Wanderlust Rebirth now on Steam! Support Starbound Development!

July 27, 2012 in Media, News

So Wanderlust Rebirth is finally out on Steam!

You can grab it here:


A percentage of Wanderlust sales will go straight to Chucklefish and support Starbound development.

I’ll be playing online with everyone tonight! I hope to see you there!



Also, seeing as it’s random monster day..


Guest Wallpaper for July!

July 20, 2012 in Media, News

Hey everybody!

I’m going on a hiatus from wallpapers for a few months to work on a project, so I picked a few artists to take my place until I got back!

The first guest wallpaper is done by Ymedron! It put a huge smile on my face when I saw the sketch for it, and it just got better from there. It’s just so precious. C:

To see more of Ymedron’s work, you can find it at either her Deviantart, or her Art thread on the forums!

Guest wallpaper by Ymedron

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Support Starbound Development with Wanderlust: Rebirth

July 19, 2012 in Media, News

Hi there guys and girls,

For a while now we’ve been receiving emails, tweets, forum messages etc from people asking us how they can support Starbound. A lot of people have been asking for a paypal address or some other means of donating.

I’ve always said that I wouldn’t like to take monetary donations towards the release of a commercial product. Frankly, I think if you’re going to send us your money you deserve to get something in return.

So, another dev team who happen to be Starbound fans have offered to put their game forwards as a means of supporting the development of Starbound. Finally, I can announce that the developers are Yeti Trunk, with their wonderful game Wanderlust: Rebirth.

Wanderlust: Rebirth is an awesome retro RPG with full online cooperative play.

With Story and Survival modes, over 65 awards to earn, 4 character classes, crafting system, devilish AI, alternative endings, 44 enemies, 15 bosses and over 5 years of development, Wanderlust has a ton to do and is still actively worked on to this day.




Wanderlust: Rebirth will be Chucklefish’s first published game on Steam.

Much like an indie bundle, if you were to buy the game a % of the profits would go to Yeti Trunk and a % of profits would go to us, and in turn directly support the development of Starbound.

Wanderlust: Rebirth is available to buy right now at http://www.wanderlustgame.com/ for its usual price of $10 and the Steam version will be launching on July 27th, and is expected to be on sale at an introductory price of $7.50. There’s also a 4 pack option available on wanderlustgame.com and it’s likely we’ll make one available on Steam too.

The Steam version of the game is fully compatible online with the non-Steam version, so don’t be afraid to pick up the version that’s best for you.


Thank you for all your support so far guys, Starbound is coming along in leaps and bounds and this will help us a huge amount.

I hope to see you in game on Wanderlust: Rebirth, I play an Alchemist… which is a bit like a ninja that tosses potions at people.



Also, here’s another randomly generated Starbound monster for you:








We’re close to 1,000,000 combinations now, not including unique colouring.

Water Showcase

July 10, 2012 in Media, News

Waz everyone!

This is the first pass of the water physics in Starbound. They’re super fast, work flawlessly over multiplayer and feature water pressure, drainage, flow, evaporation, swimming, applying force to the player and a bunch of other bits and pieces.

The “Blocky” look to the water isn’t final, the final pass will smooth that out, but I wanted to show you how fast and fluid the water is. The following is the result of a night of hijinks Kyren, Tiy and myself got up to:


Of interest to note is that we’re all in 3 different countries, one of which is across an ocean, yet the net gameplay was as smooth as you see in the video.

These scenes took way too long to get right.