14th March – A Star War

Hey everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your week. Here’s a look at some more things you’ll be seeing in the upcoming Starbound update!

In previous updates we’ve shown off how we’re expanding space travel so that it’s more than just a way to access planets, as well as adding space stations as a new type of location you’ll be able to visit. In fact, there’ll be many kinds of places to visit out in deep space, but unlike planets, getting to them isn’t as simple as teleporting to them. Luckily, the new mechs that are coming this update are perfect zero-gravity exploration vehicles!

Exploring space in Starbound can be as dangerous as exploring uncharted planets – which is to say you have to watch out for an assortment of weird and hostile creatures! Space combat in Starbound is quite a different experience to fighting on the surface of worlds, to say the least.

You’ll be well prepared to deal with this, however! You can outfit your mech with a variety of equipment, from gatling guns to deployable drones and energy swords.

This is shaping up to be our most ambitious post-release update for Starbound yet! We’ll share some more info soon enough. :)


What’s this?! As you may well have heard already, we here at Chucklefish have announced a new game! It’s called Wargroove, and you can watch the announcement trailer here. If you wait to the end of the trailer, you may see some familiar faces…

Starbound’s Floran race, commanded by none other than Nuru, feature in Wargroove! Does this take place in the world of Starbound? How did Nuru get there? Is this even canon?! To find out more you’ll have to follow progress for Wargroove on its very own development blog, just like Starbound! We’re so excited, and hope you all are too!

‘Til next time!

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23rd February – Space Station 14

We’ve got a few pieces of news for you today. First off, we’ll be pushing a (very small) 1.2.3 hotfix update to the stable app. This update fixes a rare bug that caused a few players to have very low framerate with the “Multiplayer via Steam Friends” option enabled. For most players this should make no difference.

Secondly, we have a bit more space content to show off! We’ve been reading all of your comments on our past few blog posts and it’s great to see that you’re as excited as we are about the coming changes to travel and the new navigation interface. Several of you were speculating about the space stations visible in the system view, so here’s a little peek at what they look like in person:


These stations will be good places to rest and resupply, find special merchants, and will be a key part of some other new features we’ll be showing off soon…

Lastly, we’ve been working with Gaya Entertainment on some real cool Starbound merchandise, all of which is available in the Chucklefish Shop & Game-Legends! We’ve got some new shirts, a keychain and even a hat, so go check them out!


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10th February – Space/Off

In our previous posts we’ve mentioned that ‘space’ is the overarching theme of this patch, and showed a little preview of some exciting new space vehicles. We have some even bigger (downright galactic) changes planned, including fleshing out one of the most fundamental parts of the game: interplanetary travel! To get an idea of what we have in mind, here’s a look at a WIP version of the new navigation interface:

Space isn’t just about stars and planets, it’s about the space between them, so you’ll now be able to fly freely around systems and explore all kinds of new locations, from space stations to traveling merchant ships to mysterious derelicts! Systems won’t just be static, either — moons orbit planets, planets orbit stars, and rich opportunities come and go, rewarding patient explorers with brand new perils and plunder!

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