23 January 2015 – A busy week!

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Hey guys, Supernorn here!

I noticed we haven’t updated on the main page in a few days, sorry about that! we’ve just been really busy this week working on a whole bunch of things.

This week we continued to work on the microdungeons, collectively we’ve created over 150! Armagon is very close to finishing implementing them all into the game.

With microdungeons finished up, I moved onto some more parallax environment art. I’ve replaced the existing volcanic parallax with something a little more detailed. Let me know what you think!



We’ve also started some early work on implementing giant monster generation. These monsters will probably replace minibosses, and will have their own death animations. Here’s a very early look at them ingame:

2 3

Another new thing you’ll find while digging underground, smashable rocks, containing various different  ores!




While the coders have been fixing bugs and other issues, Kyren has been working hard on some more optimisation fixes.

We’re getting very very close to releasing a build to stable, give us your feedback in http://playstarbound.com/nightly-feedback/ – We’ll be hanging out there during work hours!

Until next time!


July 21 – Novakids on the block

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Hey guys! Supernorn here with a small update just to let you know what I’ve been up to the last few days..

As most of you know, the Novakid were one of last years reached stretch goals, a super cool playable race of “interstellar gas-bag people”.

Towards the end of last week I started the process on getting these gassy guys n’ girls into the game. Today I’ve continued preparing the base sprites, creating hair styles, facial brands etc.

It’s a first step in what will be a fairly content heavy project, but I was excited to show you a little early work in progress of what I’ve got going right now.




Jun 30

June 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Short one, what I’ve been up to lately:

Made AI actually perform events and gave it a proper action cost system, includes things like spawning items into the ship locker and upgrading ships.  Involved pretty significant re-work of ship upgrades tracking.

With metadept, made more changes to the way biomes and spawn profiles are paired, and more info can go into the spawn profile on the biome, going to be used for things like tying specific color palettes to monsters within a biome.

Fixed interface bugs with the cockpit and E key and input priority handling

Fixed bug with current versioning upgrade scripts (still broken for stable -> nightly, lots more work to do)

Fixed fuel, after I (purposefully) broke it making the ship upgrades work with the AI.

STARTED work on a new system for essential items like the beamaxe.  Rather than having the beamaxe be an item that can’t be thrown away, there will be several essential slots below the L and R slots that hold the beamaxe, paint tool, and wire tool.  They will act like slots in the action bar, but are less like items and more like permanent player upgrades.  Also, we’ve gotten rid of the system that applied status effects for items sitting in the inventory.

Also lots more boring stuff with the spawner and fixing other internal issues and bugs (or so my git log tells me).

‘Nother Update, new “unstable” branch on steam.

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So there will be a new update coming down the pipe soon, and there’s a couple of bits here that need explaining.

We’re changing the way we do releases slightly.  There will be a new “unstable” branch which you can select on steam, which will receive updates sooner than the regular branch that you get when you install starbound.  Anybody who is interested in helping us test the releases is encouraged to try it out, but please please note that unstable may destroy your saves and be generally, well, unstable.  Yes, we know this is a testing branch for our beta, which is also for testing, but we’re trying to keep the big ugly data destroying bugs to a minimum so we figure this will help.  We put some tests in your tests so you can test while you… anyway,

The next thing that needs mentioning… update sizes!  It seems every time there is a starbound update it’s 500 – 700 MB, regardless of how tiny it is.  This is due to two things:, One, our windows binaries had full debugging information because (for silly technical reasons) that was the only way we could get stacktraces from crashes.  Well, not anymore!  Windows binaries are now built at debug level 1 (as opposed to 2) which means that instead of starbound.exe being 450MB it’s more like 30MB.  So there’s that.

The OTHER thing that was causing large updates was our pak file system.  Whenever we updated pak files, we tended to completely rebuild the pak file with just a file or two changed, which was enough to make the steam binary diff system go bonkers and just basically re-download the whole file again.  This is also fixed!  We now add to the pak file in place, so minimal changes occur (and at the end of the file) that make steam deltas very small.  This is important as we want to start doing more frequent content updates (as we’ve mentioned).

That’s the good news, the BAD news is that in order to make this happen, you’re going to have to download the entire pak file again, so the first update will kinda suck (pak file format change).  But, it should get better after that.  To all those that have bandwidth caps, I’m very sorry :(

The update should include several bugfixes and updates to heck, the treasure horde, and the skyrails system at least, probably post a full changelog later.  The update will hit ‘unstable’ tonight, and probably ‘stable’ tomorrow depending on how things go.


Enraged Koala Hotfix / Content update #5

February 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Another small update to Enraged Koala, fixes the alpha sector not being unlocked and some other small-ish bugfixes.

Adds a new Heck biome, which for technical reasons will change the universe generation process, so if you have a world and you want to keep your world accessible, make sure to go visit it before grabbing the latest patch so it’s stored in the new celestial database.  Similarly, to find the new heck biome you may have to travel to a world on the map you haven’t seen before.

Some other items and things were added, but not sure if they’re accessible yet.

Quick update

September 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just to keep you in the loop, they only sent us the router today. They’re bringing our connection online on the 26th.

13 September Update

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GeorgeV here.  Today I’m going to talk about a small change (still in testing) that we’ve done due to some experiences at i49.

Basically the demo at the booth went pretty smoothly except for one detail.  Towards the beginning of the game some players would get a bit confused.  The first thing you’re supposed to do when you get on the ship is read the quest that you’re being offered.  It ideally would direct you to the ship’s locker where all of your gear is.  However, apparently the ship locker wasn’t obvious enough and many players simply beamed straight down to the planet without gear and without knowing what to do.  Some players simply didn’t know where the ship’s locker is or what the different objects on the ship were leading to stuff like beaming down on accident.

The good news though is once they got past that bump in the road generally everyone was easily able to play and have a good time.  So us booth people would only need to check up on new players to make sure they didn’t get confused and beam down to the planet too early.

So we’ve thought up a few ways to address this issue.  One step is simply labeling!  Yeah, the text is a bit… texty but when it comes to playability maybe easier is better?  The booth at i49 was practically a first Beta test as we discovered several things us Devs overlooked.  It makes me look forward to the Beta Testing even more!


Hopefully now it’ll be painfully obvious what everything on the ship is.  And it’s been brought up that it might be TOO texty and obvious so who knows, maybe we’ll change it.  We are still in the testing phase after all!  We also might use other systems to help make the “tutorial” even easier such as quest markers or anything that’ll help people unfamiliar with Starbound get around and play our game (at least for the early part of it).


Anyways, that’s that!  See you next time.  Feel free to discuss the “texty” looks.  Everything is subject to change.  :)


4th August Progress

August 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello again,

Despite today being Sunday, quite a lot happened today!  I’m a bit tired at the moment so I’m going to run through this pretty quick:

More progress on the tier 1 boss!  There are little sub-boss creatures that it spawns and they have some basic behavior now, as well as other fixes / improvements.

Tiy put in a brand new monster generator!

Bartwe (with a small assist from me) continued working on bugfixes and trying his mad dash of trying to get starbound working under Visual Studio.  There’s a good reason we’re doing this, and it’s because the way we compile on windows is getting old and finicky and creaky (MinGW) and it’s causing us a lot of headaches.  Well, to be frank supporting even the latest latest MSVC compiler is giving us headaches too, but it’s nice to have options :P  This I think is JUST about working finally, so woo.

Omni worked on some weapon tweaks and more bugfixes today.

Artists did artisty things with a few new objects and UI work.

And I pushed a fun new feature… The lighting for morning / midday / evening / night is now much more configurable and also configurable per biome / star.  This sort of completes omni’s previous work with getting lighting colored based on the planet’s star, except now the background sky and parallaxes and all the things not lit in the main world layer are also colored and match nicely, and the effect is overall really good.


Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 1.55.14 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 1.54.42 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 1.54.39 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 1.54.34 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 1.54.19 AM


Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 1.49.08 AMScreen Shot 2013-08-05 at 1.49.18 AMScreen Shot 2013-08-05 at 1.48.50 AM


25th June Progress

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Waz everyone! I guess it’s my turn to supply you with the daily update!

It’s a small-ish update today – Tiy continues his description marathon. So far all of the Apex objects are done and each have 7 different descriptions for every race, which we tested ingame today. It was actually pretty fun! A lot of the objects have descriptions that tie into each other – examining a cupboard as an Apex would reminisce about a past rebellion, but examining it as a Glitch would notice a hidden camera inside.

Even though D3D was implemented yesterday, it had a couple of bugs that needed to be combed over, so thanks to Kyren it’s totally completely in and working now. I tried it myself a few hours ago – the performance is very noticeable as a Windows user.

Furniture work continues – between George and I, we’ve completed all of the tier-based furniture bar the final tier, which we’re trying to find a theme suitably awesome enough to merit the highest tier. Each tier will have a basic set of craftable furniture, and we’ve tried to get as many themes as we can into it, ranging from antique cast-iron, to futuristic sci-fi, to spikes and eyeballs. The sets consist of: Chair, Table, Switch/Console, Bed, Light and Door. I also did a bit of work on the player ships, which are one away from being completely finished.

That’s all for today! Thank you, good night!

Not.. Not the 8th of June progress update

June 9, 2013 in Uncategorized


Today saw a couple of cool developments, particularly with some of our lovely contributors.

ArchVince has fixed the last few (known) bugsin his new terrain code, and has merged that in!  This means that a couple of our  terrain generators (mountain and canyon) look a lot better than they have been and are a lot more interesting and navigable.  They look awesome, good job Arch!

Bartwe has been working on a very important change regarding status effects that will allow us to have lots of status effects defined by data rather than hard-coded, which will make working with status effects much easier.  He’s now done with his change, but unfortunately not before losing about 12 hours and his sanity on a massive debugging session.  It’s over though!  I feel for ya man, good job.

Omni continues working on the 3d printer interface and associated non-interface code and is nearly done, as far as I know.  Go omni! you can do it!

I continue to be embroiled in a multiple-day change for humanoid NPCs phase 1.  I’ll have more to say about that once it’s in place, which hopefully will be late tomorrow.  I’ve also made an update to our physics code that should allow other parts of the code to easily mod physics behavior temporarily, so that things like status effects can slow you or increase your mass or friction.  It’s a pretty minor change, but hopefully it will go along well with the status effects stuff that bartwe is doing.

The artists continue their artisty work on things like ship improvements, legris continues his work on intro sequences, and Tiy has been experimenting with a cool new “ship design” that we’re not sure will make it in or not, but damn is it cool!

Aaaaand…. I’ve saved the most important for last.  We have a new code contributor named “jordo” that has been helping us lately, and he’s super smart and capable, and has already being a huge help.  He has been doing some monster AI work and, just recently, implemented the most advanced, most important feature in all of Starbound…

Are you ready???

The fishes swim away from you!!!

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 5.56.48 AM

Kyren out.