Introducing the Apex


For millenia the Apex were close to human in appearance until breakthrough research into accelerated evolution lead to the creation of the “Vestigi-Evo Process”. The VEP allowed the Apex to trade physical devolution for intellectual evolution.

The Apex operate under a collectivist regime controlled by the Miniknog (The Ministry of Scientific Progression). Each Apex dedicates his life to the survival and progression of the Apex as a whole. The nature of this regime allowed the VEP to be administered species wide in less than 10 years.

The most honored members of Apex society are those chosen by the MiniKnog to donate their bodies to furthering the VEP. Those chosen for the experimentation process are rarely seen again, but their names are said to be inscribed on the wall of the chosen which sits deep within the Ministry.

For a time the MiniKnog received criticism from several prominent Apex for what appeared to be a bias towards selecting only the poorest in society to be members of the chosen. This criticism was silenced however when the critics themselves were selected.

There are whispers of a rebel group ready to denounce the MiniKnog and lead the Apex into revolution. But in Apex society discussion of dissension is punishable by death.

Glory to the chosen!


An MiniKnog research centre

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Procedurally generated guns, pewpew

Hello guys,

I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted some news, that’s largely because we’ve been working hard pushing the game towards release. But I wanted to share some info on procedurally generated guns and how they work.


First of all, they all look different!

There are literally millions of combinations, but here’s just a handful:















But it’s not just about the looks, every single one of these guns behaves differently.

Guns are divided into various classes such as Rocket Launchers, Pistols, Assault rifles, etc.

Each of those classes provides a range for various stats, including but not limited to.. clip size, reload time, fire rate, damage per shot, bullet spread and so on.

These stats are analysed to provide the overall level for a weapon.

Weapons also have a rarity value, ranging from common to super rare. A weapon’s rarity value gives it access to various pools of weapon mods. Weapon mods completely change the functions of the weapon. Examples of weapon mods might be explosive shots, bouncing bullets, branching shots and so on.

These mods are combined with the weapons stats to create a completely unique gun.

Guns are also divided into energy and ballistic weapons. Ballistic weapons require ammo and energy weapons use the players energy pool to fuel it’s shots.

On top of all this, weapons have utility functionality. Such as laser sight and flashlights.

Finally, there are visual differences for the projectiles and some guns have unique damage types.


Phew!  This is just ranged weaponry.. there’s still melee weapons to talk about, but perhaps we should save that for another time.

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