squash city right now.

I’m going to do this changelog style because bug fixes really aren’t that interesting.

We managed a massive server speed increase.

Molly fixed some bugs with rice plants she was implementing.

Toggling between full screen + windowed no longer stops the music.

Tools are disabled during respawn animation.

A bunch of error handling was added across the board.

A new monster death animation was added.

A bunch of new food recipes were added.

The boss got a million tweaks and fixes, but I can’t really tell you about them!

The material bag part of the inventory got a clearer icon.

New DPS leveling curves were added.

We fixed a bunch of inventory bugs related to adding the second inventory page.

We fixed a bug with cascading blocks missing a texture when coloured differently to the default.

A bunch more small flying monster parts were added.

A bunch of changes to the way characters are saved.

And many smaller bug fixes.

I’m really looking forwards to having a complete, polished tier 1. Each additional tier after tier 1 essentially adds one new major gameplay changing feature. Many of which are almost done. It also adds a bunch of new items, armors, etc. All of which are already done. So it puts us in a great position to finish up the game. I’m also super excited to be meeting a bunch of you at i49 and hearing your feedback.