Starbound 1.2.2 [UNSTABLE]

Hey, it’s Friday! Happy Friday!
We’ve just pushed a small hotfix to the unstable branch. Here’s what we’ve changed:

  • Fix a bug causing frequent save file corruption on Windows after power loss
  • Fix generated monsters not using their special attacks
  • Fix kill achievements not unlocking properly
  • Fix several materials being erroneously tillable or tilling with the wrong tile mod
  • Fix a dungeon piece in underwater Hylotl cities occasionally failing to place
  • Fix a dungeon piece in ice vaults occasionally failing to place
  • Fix airship dungeon sometimes spawning without a clue object
  • Fix Dreadwing not properly dying when killed with Doomcannon
  • Disable Outpost return gate to prevent several potential exploits
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Santa has gone ho ho home, to return another Christmas!

This is our first post of 2017, incidentally! We hope you all had a great holiday break and a good start to the new year. The Vault Update we released in mid-December seems to have gone down really well, and we’re even more excited about the update we’re working on now. More on that soon. :)
<3 'Til next time!

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Starbound 1.2.1 Changelog

Hey everyone! We’ve pushed a small update . Here’s a changelog!

  • Update bundled steam api
  • Various fixes to the ancient vault dungeon
  • Fix chat tabs not being clickable
  • Fix a potential threading issue related to steam p2p networking
  • Allow players to repeat the quest to unlock the vaults in multiple universes. Fixes an edge case where doing the quest on a server would make you unable to unlock the key trader in single player, and vice versa.
  • Fix issue where non-vault mission worlds would not reset after leaving
  • Make adjustments to texture atlasing to resolve certain framerate issues related to using larger texture sizes
  • Add “limitTextureAtlasSize” option in starbound.config to manually limit texture atlas sizes. Should only necessary for video cards significantly below the minimum requirements.

If you’re still suffering from severe framerate issues caused by the 1.2 update and not resolved in 1.2.1, please try:

1. Disabling Multiplayer With Steam Friends in the Starbound menu
2. Launching the game directly from the executable in the installation folder
3. Enabling “limitTextureAtlasSize” in starbound.config

While we are still interested in reports of general performance issues, only performance issues caused by 1.2 are in the scope of this major version update.

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Starbound 1.2 – Vault Update

Hello! Many thanks for everyone who helped us out by playing 1.2 on the unstable branch and provided feedback or bug reports. Starbound 1.2 – Vault Update is here! Check out the trailer above to get the gist of what’s been added in 1.2, or check the patch notes below for a more in-depth list. Or both, even! Follow your heart! Either way, please enjoy the last big Starbound update of the year. :)

In case you missed it, we also recently launched a shop page on the Chucklefish blog! You can see all Starbound merch in the same place, and there are links to partner sites where you can buy them.

Onward to patch notes!

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